Paragraph on The importance of learning English

(a) Why is English so important?
(b) Why is English essential in the field of science and technology?
(c) What will happen if we do not know English?
(d) What are the advantages of learning English?
(e) Why is English a passport to a successful future?

The importance of English can't be described in words. It's an international language. We need to learn English for our higher education. It's the store house of all knowledge of all books. All the books on higher education of every branch of knowledge are written in English.

If we want to earn vast knowledge and higher education in any branch, we are to take the help from those books. All that is the best in European and American thought is available through English. If this source is dried up, we shall go backward. Again modern science which is advancing by leaps and bounds is a gift of the science.

Today more than 80% of all the information in the world's computers is in English. So if we don't know English, we will fail to keep pace with the progressive force of the world. English is a must in order to get a good job. Today organisations need employers who speak and write a standard form of English.

So it helps a man to get a good job and to earn more money. It is the official or semi-official language in more than 60 countries and of many international organisations. So to maintain daily official correspondence English is essential. Again ours is an age of globalisation. Many foreign guests and delegates come to our country. They don't know our mother tongue.

So we need to learn English to communicate with them. Statistics show about 350 million people speak English as a first language and another 300 million use it as a second language. From this we can say that we need to learn English to join the advanced and developed world. Then we can say that English is a passport to a successful future.
The importance of learning English Paragraph

Necessary of Learning English paragraph

(a) What is language?
(b) Why is English an international language?
(c) Why should we learn English now?
(d) What will happen if we do not learn this language?
(e) What do you like to say about English

A language is a means of sharing and exchanging the inner thoughts and feelings of people. A language which is recognised and used internationally is called an international language.

English is now an international language because it is spoken widely all over the world. We feel the necessity of learning English at every step. If we do not know English, we cannot get a good job. Without knowing English, we cannot enter directly into the store-house of knowledge. But unfortunately English does not find its due position in Bangladesh.

As a result, Bangladesh has remained backward in the field of Education and Research as well as in other walks of life. By now good sense seems to have dawned upon our educational policy makers. They seek to teach English in the manner it deserves.

Now we shall do well to equip ourselves with English in order that we may compete with the citizens of other countries and stand in the struggle for existence. So, English is must for higher education and international communication.

Moreover, with the development of the internet technology, the whole world has come closer. In other words, the whole world has turned into a global village. The language of the Internet is English. About 300 million people in the world speak in English as a first language. That is why the importance of English cannot be denied.

The importance of learning English paragraph

The importance of learning English is beyond description. It is the most influential international language now. It has become the second language of our country. We need to know the language for many reasons. We cannot communicate with the people of other countries in our mother tongue.

We need a language that is common to the people of all the countries. When we go outside, we use English to communicate with the foreigners. We have to use English in business correspondence with foreigners.

Nowadays business has become international. The businessmen have to maintain international relations. So they use English language. Next, we require English language for higher studies because books of higher classes are written in English.

Besides, most books of knowledge and science are either written in English or translated into English. It is not possible to operate computer without knowing English.

Moreover, English is essential in Foreign Service. English is now considered a necessary skill. So English language has become a very necessary language for us.
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