Paragraph on Multimedia Classroom

Multimedia Classroom is a classroom that has the opportunity to manage teaching learning techniques through all the ICT based media. So, all the media or equipment required to use will be in this classroom at a time.

What is Multimedia Classroom?

If there are electricity connection, laptop, computer, internet connection, projector, projector screen/white colored walls and sound system, then it can be called Multimedia Classroom.

Multimedia applications are used by teachers and lecturers to convey information such as lecture slides, assessment materials and others learning resources. Teachers have to manage classes with respect to the content of multimedia functions. Multimedia content refers to where the teaching learning is enriched using audios, videos and visual clips.

There are many benefits of using the multimedia classrooms. The benefit of multimedia learning is that it connects between verbal and visual representations of content for deeper understanding of the students.

In a very short time information can be presented to the students in terms of reality. Abstract topics can be presented with realistic views. Difficult issues can be presented and explained easily.

The learning of the students in the Multimedia Classroom make a permanent impact. To achieve learning outcomes from classroom performances students are getting outstanding opportunities through multimedia- based classroom.

As a result the concept of setting up Multimedia Classroom in educational institutions is getting poplar day by day.

The Importance of Multi-Media Class

Multi-media class combines the use of various media such as text, graphics, pictures, video and sound to present information creatively. Indeed, there is no alternative way to take a class without digital content if any teacher wants to make his/her class successful and comprehensive among the students.

Bangladesh is endowed with a large pool of intelligent students who with proper education can be turned into a valuable human resource befitting the needs of the 21 century. Refashioning classroom environment and redesigning the tools of learning is an important part of the envisioned education reform. Simple 1CT facilitated reform has been given the most importance.

ICT has made the teaching and learning more effective and enjoyable for both students and teachers. The use of multimedia in the classroom encourages students to work in groups, express their knowledge in multiple ways, solve problems, revise their own work and construct knowledge. The advantages of attending multimedia in the classroom are many.

Through participation in multimedia activities, students can learn real world skills related to technology, the value of team work, how to present information, the importance of research, planning and organisation skills, the significance of presentation and speaking skills and how to express idea creatively. 

However, technology alone cannot improve teaching and learning. There is a need for a technic within which learners can meet their needs. Establishing multi-media class room in secondary levels is a matter of time. All the teachers should take their classes through multi-media. So multi media classroom is now the yardstick to make the nation skilled and active.
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