Synonym and antonym for HSC

1. Read the passage and then write the antonym or synonym of the words as directed below. [Dhaka Board-2019]
After the flight of Yuri Gagarin, the first human being to travel to (a) outer space in 1961, the Soviet Union decided to send a woman in space (b) Proletarian Valentina Tereshkova was selected for this project from among more than four hundred applicants. Since the successful (c) launch of the spacecraft Vostok-5 on 14 June 1963. Tereshkova (d) began (e) preparing for her own fight. On 16 June 1963, she was dressed in space-suits and taken to the space shuttle launch pad by a bus. After completing her communication life support checks, she was scaled inside Vostok-5. Finishng a two-hour countdown, Vostok-5 launch (f) faultlessly. Although Tereshkova experience (g) nausea and physic (h) discomfort for much of the flight, she orbited the earth 48 times and spent almost three days in space. She also (i) maintained a fight log and took photographs of the horizon, which were (j) later used to identify aerosol layers within the atmosphere.

(a) outer (antonym) ⸻ inner

(b) proletarian (synonym) ⸻ working class, common

(c) launch (synonym) ⸻ introduction, inauguration

(d) began (antonym) ⸻ ended, finished, ceased, stopped

(e) prepare (synonym) ⸻ make, produce, arrange, ready, develop, get ready

(f) faultless (antonym) ⸻ faculty, defective, imperfect, wrong, flawed, blemished

(g) nausea (synonym) ⸻ vomiting, retching, biliousness, queasiness, sickness

(h) discomfort (antonym) ⸻ comfort, ease

(i) maintain (synonym) ⸻ sustain, continue, retain, care for, take care, keep up

(j) later (antonym) ⸻ earlier, before

2. Rajshahi Board-2019
Human life is dynamic. Everyone, therefore, must have a plan to do something or to be something in life. And that is one’s aim in life. A man without an aim has no direction and car as expected. So, everyone should choose a profession which suits him most. The choice profession depends on one’s taste, interest, aptitude and ability. These vary from person to person. Teaching is a noble profession. The teachers are nation builders. They educate the children and train them to become good and useful citizen in future.

(a) dynamic (antonym) ⸻ inactive, half hearted, static

(b) plan (antonym) ⸻ chance, Disorder, aimlessness, irrelevance

(c) aim (synonym) ⸻ objective, goal, target, desire, intension

(d) direction (synonym) ⸻ regulation, instruction, guidance, order, command

(e) profession (synonym) ⸻ career, occupation, vocation, job, work, employment

(f) suit (antonym) ⸻ mismatch, disjoin, conflict, misfit

(g) aptitude (antonym) ⸻ allergy, aversion, dislike, inaptitude, slowness; 

(h) vary (synonym) ⸻ change, alter, differ

(i) educate (synonym) ⸻ teach, instruct, train

(j) citizen (antonym) ⸻ Foreigner, stranger, refugee, alien
Synonym and antonym for HSC

Synonyms antonyms for exam

3. Cumilla Board-2019
Modern education is somewhat different from that of the past. In method, it seeks to draw out improve the mind, to make it eager and curious. It depends more on observation than bookish knowledge. A mind that is intellectually alert, will learn from books. It develops the la talent of any individual. Teachers play a vital role in teaching the students. They aren’t instructors. Rather, they support and guide students so that the students can succeed in their way of life.

(a) different (synonym) ⸻ dissimilar

(b) seek (synonym) ⸻ pursue

(c) eager (antonym) ⸻ disinterested

(d) observation (synonym) ⸻ comment, opinion

(e) mere (antonym) ⸻multiple, many

(f) alert (synonym) ⸻ vigilant, watchful

(g) latent (antonym) ⸻ open, exposed

(h) instructor (synonym) ⸻ teacher, trainer

(i) guide (antonym) ⸻ misguide, leave

(j) way (synonym) ⸻ path

4.  Jashore Board-2019
Courtesy is a virtue in a man. It goes without saying that courtesy costs us nothing but gives a lot. So, you should be courteous. You must have politeness. People will disrespect and dislike you if you are discourteous. Nobody likes discourtesy. Try to be gentle from your student life. You can win the heart of your enemy by being courteous. You can ensure removal of hatred and anger by embracing your enemy. Courtesy can remove the bitter relationship and improve mutual understanding and cordiality among people.

