Suffix Prefix Exercises

1. Fill in the gaps by adding suffix, prefix or both with the root words and the underline in the text.
Drugs a) ---(addict) means taking b)--- (harm) substances for having some temporary relief or c) --- (excite). Addiction to drugs is a d) --- (danger) habit that leads one to e) ---(die) and f) --- (destroy). Drugs addicition is g) ---(doubt) social curse. h) --- (frustrate) is one of the major causes of drug addiction. Being frustrated in love i)--- (marry), having a job or loss of any kind, may fake drug. Also having a bad company or j) ---(associate) is another reason for drug taking.

Answer: a) addiction; b) harmful; c) excitement; d) dangerous; e) death; f) destruction; g) undoubtedly; h) Frustration; i) marriage; j) association.

2. You should give proper a)----(attend) to your lessons. student who is b) --- (regular) in the class cannot understand the lesson c)--- (proper). Nor he/she can ask the teacher to d) --- (plan) the lesson to the class. The teacher feels disturbed because of your (e) --- (attention) and gets a bad (f) --- impress about you. This affects your (g) --- (perform) in the (h) --- (examine) and gradually your future is (i) ---(feeble) with (j) --- (dark).

Answer: a) attention; b) irregular; c) properly; d) explain; e) inattention; f) impression; g) performance; h) examination; i) feebled; j) darkness.

3. Hope means a) --- (expect). It is one of the chief supports of life b) --- (part) from bread, we live upon hope. We c) --- (ways) hope that something good is (waiting) for us. It is hope that gives us (d) --- (comfort), f)--- (strong) , vigour and g) --- (persevere). It gives stimulus to work. The present would be h) --- (tolerable) if we have no hope for a bright future. It is hope that keeps life i) ---(float) on the sea of the world. It cheers the mind and keeps our spirit in j) --- (stress). We always hope for better things. There is no end of hope. Where there is life, there is hope.

Answer: a) expectation; b) apart; c) always; d) awaiting; e) comfortable; f) strength; g) perseverance; h) intolerable; i) floating; j) stress-free

4. Discipline is essential in every sphere of our life. It breaks down a)---(discipline). Student should form the habit of b)---(obey) c) ---(disobey) brings about chaos that results in d)---(fail) e) --- (down) every where. Students should be f) ---(courage) to gain g) --- (prosper) in life. A family can not have a h) ---(peace) environment without discipline. i) --- (similar), a country can not attain j) ---(develop) without it.

Answer: a) indiscipline; b) obedience; c) Disobedience; d) failure; e) downfall; f) courageous; g) prosperity; h) peaceful; i) Similarly; j) development.

5. Man wants to gain (a)---(popular) in b)---(differ) ways. But (c)---(honest) ways can't d) ---(popular) a man. (e)---(Power) people can have honour. But this honour will not last long if f) ---(behave) is not good. When common people are hurt by g)---(behave), they do not express their feeling in front of them. But they make a (h)---(hate) conception about him. (i)---(Ultimate) he loses his dignity as a man. Nothing can be more (j)---(fortunate) for a man if he is devoid of dignity.

Answer: a) popularity; b) different; c) dishonest; d) popularize; e) Powerful; f) behaviour; g) behaviour; h) hateful; i) Ultimately; j) unfortunate.
Suffix prefix exercise with answer
6. We are proud to be a)---(Bangladesh). We are proud of our b)---(free) fighters. They are the c)---(hero) sons of the soil. Their contribution for achieving an d)--(depend) country will never be forgotten. The e)--(inspire) of the common people helped them to sacrifice best for the nation. Their sacrifice is f)--(great) than any other thing. But it is quite g)--(fortunate) that many of our h)---(liberate) war victims lead a very measurable life. Our i)--- (govern) should take proper j)---(initiate) to improve their condition.

Answer: a) Bangladeshi; b) freedom; c) heroic; d) independent; e) inspiration; f) greater; g) unfortunate; h) liberation; i) government; j) initiative.

Suffix Prefix exercise with answer

7. For getting rapid a)---(advance) in a country it should be developed b)---(science). Again a c)---(develop) country also may be developed if it can be developed d)---(industry). On the other hand a country e)---(depend) on agriculture can be developed developing f)--- (agriculture). Again g)---(fish) is another sector through which an h)---(develop) country goes a long. As we have all the i)---(possible) we can be developed more rapidly making their proper j)---(utilize).

Answer: a) advancement; b) scientifically; c) developing; d) industrially: e) dependent; f) agriculturally; g) fishery; h) undeveloped; i) possibilities; j) utilization.

8. Sports can give us a)---(please) and b)---(entertain). Cricket and Football have c)--- (popular) in our country. The people of our country d)---(joy) the T-20 match most. I watched e)---(most) all the T-20 matches of the last tournament. Today I am totally f) ---(appointed). Yesterday, there was an incident of g)---(fortune) in my life. h)---(Fortune) I missed the last T-20 match between Bangladesh and West Indies. The match was very much i)---(complete) and j)--- thrill).

