Paragraph on Sound Pollution

Sound Pollution

(a) How is our environment polluted?
(b) What is called sound?
(c) What is noise?
(d) What are the reasons of sound pollution?
(e) What is the effect?
(f) What is the remedy?

Our environment is polluted by various kinds of pollutants such as air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, odour pollution, etc. Sound pollution is one of them. When the vibration of sound is at a tolerable, pleasant level, it is simply called sound. But when it is sharp and harsh to the ears, it becomes noise.

Thus, sound is polluted. We know that normal tolerance limit of sound is 45 decibels. When this limit exceeds 45 decibels, it is called sound pollution. There are various kinds of reasons behind sound pollution. Mikes, loud-speakers, horns and whistles of different vehicles, use of different machines are some of them.

Paragraph on Sound Pollution
Sometimes, the drivers press the horns unnecessarily even near the schools and hospitals, which causes problems to the students and patients. The effect of sound pollution is dangerous. For example, owing to sound pollution, the normal rate of heartbeat increases and blood pressure rises.

It causes lack of concentration. So, to control sound pollution, we should develop public awareness and enforce the law strictly.


At present sound pollution in Dhaka city has become a great problem to the city dwellers. Pollution means perversion. Sound pollution means the perversion of sound. It is also known as noise pollution. It is true that science has given us everything but it has destroyed our mental happiness.

Sound pollution is a great threat to our mental peace. It affects the power of hearing of the people. It also weakens the physical stamina of men. It disturbs sleep. The Dhaka city area is gradually becoming quite unfit for living because of sound pollution.

Horns and whistles of different vehicles plying on the roads are polluting the environment to a great extent. Moreover, our young generation has a peculiar fascination for listening to music at a high volume. Mikes and loud speakers are also used on many occasions without considering any limitation.

Shouting slogans on the road as well as in the campus tells upon the  peaceful atmosphere. We can prevent it if we are conscious of its bad effects and formally resolute to save the environment from all kinds of pollution. Sound pollution is prevented to a great extent in the developed countries of the world.

So, city dwellers should be careful towards preventing sound pollution for the development of Dhaka city.
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