(a) virtue (synonym) ⸻ merit, grace, quality

(b) a lot (synonym) ⸻ many things

(c) courteous (antonym) ⸻ discourteous

(d) discourtesy (synonym) ⸻ incivility, vulgarity, impoliteness, indelicacy, ungentle, manliness

(e) win (antonym) ⸻ lose

(f) enemy (synonym) ⸻ opponent, opposition, foe, antagonist

(g) ensure (synonym) ⸻ confirm, assure, insure, ascertain, secure

(h) anger (antonym) ⸻ calm, ease, quilt, quietness

(i) remove (synonym) ⸻ dispel, move, retreat

(j) cordiality (antonym) ⸻ insincerity, crookedness, hypocrisy, Curvedness

5. Sylhet Board-2019
Rima is a good-looking young woman. Her large, dark eyes are beautiful. Her complexion is flawless, and she has got a lovely big smile. Her long, black hair is full and shiny. She is tall and slender, and her movement is graceful. And she always dresses stylishly. Everybody appreciates her beauty. But Rima worries that people do not notice her talents and hard work. She wants people to know that a woman can have beauty ambition.

(a) good-looking (synonym) ⸻ fine, lovely, charming, attractive, beautiful, splendid

(b) dark (synonym) ⸻ black, unlighted, dim, gloomy, shadowy, dusky, overcast, sunless, cloudy,

(c) flawless (synonym) ⸻ in fact, unblemished, spotless

(d) shiny (antonym) ⸻ unpolished, dull, gloomy, pale

(e) slender (antonym) ⸻ fat, bulky

(f) graceful (synonym) ⸻ elegant, stylist, dignified, sophisticated, fashionable, beautiful

(g) stylishly (antonym) ⸻ unstylishy

(h) appreciate (antonym) ⸻ depreciate, devalue, devaluate, disgrace

(i) notice (antonym) ⸻ overlook, ignore, neglect, avoid

(j) ambition (synonym) ⸻ aspiration, aim, determination, goal, intension, objective, target

HSC Synonyms antonyms all board questions

6. Dinajpur Board-2019
An ideal teacher knows the art of teaching. He is the master of his subject. He makes his lessons interesting. His method of teaching is convincing and inspiring. He praises the good work done by them. If a student does some mistake, he is never harsh to him and never angry with him. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He never sets a wrong example before his students. He has high moral values.

(a) ideal (synonym) ⸻ model, perfect

(b) master (synonym) ⸻ administrator, expert

(c) make (antonym) ⸻destroy, ruin, break

(d) method (synonym) ⸻ technique, way, system, process

(e) convincing (antonym) ⸻ doubtful, unconvincing, unbelievable

(f) praise (antonym) ⸻ criticize, hate, condemn

(g) mistake (synonym) ⸻ fault, error, wrong

(h) angry (antonym) ⸻ calm, satisfied, cool, pleased

(i) simple (antonym) ⸻ complex, luxurious, gorgeous

(j) moral (synonym) ⸻ ethical, pious, noble, virtuous

7. Chattogram Board-2019
Children are our best assets. They always like to listen to fascinating stories. But if the stories are uninteresting. they lose interest. There should not be anything immoral in the stories for children. Again, stories should not be so long that they can make children impatient. Stories should not even contain anything illogical or anything that can make children indifferent to their studies. The stories should be instructive leading the children to be perfect morally and ethically. Parents and teachers can play a vital role here in guiding the children what to choose and what not.

(a) fascinating (antonym) ⸻ dull, unattractive, tedious, tiresome, uninteresting, dead, stereotyped, irksome, spiritless, boring

(b) interest (synonym) ⸻ enthusiasm, passion, attentiveness, attention, eagerness, attraction, curiosity

(c) impatient (antonym) ⸻ patient, calm, tolerate, enduring

(d) immoral (synonym) ⸻ indecent, nefarious, unethical, vicious, vile, wicked, evil

e) contain (synonym) ⸻ accommodate, encompass, cover, comprise, embody, have, include, carry

(f) illogical (antonym) ⸻ logical, legitimate, rational, relevent, valid, sensible, well organized, reasonable

(g) indifferent (synonym) ⸻ aloof, callous, disinterested, inattentive, heedless, passionless, unmindful