Answer: a) pleasure; b) entertainment; c) popularity; d) enjoy; e) mostly; f) disappointed; g) misfortune; h) Unfortunately; i) competitive; j) thrilling

9. In the past people did not have developed (a) – (communicate) facilities. They used to make (b) – (move) to short distant places on foot. Nowadays, they go by rickshaw, taxi or by other kinds of (c) – (motor) vehicles. As a result, they do not undergo physical (d)--- (exert) which is good for health. The ultimate result is that many a man is now getting diabetics. The (e)--- (suggest) is that we should form the habit of walking. Walking (f)--- (able) us to (g)---(joy) the beauty of nature. It also helps us have physical (h)--- (fit). But some people are (i)--- (different) walking. They give (j)--- (prefer) to vehicles.

Answer: a) communication; b) movement; c) motorized; d) exertion; e) suggestion; f) enables; g) enjoy; h) fitness; i) indifferent; j) preference.

10. Good marks in the examination are (a)--- (obtain) if your answer is to the point. (b)--- (Relevant) answers may not carry any mark. Good hand writing is a factor. (c)---(legible) answers will create a bad (d)---(impress) about your (e)---(perform). As (f)---(examine) do not award good marks to (g)--- (proper) answers. You must be very (h)--- (care) about writing answers to the questions. Besides (i)---(revise) of answers is also important. All these things will (j)--- (sure) you a good result.

Answer: a) obtained; b) Irrelevant; c) Illegible; d) impression; e) performance; f) examiner; g) improper; h) careful; i) revision; j) ensure.

11. It is the responsibility of human beings to prevent the environment from being spoilt. To make life a)---(health) and b)---(comfort), we should keep the environment clean and danger free. But often people spoil the environment by doing c)--- (wise) things and consequently d) ---(danger) their won lives. It is the ecological e)--- (balance) that causes changes in the world's climate and brings about different kinds of natural disasters. Man is really f)--- (help) to these g)--- (destruct) disasters. However, h) --- (plant) can play an i)--- (effect) role to preserve the balance of nature. Trees keep the world j)--- (suit) for us by inhaling carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen. 

Answer: a) healthy; b) comfortable; c) unwise; d) endanger; e) imbalance; f) helpless; g) destructive; h) plants/plantation; i) effective; j) suitable.

12. a)--- (Friend) is a strong b)---(bond). It doesn't know the c)--- (differ) between religions, between countries, between the rich and the poor, between the black and the white and so on. It is an d)--- (emotion) attachment based on mutual trust and understanding. In that sense, a friend is both e)---(rely) and f)---(believe) who is ready to help us in any g)---(danger) situation. Therefore the person who does not have a good friend is really h)--- (fortune). He is (i)--- (total) deprived of enjoying the j)--- (please) of friendship.

Answer: a) Friendship; b) bonding; c) difference; d) emotional; e) reliable; f) believable; g) dangerous; h) unfortunate; i) totally; j) pleasure.

13. The freedom fighters are the heroic sons of our land. They fought to save our (a) --- (gold) Bangla in 1971. We have got the (b)--- (dependent) of our (c)--- (love) (d)--- (land) by their supreme (e)--- (dedicate). Some of the (f)--- (free) fighters are yet (g)--- (live). Most of the freedom (h)--- (fight) are now (i)--- (actual) above 70 years old. (j)--- (True), we are very (k)--- (luck) to see them (l)--- (direct). As they are our (m)--- (hero) sons, we should respect them (n)--- (profound).

Answer: a) golden; b) independence; c) beloved; d) motherland; e) dedication; f) freedom; g) alive; h) fighters; i) actually; j) Truly; k) lucky; l) directly; m) herioc; n) profoundly

14.  Newspaper plays a very important role in modern (a)--- (civilize). It publishes news and views of home and (b)--- (broad). Only (c)--- (book) knowledge is not enough in this (d)--- (compete) world. A newspaper helps him (e)--- (rich) his general knowledge. But newspaper have (f)--- (merits) too. They have (g)--- (partial) and often (h)--- (guide) their (i)--- (read). This creates (j)--- (rest) in the society. What is its solution?

Answer: a) civilization; b) abroad; c) bookish; d) competitive; e) enrich; f) demerits; g) impartial; h) misguide; i) readers; j) unrest

15. Macbeth is Shakespeare's (a) --- (short) tragedy which tells the story of a brave (b) --- (scot) general. His name is Macbeth who receives a (c) --- (prophet) from a trio of witches . It reveals that he will (d) --- (come) the king of Scotland. He is consumed by ambition and spurred to (e) --- (act) by his (f) --- (ambitious) wife, Lady Macbeth. Out of (g) --- (desperate), he kills king Duncan and takes the (h) --- (king) from him. He soon becomes an (i) --- (autocrat) (j) --- (rule) and takes (k) --- (decide) to commit more and more (l) --- (kill) for his (m) --- (protect) from doubt and (n) --- (confuse).

Answer: (a) shortest; (b) Scottish; (c) prophecy; (d) become; (e) react; (f) over-ambitious; (g) desperation; (h) kingdom; (i) autocratic; (j) ruler; (k) decision; (l) killing; (m) protection; (n) confusion.
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