Gender Equality Paragraph

(a) What do you understand by gender equality?(b) What is its importance?
(c) What is the condition of gender equality in Bangladesh?
(d) What are its barriers?
(e) Who or what are responsible for these barriers?
(f) How if gender equality related to the overall development in our country?
(g) What steps would you recommend to ensure gender equality?

Gender equality means giving the same rights, the same status and same advantages to both male and female or boys and girls. It is very important for our practical and social life. If we look at the developed countries like America, England, Japan and China, we see that men and women are working together. But it Is a matter of sorrow that in our country the condition of women is very deplorable. They are deprived of their basic rights. Sometimes they fall prey to maltreatment and abusement.

They are deprived of their basic educational rights. They are considered subservient to men. In many houses, women are beaten or maltreated by their husbands or husbands relatives. If any woman fails to give birth to a male child she is maltreated, even divorced. Sometimes for not giving the promised money in time by their parents, they are beaten, even are killed. Female children are forced to marry at their tender age without being given education. At their workplaces also they are given less salary than a male worker though they work the same type.
Gender Equality Paragraph for HSC

Gender Equality Paragraph for HSC

There are many barriers behind it If we want to develop, we have to overcome these barriers. Otherwise, no development can be expected. We should remember that women are not less important than men. Now they have proved that they are not less competent than men. They have earned name and fame nationally and internationally. They are making a lot of contributions to overall development of our country. So we should be liberal to them and give them equal rights.

The government of Bangladesh has taken many steps in this regard. The girls have been given the opportunity of free education up to the HSC level. To save them from inhuman maltreatment and to protect their rights, the Women and Children Repression Act has been Promulgated. And the maltreaters should be brought under law and they should be given punishment.
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