(h) perfect (antonym) ⸻ imperfect, immatured, incomplete, defective, informative

(i) instructive (synonym) ⸻ enlightening, illuminating, educative, informative

(j) ethical (antonym) ⸻ unethical, corrupt, illegal, improper, unfair, unscrupulous, disreputable, unprincipled, immoral

8. Barishal Board-2019

In Bangladesh, students require to read English for about ten years. But the level of proficiency they reach is very low. No wonder that most of them fail in their English tests. People taking the Civil Service Examination are also tested on their knowledge of English, but the results are equally disappointing although almost all the candidates have presumably master degree in various disciplines. Even those who pass or qualify are hardly able to write a free composition in acceptable English. Obviously there is something seriously wrong with the teaching and learning of English in Bangladesh.

(a) require (synonym) ⸻ need, necessitate

(b) proficiency (antonym) ⸻ incompetence, deficiency

(c) wonder (synonym) ⸻ amazement, surprise

(d) tested (synonym) ⸻ examined, assessed, evaluated, judged

(e) equally (antonym) ⸻ unequally, discriminately

(f) disappointing (synonym) ⸻ despairing, frustrating, shocking

(g) presumably (antonym) ⸻ obviously, surely, certainly, definitely

(h) qualify (antonym) ⸻ disqualify, unfit, fail

(i) Obviously (antonym) ⸻ obscurely, presumably, confusingly, doubtfully, suspiciously

(j) wrong (synonym) ⸻ mistaken, faulty, incorrect

9. HSC Combined Board Kh Set-2018
Books are the unique medium through which we contact mighty minds of ages. Books tell us about their feelings what they said and what they did. Books are one of the greatest friends to us. They introduce us to the best humanity. They are reliable records of the history. A book is a valuable living voice. We can know about the thoughts and rituals of past men through books. We should read good books and avoid worthless ones. A good book is a friend of loneliness and a nurse in ailment. We can find real happiness by reading good books.

(a) unique (antonym) ⸻ common, matched, comparable, equalled, paralleled, precedented, unexceptional, average

(b) mighty (antonym) ⸻ week, feeble, frail, powerless, unhealthy

(c) humanity (synonym) ⸻ morality, benevolence, generosity, kindness, understanding, mankind, human race

(d) reliable (antonym) ⸻ unreliable, doubtful, untrustworthy, faithless, irresistible, fickly

(e) valuable (antonym) ⸻ valueless, worthless, useless, unprofitable

(f) ritual (synonym) ⸻ ceremony, convention, tradition, custom, observance, formality, sacrament 

(g) worthless (synonym) ⸻ valueless, futile, meaningless, useless, insignificant, unimportant, good for nothing

(h) loneliness (synonym) ⸻ aloneness, solitariness, desolation, isolation, seclusion, solitude

(i) ailment (synonym) ⸻ disease, malady, illness, sickness, disorder, affliction, infirmity

(f) happiness (antonym) ⸻ unhappiness, sorrows, miseries, grief, troubles

10. HSC Combined Board Kha Set -2018, Rajshahi Board-2016
Books are men’s best friends in life. You may have many good friends but you do not find them when you need them. They may not always come to you with sympathy. Some may prove true or some may prove false and do you much harm. But books are always ready to be your side. Some books will make you laugh, some others will give you much pleasure. Again, some books will bring new knowledge and ideas. They are ever friends throughout your life.

(a) Friend (antonym) ⸻ foe, enemy, rival. 

(b) need (antonym)⸻ avert, repel, obviate, avoid

(c) sympathy (synonym) ⸻ empathy, compassion, kindness

(d) prove (synonym) ⸻ appear, seem

(e) false (antonym) ⸻ true, correct, appropriate

(f) harm (antonym) ⸻ help, benefit, gain, good, welfare 

g) laugh (antonym) ⸻ cry

(h) pleasure (synonym) ⸻ joy, delight, enjoyment, amusement, happiness, bliss

(i) bring (synonym) ⸻ fetch, take, get, contain, give, provide

(j) idea (synonym) ⸻ notion, conception, thought, opinion, view, concept

HSC synonym antonym exercise

11. Dhaka Board-2017
Sports are a popular form of entertainment. Many international sporting events are organized from time to time. Most of the events are sponsored by multinational manufacturing companies and business firms. They pay for the sports events in exchange for the right to advertise their products during those events. These events are telecast worldwide by satellite and people all over the world Watch them live. As a result, the sponsor’s products receive maximum media coverage giving companies international recognition. This is the only commercial aspect of international Sports but there are other aspects too.

