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Heritage passage bangla meaning 1st paper

‘Heritage’ is what we inherent from the past, live with them in the present and then pass on to our children or future gener…

12:48 PM

Summary definition

A summary is a concise overview of a text’s main points written in your own words. The summary of a text provides the reader…

2:30 PM

What is tone in literature definition

What is tone? Tone is a literary device used to reflect the writer’s attitude toward a character, situation or the subject m…

9:53 AM

The Sense of Beauty: Balancing our Inner and Outer Focus

The sense of beauty is a fundamental aspect of human existence that transcends cultural, temporal, and individual boundarie…

9:33 AM

Touch a New Height

Courage is the ability to take action even in the face of fear . We all need courage to start pursuing our goals. Being cour…

9:10 AM

Endangered Animals of Bangladesh

Wildlife in Bangladesh is the major attraction for the tourism sector in the country. This has led to many government initi…

8:38 AM