Rules of Lest

Lest এর অর্থ হলো: পাছে, পাছে ঘটে তাই। Lest এর পরে affirmative clause হয়।

👉Imperative Sentence + lest + subject + should/ might + V1 + object/extension

👉Assertive Sentence + lest + subject + should/ might + V1 + object/extension

1. Monica keeps silent lest she might fall in danger. 
2. Walk fast lest you might miss the bus 
3. Marisa Rose Studied hard lest she might fail in the exam. 
4. Jin ran hurriedly lest he should be caught by the police. 
5. The workers advanced towards lest they should fall behind.
6. Walk fast lest you should miss the train.
7. I wrote down her address in case I should forget it.
8. I’ve bought a chicken in case Raj should stay for lunch.
9. They kept watching all night lest robbers should come.
10. We must take care lest evil thoughts enter our hearts.
11. We must take immediate action lest it grew worse.
12. He hid in the woods lest the soldiers would find him.
13. Walk fast lest you should miss the train.
14. Take your umbrella lest you should get wet.

Example of Lest

1. Read attentively lest you should miss important details.
2. The old man walks slowly lest he should falls.
3. Avoid mistakes lest you should face consequences.
4. They ran hurriedly lest they should be late.
5. Read diligently lest you should fail the exam.
6. Go to the bank quickly lest the money should be gone.
7. Sumaia reads attentively lest she should miss anything.
8. The old man is walking carefully lest he should trip.
9. Never disturb a girl lest she should be angry.
10. The students started saving money lest they should run out of funds.
11. They build a beautiful house lest they should regret it.
12. The teacher said so lest the students should make a mistake.
13. Samuel will return fast lest he should be late.
14. The officer was helpful to the boy lest he should get into trouble.
15. She is conscious about her appearance lest she should be criticized.
16. He walked fast lest he should be late.
17. He changed his voice lest he should be recognized.
18. We have to wear musk lest we should be disliked.
19. They kept silent lest they should get in trouble.
20. The boat was tied firmly lest it should be drowned.
21. I disclosed the truth lest I should be blamed.
22. He quickly closed his eyes lest he  should see something scary.
23. Aamir talks silently to me lest he should wake others.
24. I tell a lie lest I should be caught.
25. Shilpa hides herself lest she should be seen.
26. He closed his eyes lest he should be blinded.
27. Wilhelm lets the Mongols go lest they should cause harm.
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