(a) popular (antonym) ⸻ unpopular, infamous 

(b) form (synonym) ⸻ sort, kind, method

(c) entertainment (synonym) ⸻ recreation, amusement, enjoyment, pleasure

(d) organize (synonym) ⸻ arrange, form, prepare

(e) sponsor (synonym) ⸻ found, patronise

(f) multinational (antonym) ⸻ national

(g) pay (antonym) ⸻ default, owe

(h) watch (synonym) ⸻ behold, see, observe

(i) maximum (antonym) ⸻ minimum, lowest, bottom
(j) recognition (antonym) ⸻ disown, dishonour, ingratitude

12. Rajshahi Board-2017
The process of globalization obviously requires a common language for international communication. For many different reasons. English has achieved the prestige of being that language. As a result, it has crossed national borders to reach people who speak other languages. It is no longer the unique possession of British or American people, but a language that belongs to the world’s people. In fact, bilingual and multilingual users of English far outnumber its monolingual native speakers. This phenomenon has led to a bewildering variety of English around The world. As more and more people speak English, more and more varieties have emerged which are strongly influenced by the pronunciation, grammar and idioms of the respective mother Fondues, World English has now moved away from the control of the native speakers. However, the question of British or American English is not so important now. Today’s slogan is mutual intelligibility among users of the language.

(a) obviously (synonym) ⸻ clearly, certainly, evidently, apparently

(b) prestige (synonym) ⸻ honour, dignity, fame

(c) national (synonym) ⸻ domestic, regional, state, native, local

(d) unique (antonym) ⸻ common, public, mass, international

(e) native (antonym) ⸻ strange, foreign, international

(f) variety (synonym) ⸻ diversification, diversity, difference change

(g) emerge (antonym) ⸻ disappear, spoil, destroy, foil

(h) control (antonym) ⸻ yield, comply, mismanagement, indulgence, freedom, spare

(i) important (synonym) ⸻ significant, major, vital, essential

(j) intelligibility (antonym) ⸻ unintelligibility, ambiguity, illegibility, obscurity

13. Cumilla Board-2017
There are many (a) people who have a (b) conservative outlook. Quite (c) early in life they learn to (d) believe that everything in this (e) world was predetermined and (f)all that happen to them was ordained by God. For this belief, the poor generally accept their (g) Poverty and all their sorrows and (h) sufferings without trying much to (i) overcome them. They also have the (j) same sort of attitude towards illness and disease.

(a) people (synonym) ⸻ public, human beings

(b) conservative (antonym) ⸻ liberal, progressive

(c) early (antonym) ⸻ late, behind, delayed

(d) believe (synonym) ⸻ trust, rely on, accept

(e) world (synonym) ⸻ earth, globe, planet, universe

(f) all (antonym) ⸻ alone, one, each, nothing

(g) poverty (antonym) ⸻ solvency, sufficiency, abundance, affluence

(h) sufferings (synonym) ⸻ pangs and pains, distresses, miseries, afflictions

(i) overcome (synonym) ⸻ defeat, conquer, subdue, succeed

(j) same (antonym) ⸻ different, diverse, miscellaneous, various

14. Jashore Board-2017; Barishal Board-2017
Sincerity is the root of success of all works. One can go a long way if he does a job with sincerity. The great men are sincere because they know that sincerity is the key to success. Those who do not follow the rules of sincerity can never go a long way. Sincerity is the secret of victory. If any work is not done with sincerity, one will never receive desirable output from it. So, we should be sincere in every walk of life.

(a) success (antonym) ⸻ failure, collapse, disaster

(b) job (synonym) ⸻ work, service, duty

(c) great (antonym) ⸻ obscure, notorious, infamous, ordinary, common

(d) because (synonym) ⸻ as, since

(e) know (synonym) ⸻ recognize, be informed, realize, understand

(f) follow (antonym) ⸻ neglect, avoid, ignore, violate, lead

(g) rule (synonym) ⸻ law, principle, regulation, order

(h) never (antonym) ⸻ constantly, always, every time, ever

(i) victory (synonym) ⸻ success, triumph, win, conquest

(j) desirable (antonym) ⸻ undesirable, unwanted, unacceptable, unexpected, unwelcome

15. Sylhet Board-2017
Bangladesh is an agro based country. The soil of Bengal is purer than gold. Most of her land is fertile. The farmers of this country are industrious. They work ceaselessly from dawn to dusk. They are not lazy. They love their motherland. They have a strong attachment to their motherland. Their diligence and perseverance keep the wheel of economy moving. We must respect them. We are grateful to them. We must follow their devotion to duty and country.

