Paragraph on Online Education Programme

Online Education Programme

(a) What is online education programme?
(b) What are the media used in conducting online education programme?
(c) When was 10 Minute School set up? Name some other online academies.
(d) What are the advantages of online education programme?
(e) Is there any disadvantage of online education programme? If yes, mention it.

Online School or Digital Class Paragraph

Online education programme is such an education system in which learners can receive education anywhere, anytime by using internet. Online live education programme run by the own management of educational institutions can be called online school, Online education has revolutionized the conventional method of learning given to the learners. Almost all the countries of the world are conducting online education programme by using the media like Microsoft, Youtube, facebook, zoom, jsma, google, coursera.
Paragraph on Online Education
Bangladesh does not lag behind in imparting education to the learners by using internet. Here the learners are getting interested in receiving education through online school because of the availability of internet. Through establishing '10 Minute School', online school in Bangladesh has been initiated. The academy ‘10 Minute School’ was set up in 2015. This academy has been holding live classes since 2016. Then, Repto Education Centre. E-shikon, Study Press, E- school, Educarnival etc. were set up gradually. On these platforms both teachers and students can communicate interactively. The learners can question their teachers and get answers. As a result. they do not need to attend their academic centres, and they can save their time and money. They do not need to prepare lecture sheets as they can save them in their respective computers, smart phones or profiles.

But there are some disadvantages of holding online classes. All the learners are not financially solvent. They are unable to purchase laptops or smartphones. Besides, it is not possible for the poor learners to bear the charge of internet. So, they may be deprived of the blessings of online education. But nothing is an unmixed blessing. So, we should take effective measures to make online schools successful.
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