Food Problem in Bangladesh

Food is essential for human existence. Bangladesh is beset with many problems. Food problem is one of them. The population of Bangladesh is increasing at a high rate but food production is not increasing proportionately.

As the population is increasing, the productive land is decreasing. This adverse land-man ratio is creating food problem. Population explosion is the main cause behind the problem. Moreover there are also other reasons which make the problem more serious.

Every year Bangladesh is losing thousands of hectors of its cultivable land due to housing and other infrastructural developments. Secondly our farmers mainly use unscientific and traditional tools as means of cultivation. As a result, the production of food is not sufficient. Moreover our agricultural lands are highly fragmented.

Sudden unexpected natural disasters like flood, storm, excessive rainfall, drought, etc reduce the food production of the country. The lack of proper distribution of food also creates food crisis in the country. The obvious result of food problem is starvation which in the long run leads to famine. When there is crisis or problem in food production, its prices rise.

Again in order to meet up the demand for food supply, the country has to import food grains from abroad at a heavy cost of foreign exchange. This imposes a serious pressure on country's economy and other sectors.

Positive approach and infrastructure is a must for maintaining sufficient food supply for our increasing population. Bangladesh must find ways to increase food production. We should cultivate hybrids crops and have to develop our cultivation system scientifically. And finally the most important step is to control population explosion.

However, as there is no alternative to food for our survival, we must solve this problem. Otherwise unprecedented and quite terrible disasters may fall on us. Starvation malnutrition, poverty and suffering will prevail frustrating all our development projects and positive achievements.
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