(a) fertile (synonym) ⸻ alluvial, rich, productive

(b) industrious (antonym) ⸻ lazy, idle, inactive

(c) ceaselessly (synonym) ⸻ continuously, perennially, relentlessly

(d) lazy (synonym) ⸻ dull, inactive, idle

(e) love (antonym) ⸻ hate, dislike

(f) strong (synonym) ⸻ profound, deep

(g) moving (antonym) ⸻ static, still, food, standstill

(h) respect (synonym) ⸻ honour, regard

(i) grateful (antonym) ⸻ ungrateful, thankless

(j) devotion (synonym) ⸻ dedication, loyalty, sincerity

16. Chattogram Board-2017
During the nine-month long Liberation War, the Pakistani army carried out the ma massacre in human history. There were thousands of killing fields all around Bangladesh the largest killing fields is located at Dumuria in Khulna. The area is called Chuknagar. Hundreds and thousands of fleeing people arrived at Chuknagar to cross the border. On 20 May in Pakistani soldiers surrounded the area. They started to fire the fleeing people. About eight to thousand people were killed at Chuknagar.

(a) liberation (synonym) ⸻ freedom, emancipation

(b) brutal (antonym) ⸻ kind, gentle, humane, generous

(c) massacre (synonym) ⸻ killing, murder, slaughter, genocide

(d) human (antonym) ⸻ inhuman, cruel, brutal

(e) located (antonym) ⸻ dislocated, vanished, destroyed

(f) called (synonym) ⸻ said, named, known

(g) surrounded (synonym) ⸻ circled, enclosed, boarded

(h) started (antonym) ⸻ ended, finished, stopped

(i) killed (synonym) ⸻ slain, murdered, assassinated

(j) largest (antonym) ⸻ smallest, minutest

17. Dinajpur Board-2017
All this was perplexing and upsetting. For at the time I had already made up my mind that imperialism was an evil thing and the sooner I chucked up my job and got out of it the better Theoretically and secretly, of course I was all for the strugglers and against their oppressors.

(a) perplexing (antonym) ⸻ enlightening, clear, easy, simple

(b) upsetting (antonym) ⸻ soothing, comforting, consolatory

(c) imperialism (synonym) ⸻ colonialism, autocracy, dictatorship

(d) evil (antonym) ⸻ decent, good, sound, beneficial

(e) sooner (antonym) ⸻ later, next, afterwards

(f) chucked (synonym) ⸻ left, given up, resigned from

(g) better (antonym) ⸻ worse, lesser, inferior

(h) theoretically (synonym) ⸻ hypothetical, apparently, probably, academically

(i) secretly (synonym) ⸻ openly, frankly, in public, privately, personally

(j) oppressor (synonym) ⸻ tyrant, dictator, tormentor, autocrat

18. Dhaka Board-2016
Social values underline a set of principles of generally accepted norms and behaviour of a society. Our forefathers practiced a good number of social values like simplicity, honesty, sincerity, responsibility, and piety. We have replaced those good aspects with complexity, dishonesty, corruption, conspiracy, faithlessness and envy. Our materialistic attitude has made us self-centered and corrupted. We must get rid of these vices and create awareness among all about the negative impacts of our wrong doings. In order to make a better society, we should create awareness among people about the out-come of their misdeeds. We must have distinctive social values once practiced by our forefather. We should give importance to the past moral values to bring peace and harmony in the society and make the world better for living.

