Preposition exercise with answer

1. Complete the text with suitable prepositions.
A woman succumbed (a) --- her burns (b) --- Dhaka Medical College Hospital the day (c) --yesterday. Two days ago she was set (d) --- fire allegedly (e) --- her in-laws (f) --- an ownership conflict. Her in-laws were claiming the share (g) --- ownership (h) --- a two-storey building which was reportedly funded and owned (i) --- the husband (j) --- the deceased.
Answer: (a) to; (b) at; (c) before; (d) on; (e) by; (f) for; (g) of; (h) of; (i) by; (j) of

2. Complete the text with suitable prepositions.
Change is the progress (a) --- civilization. It started its journey since the dawn (b) --- civilization. Men become indulged (c) --- the course of change. Men become accustomed (d) --- the changing situation. It denotes that we are gradually heading (e) --- a knowledge based society. Change derives (f) --- intellectual thought or creative thought. Creative thought springs (g) --- intellectual minds. They are the salt (h) --- the earth. To destroy a nation, it is urgent to exterminate the conscience of a nation. The Pakistani realized it at the commence of the Liberation War. That's why, they killed many 
intellectuals. The intellectuals who were produced after the war are now leading the country. When their intellectual lights will be faded (i) ---, the country will suffer (j) --- leadership crisis. Therefore, it is crying need to give priority to keep intake the intellectual intact.

Answer: (a) of; (b) of; (c) in; (d) to; (e) to/ towards; (f) from; (g) from; (h) of; (i) away; (j) from

3. Complete the text with suitable prepositions.
The orphanage authority gives away a child, who resided (a) --- the orphanage house for long 12 years, (b) --- his adopted parents. The child decided to give away his books as he didn't need those. In return, one (c) --- the children gave him a watch, a costly one. (d) --- this, there has been amental clash (e) --- the students of the orphanage. The boy mitigated the matter by telling them the truth. They gave (f) --- after knowing the fact that the watch was actually of the orphan. Observing the whole matter, the orphan boy gives (g) --- the watch for the orphanage (h) --- a broad smile. They felt sorry for their deed and denied to take the watch. But the orphan's parents made them understand the feeling of their child for his mates. They all gave clash up (i) --- the orphan. At the end, the orphan along with his parents felt happy (j) --- the incident and left the orphanage.

Answer: (a) in; (b) to; (c) of; (d) At; (e) among; (f) in; (g) up; (h) with; (i) for; (j) at

4. Complete the text with suitable prepositions.
Humayun Ahmed is perhaps the most celebrated contemporary Bangladeshi fiction writer. His immense contribution (a) --- the Bangla literature (b) --- the last three decades has earned him international acclaim as well. At least (c) --- the last two decades his books have been topping the best-seller list (d) --- Bangladesh. He won the hearts (e) --- millions as the creator (f) ---characters like Himu and Misir Ali. He passed away (g) --- a nine month battle (h) --- cancer (i)--- the age of 64, bringing the curtain down (j) --- an illustrious career of nearly four decades.
Answer: (a) in; (b) over; (c) for; (d) in; (e) of; (f) of; (g) after; (h) with; (i) at; (j) of

5. Complete the text with suitable prepositions.
We know that smoking is detrimental (a) --- health. It causes many fatal diseases. There is nremedy (b) --- the diseases. People are aware (c) --- the matter. Yet they stick (d) --- this bad habit. Smoking is also injurious (e) --- the passive smokers. Unfortunately, the smokers don't think (f) --- these passive smokers. They become the victims (g) --- their whims. In this respect, children are the most sufferers. (h) --- some cases, they are made sufferers because (i) --- their parents. It is high time all people gave (j) --- smoking as soon as possible.

Answer: a) to; (b) for; (c) of; (d) to; (e) to; (f) of/ about; (g) of; (h) in; (i) of; (j) up
Preposition exercise with answer
6. Complete the text with suitable prepositions.
Nowadays smoking has become a very serious issue in every society of the world. It is very detrimental (a) --- health. It ruins one's life. It tells (b) --- our health. It even slows (c) --- our 
longevity. It results (d) --- many respiratory diseases. So, we must abstain (e) --- smoking. Rich men spend a handsome amount (f) --- smoking, which could be sufficient to satisfy the hunger (g) --- a poor family. According (h) --- the latest survey smoking impairs one's lung and heart 
seriously. Moreover, when man smokes, the people around him are affected (i) --- the smoke that emits out of a cigarette. Young people are now getting (j) --- the habit of smoking growingly worldwide.
Answer: (a) to; (b) upon; (c) down; (d) in; (e) from; (f) in; (g) of; (h) to; (i) by; (j) in

