Wonder of Modern Science Composition

Introduction: Modern science is nothing but a skilled magician. One after one, it is providing mankind with new boons. It has absolutely conquered the indomitable forces of nature. The wonders of modern science are too many to list in a short essay.

Electricity, the first wonder: Electricity is the first wonder of modern science. It is the driving force of modern civilization. Electric power is used for various purposes. Without it, the advertisement of modern science would not have been possible.

Computer and Internet: The computer is the most wonderful contribution of modern science. It is often considered a substitute for the human brain. Today there is hardly any sector where the computer is not used. If the computer is connected to the internet, it can work like Aladin's magic lamp.

Medical science: Biopsy and Ultrasonography, E.C.G, Ultraviolet ray, X-ray and Penicillin etc. are the wonders of medical science. Many fatal diseases are easily curable today because of the invention of science.

Modern communication: Science has created many wonders in the field of communication. Telephone, telex, fax, wireless, telegram e-mail etc.. are the wonders of modern communication. They have brought the world closer to us. We can send news from one comer of the world to another within a moment.

Mass- communication and recreation: Television, radio, internet etc. are the main sources of mass communication, as well as recreation Television and radio, are the popular mediums of communicating thoughts and opinions. They broadcast the news of national and international affairs. They are also the main source of entertainment.

Other wonders: Space travel is the most. the wonderful success of modern science. To land on the moon was once beyond imagination. The invention of nuclear energy is another wonder of modern science which is being used in generating power.

Conclusion: Modem science is still increasing the number of Wonders day after day. It is impossible to say what it can perform or not. It seems that it has started its journey not to be stopped anywhere at any time.
Wonder of Modern Science Composition

Blessing of modern science composition

Introduction: The present age is the age of science. Introduction Science has influenced every walk of life. Today man cannot live even for a while without the use of one or the other of its inventions. Science has provided us with all possible comforts and has increased our happiness.

Electricity: Electricity is the first wonder of modern science. It is the driving force of modern civilization. Without it, no machines work, and so no production is possible. Recreation and information For recreation and information science have invented the radio, television, E cinema, satellite, internet etc.

Computer: The computer is one of the greatest wonders of modern science. It is a substitute for the human brain, In every sphere of life, man has been using the computer.

Nuclear energy: Now man can make the atom bomb, hydrogen bomb, neutron bomb, missiles etc, with the help of this energy. The man may use this power either in destructive or constructive works.

Space travel: To land on the moon was out of man's imagination just a few years ago. But man has done this impossible work successfully by dint of science.

Agriculture field of agriculture: We have got tractors, pesticides, hybrid crops. So, though our land is decreasing, our production is increasing.

Medical Science: Science has lessened human sufferings. Biopsy and Ultrasonography, E.C.G.

Ultra Science: Science has greatly contributed to the violet ray, X-ray and Penicillin are the wonders of modern science. Besides, there are many other inventions of modern science that are used against many fatal diseases.

Communication: Telephone, telex, fax, wireless, telegram, email, speedy vehicles, plane are great wonders in the field of communication. They have brought the world closer to us. We can send news from one corner of the world to the other within a moment.

Though science plays a great role in our everyday life, it has bad effects, too. Man has created atom bombs that can wipe out mankind and civilization within a few seconds. Smoke from mills and factories pollute our environment. Thus it endangers our life.

Science may be a blessing or a curse for us. It entirely depends on man's will. As we cannot do even for a day without the help of science, we should try to apply it for the welfare of mankind.

Wonder of Modern Science

We live in an age of science. It has changed the face of the world. So the wonders of science are visible everywhere around us. It has made our life easy, longer and comfortable. We cannot think of our life without science. Science has contributed greatly to our comforts and pleasures.

Air- conditioning can keep us col everywhere in the world. Central heating makes it possible to keep us warm even at the Poles. Labour- saving gadgets have lessened the burden of housework. Again, we have cinema, television, radio, etc for our recreation.

The invention of electricity has changed the whole world overnight. We have electric lights, fans, refrigerators and all the labour-saving devices at home - all work through the power of electricity. 

Electricity also enables us to use elevators and escalators that save us the trouble of going up and down flights of stairs. Science has removed the distance of place. It has saved time. We also have wonderful means of travel. Cars and buses are very common. Electric trains carry us across the land with great speed. Jet planes go like a flash across the sky. Thus speedy travel is possible only on account of the wonders of science. With the help of science, we have even reached the moon. Soon we are going to visit other planets.

Science has done great magic in the field of communication. Telephone, Fax, wireless, mobile phone, internet etc. - all great wonders of science, have conquered time, space and distance and brought the world closer to us.

The invention of the computer is the greatest wonder of modern science. In fact, the computer is reigning all over the previous inventions that mankind has ever made possible. Using internet technology with the computer has brought another revolution for man. It has made the world the fastest which is beyond imagination. It has turned the world into a global village.

Science has also done miracles in the medical world. Robot, test tube child, heart- transplantation, eye-grafting etc. are all the dramatic contributions of science. We can mention the names of penicillin, x-rays, ECG, biopsy, ultra-sonography. radiotherapy etc. as the fighting weapons of science against diseases.

In fact, there is no limit to the wonders of science. We cannot do even a day without the help of science.
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