(a) Accepted (antonym) ⸻ unexpected, rejected, given up, left, refused

(b) sincerity (antonym) ⸻ insincerity, uncordiality, apathy, indifference

(c) responsibility (synonym) ⸻ accountability, duty, dutifulness, liability

(d) complexity (antonym) ⸻ simplicity, easiness

(e) envy (antonym) ⸻ goodwill, praise, admiration

(f) vices (antonym) ⸻ goodness, virtue, morality, piety

(g) impacts (synonym) ⸻ influence, effect, impression, force, power

(h) importance (synonym) ⸻ significance, essentiality, vitality, cruciality

(i) out-come (synonym) ⸻ consequence, result, end, conclusion, effect, aftermath

(j) awareness (synonym) ⸻ consciousness, mindfulness, carefulness

19. Cumilla Board-2016
We should never call a student weaker. Teachers should never discourage any student frustrating his/her interest, ability and dream. Every teacher should try his/her best to find out the ways of success for the students and guide them to achieve it.

(a) never (antonym) ⸻ always, ever

(b) weaker (antonym) ⸻ sharper, stronger, brighter

(c) discourage (antonym) ⸻ encourage, disheartening

(d) frustrating (synonym) ⸻ disappointing, disheartening

(e) interest (synonym) ⸻ attention, concern, likings, encouragement, fondness, curiosity

(f) ability (synonym) ⸻ capability, power, strength

(g) dream (synonym) ⸻ imagination, aim, vision, goal

(h) best (antonym) ⸻ worst

(i) success (antonym) ⸻ failure

(j) achieve (synonym) ⸻ obtain, win, gain

20. Jashore Board-2016
Democracy is the system of government which allows freedom of speech, religious and political opinion. It means fair and equal treatment for the citizens without social class division. In fact in a democratic country people elect their representatives who work for the people. Free election is the pre-condition for democracy. In a democratic country, people food, cloth, shelter, education, medical treatment and other facilities.

(a) allow (synonym) ⸻ let, permit

(b) freedom (synonym) ⸻ liberty, emancipation

(c) opinion (synonym) ⸻ view, idea, impression

(d) fair (antonym) ⸻ unfair, unjust
(e) equal (antonym) ⸻ unequal, uneven, discrimination

(f) division (antonym) ⸻ unity, union

(g) elect (synonym) ⸻ choose, select, nominate

(h) system (synonym) ⸻ method, process

(i) treatment (synonym) ⸻ cure, remedy

(j) facility (synonym) ⸻ advantage, waver

21. Sylhet Board-2016
A good writer may be a good reader. A good reader may be a good speaker or make good recitation. Nothing of this is impossible for a man if he is not lazy. The main thing is sincerity. Seriousness should also be taken under consideration. If a man is serious, he can make impossible to be possible. If we become serious in our intention, we can shine in life.

(a) good (antonym) ⸻ bad

(b) speaker (synonym) ⸻ presenter, communicator, talker, orator

(c) recitation (synonym) ⸻ presentation, communication, narration

(d) impossible (antonym) ⸻ possible, feasible
(e) lazy (antonym) ⸻ active, swift, quick

(f) sincerity (synonym) ⸻ honesty, reliability, confidence

(g) seriousness (synonym) ⸻ sincerity

(h) possible (antonym) ⸻ impossible, unfeasible

(i) intention (synonym) ⸻ desire, purpose

(j) shine (synonym) ⸻ succeed, prosper

22. Chattogram Board-2016
A thing cannot be as precious as gold only by way of glittering. People in general, are charmed and attracted by outward show of things and not by their own merits. Gold is a bright precious metal and its value is recognized by all. Nevertheless, there are many metals cheaper than gold but look like it. They glitter for sometime and fade in course of time. They fascinate our eyes too. But their beauty and glamour do not last long. But gold is such a metal that it can stand the wear and tear of time and shine till the last moment of existence. In our society, there are so many people who are outwardly very gentle and nice. Bur after a period of time, their real identity is revealed. They do not have intrinsic value and morality.

(a) precious (antonym) ⸻ worthless, valueless, useless, cheap

(b) glitter (synonym) ⸻ shine, flash, sparkle, twinkle, glimmer, flare

(c) attract (synonym) ⸻ fascinate, charm, enchant

(d) outward (antonym) ⸻ inward, inner

(e) recognize (synonym) ⸻ acknowledge, allow, admit, accept, recollect, recall

(f) fascinate (synonym) ⸻ allure, charms, enchant, attract

(g) glamour (antonym) ⸻ dullness, unattractiveness, repulsiveness

(h) shine (antonym) ⸻ fade, dim, uglify

(i) intrinsic (synonym) ⸻ inherent, essential, inborn

(j) morality (antonym) ⸻ immorality, wrongness, unrighteous
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