7. Complete the text with suitable prepositions.
Eskimos are the indigenous people inhabiting (a) -- the northern circumpolar region ranging (b)
--- Siberia to Canada. Traditionally, these people had to adapt (c) --- an extremely cold environment. Still they made very good use (d) --- their environment. They made snow block houses called igloos. During the brief summer, however, they sheltered (e) --- animal-skin tents. For food, they killed seals and whales (f) --- harpoons. And they used seal oil (g) --- their lamps. In summer they hunted land animals (h) --- caribou using bows and arrows. They fashioned clothes (i) --- caribou furs, which provided protection (j) --- the extreme cold.
Answer: (a) in; (b) from; (c) to; (d) of; (e) in; (f) with; (g) for; (h) like; (i) with; (j) from

8. Complete the text with suitable prepositions.
Even today I can remember my experience (a)--- my first day at school. My father took me (b)--- our village primary school. He took me (c)--- the headmaster's room. I became nervous. But his gentle words put me (d)--- ease. He asked me my name. I told him my name. Then he pointed (e) - a letter chart. Then he pointed (e)--- letter chart. He asked me (f)--- say some letters. Then he called a teacher. He took me to my class. I was happy (g)--- my classmates. They behaved well (h)--- me. They received me (i)--- cordiality. I learnt many things (j)--- the first day. 
Answer: a) of; b) to; c) to; d) at; e) at; f) to; g) with; h) with; i) with; j) on

9. Complete the text with suitable prepositions.
One day the Czar of Russia was walking alone (a)--- the busy streets of Moscow. He took no one as guard (b)--- him. He went out to know (c)--- his people. Suddenly, the Czar saw a tired man. He was dragging a handcart (d)--- the snowy street. There was a coffin (e)--- it (f)--- burial. The Czar came to know that it was the dead body (g)--- a dead soldier. He was sad to think that the brave soldier had laid down his life (h)--- the sake (i)--- the country. So, he shouldn't be buried unhonoured. So, he followed the dead body (j)--- the grave.

Answer: a) along/in; b) with; c) about; d) along/in; e) in; f) for; g) of; h) for; i) of; j) to.

10. Complete the text with suitable prepositions
All the brilliant students are always attentive (a)--- their studies. They concentrate (b)--- their studies very much. They listen (c)--- their teachers' advice. They are respectful (d)--- their superiors. They do not quarrel (e)--- anyone. They behave well (f)--- everyone. Nobody is annoyed (g)--- their behaviour. They are true (h)--- their words. They are dear (i)--- all. Everybody prays (j)--- them.

Answer: a) to; b) on; c) to; d) to; e) with; f) with/towards; g) at; h) to; i) to; j) for.

11. Complete the text with suitable prepositions
Last Friday, I attended a public function. It was (a)--- the political crisis (b)--- Bangladesh. The participants talked freely and honestly (c)--- political disorder and instability (d)--- the country. They said the main reason is the lack (e)--- goodwill. Besides, the political parties are not tolerant (f)--- one another. They are engaged (g)--- harming one another. The speakers opined that if we cannot come out (h)--- the situation, we cannot hope (i)--- any better future. So, this crisis should be solved (j)--- delay.

Answer: a) on; b) in/of; c) about; d) in/of; e) of; f) of; g) in; h) of; i) for; j) without.

12. Complete the text with suitable prepositions.
A book fair is a fair where books are (a) — sale and show. It is a very popular fair. It is a great festival (b) — the book lovers. (c) — our country, it is generally held in January and February. Though it is held (d) —  almost every city, the largest book fair is held (e) — Bangla Academy in Dhaka. It is held (f) — the occasion of International Mother Language Day. A book fair helps to create new writers and readers. It inspires people to form the habit (g) — reading. A book fair bears the national culture of a country. It reminds us (h) — that books are our best companions. Books should be sold (i) — a cheap price so that the book lovers can buy their favourite books easily (j) — a book fair.
Answer: (a) for; (b) for/to; (c) In; (d) in; (e) at; (f) on; (g) of ; (h) about; (i) at; (j) in/from
12. Complete the text with suitable prepositions.
Hester Prynne wins our admiration (a)--- virtue (b)---her candor, her strength, her power (c)---endurance, her deep maternal attachment (d)---Pearl, and the spirit (e)--- service which, (f)---course (g)---time, develops (h)--- her. Standing (i)--- the scaffold, and exposed (j)--- public disgrace, Hester Prynne shows a haughty dignity.
Answer: (a) by; (b) of; (c) of; (d) to; (e) of; (f) of; (g) in; (h) in; (i) on; (j) to.
13. Complete the text with suitable prepositions:
Education is one of the basic needs (a)--- human being. It is for the development (b)--- mind. Many illiterate people do not have any knowledge (c)--- health. If they were educated, they could live a healthy and planned life. Education teaches us how to live well. It enables us to make right choices (d)---life. It enhances our ability to perform our duties properly and solve our everyday problems. In fact, it is education which brings positive changes (e)--- our life.
Answer: (a) of; (b) of; (c) about; (d) in; (e) in.
14. Complete the text with suitable preposition.
You letter is just (a)--- hand. I am happy (b)--- learn that you have cut a good figure (c)--- the admission test. I know that you have longed (d)--- studying a good subject (e)--- a renowned university. A good university is a university equipped (f) ---a bunch of good teachers who will provide you (g)---quality education and at the same time instill (h)---you a spirit that will shape your personality (i)--- an admirable level. Probably you are (j)--- threshold of the fulfilment of your dream.
Answer: (a) to; (b) to; (c) in; (d) for; (e) in; (f) with; (g) with; (h) in; (i) at; (j) on.
15. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.
Folk music is a song that belongs (a)--- a community and that are not influenced (b)--- any sophisticated music rules or any standard music styles. Folk music includes both religious and secular songs. This type (c)--- music has some characteristics. They are that they are composed (d)---rural folk, not influenced (e)--- classical or modern music, may be sung (f)---groups or individually with regular practice. The performers (g)--- these songs are illiterate or semi-illiterate people. Its language is easy that is it is (h)--- local dialect. Subject matter of these songs is culture, festivals, views (i)--- life, natural beauties, rivers and riverine life. Actually folk music is deeply rooted (j)--- our hearts.
Answer: (a) to; (b) by; (c) of; (d) by; (e) by; (f) in; (g) of; (h) in; (i) of; (j) in.

16. Complete the text with suitable prepositions:
The havoc done (a) — flood beggars description. It causes a heavy damage (b) — our life and properties. Houses are destroyed, cattle are washed (c) —, crops are greatly damaged and trees are uprooted. The weak, the invalid and the children meet watery grave. The strong climb (d) — the trees or housetops and save themselves. Thousands of people become homeless or shelter less. They remain without food for many days (e)— house tops or on the branches (f) — trees. The flood of 1988 broke the records of the past. The whole country went (g) — water. All communication was cut (h) —. Normal activities were stopped (i) — a long time. Many people suffered greatly (j) — want of food.

Answer: (a) by; (b) to; (c) away; (d) up; (e) on; (f) of; (g) under; (h) off; (i) for; (j) for.
17. Complete the text with suitable prepositions.
Tea is a popular drink. We get it (a)--- the leaves (b)--- the tea plants. These plants grow (c)--- the slopes of hills. They grow well (d)--- China, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. In Bangladesh, it grows (e)--- Sylhet and Chittagong Hill-Tracts. This drink needs boiling water, milk and sugar (f)--- its preparation. Tea is a common drink and it is (g)--- a cheap drink. I take tea twice a day. It refreshes my body and mind and removes fatigue and drowsiness. I like to drink tea very much. Bangladesh earns a lot (h)--- foreign currency (i)--- exporting tea to other countries of the world. It is one (j)--- the main cash crops of Bangladesh.
Answer: (a) from; (b) of; (c) on; (d) in; (e) in; (f) for; (g) like; (h) of; (i) by; (j) of.
18. Complete the text with suitable prepositions.
You must have come across the name of Leo Tolstoy, a great writer in world literature. No novelist stands parallel (a)---him. All his novels and short stories convey a message. His purpose of writing was the purification of human mind and soul (b)--- all kinds of evils and misjudgements. His heroes suffer (c)--- inner conflict, pass (d)--- ups and downs of life and struggle (e)--- deprivation caused by feudal and bourgeois society.

Answer: (a) to; (b) of; (c) from; (d) through; (e) against

19. Complete the text with suitable preposition.
Two cats lived (a)--- a house. Once they stole a piece of cake. They could not decide how (b)--- divide the cake (c)--- themselves. So they began to quarrel (d)--- the share. At last they came to a monkey and asked him to make two equal divisions of the cake. The clever monkey took the opportunity to deprive them (e)--- the thing. So he began to weigh the cake (f)--- breaking it in two parts. Each time he put the unequal portions (g) the scale and bit a part of it to make them equal. Thus he ate (h)-- the entire cake. (i)--- this way the two cats were befooled (j)--- the monkey and went away.

Answer: (a) in; (b) to; (c) between; (d) about; (e) of; (f) by; (g) into; (h) up; (i) In; (j) by.
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