Diaspora Paragraph

(a) What is diaspora?
(b) What are the major causes of diaspora?
(c) Who were the greatest displaced people in the history?
(d) Do you find any diaspora in recent times?
(e) What are the consequences of diaspora?


The word diaspora is a term by which we understand the people, having left their homelands, settled in other parts of the world. It is either because they were forced to do so or because they willingly left their homeland. In the history of human civilization, we find a number of events of diaspora.

The Jews people were the first diasporas in the history of mankind. Their ancestor Abraham was forced to leave Iraq and took shelter in Egypt. In Egypt, he was a diaspora. Then his offspring Jews were forced to leave Egypt and settled themselves in Palestine. In Palestine the Jews were diasporas. Later many of them were forced to leave Palestine during the Islamic era.

These Jews became diasporas in Europe and then America. Coming from the central Europe, the Aryans settled in the Indian subcontinent. Here the Aryans were also diasporas although the cause of their coming from Europe is unknown. In the twentieth century, after the World War-Il the Jews started gathering in Palestine. With the help of Western power, they have formed a Jewish land in Palestine named Israel.

The Palestinians are now forced to leave their homeland. They are becoming diasporas in different countries of the world. There have been massive diasporas in Africa, too, over the centuries. Most of the reasons of it are ravages of nature However, now the main reason of diaspora is globalization. In recent times, the Rohingyas are major diasporas. They have come to Bangladesh from Myanmar.

The consequences of diasporas are not good Diasporas face various problems in the new country or society. The new country or society does not accept them well. They are regarded as a burden of the new country. Usually they are deprived of the basic rights They don't get shelter, good food, medicine, education etc. Considering their measurable life, the government should rehabilitate them and ensure their basic rights.

Diaspora paragraph for hsc

Diaspora simply means movement of a group of people from one country to another. In fact, the term “diaspora” is used to refer to people who have left their homelands and settled in other parts of the world, either willingly or being forced or for both reason. Though the world has seen many diasporas, the study of diaspora has started to attract scholars only in recent decades. Among the great diasporas of history is that of the jewish people who were forced to leave their lands in ancient times.

The movement of Aryans from central Europe to Indian Subcontinent thousands of years ago is also a noteworthy diaspora,although the causes of this diaspora are unclear. In twentieth century history, the palestinian diaspora has attracted a lot of attention and been a cause of concern for world leaders because of the plight of Palestinians. There have been massive diasporas in africa,too,over the centuries, either because of war or because of the ravages of nature.

Similarly, During the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971, many Hindus compelled to disperse in India. From different studies, we can find a scenario of Bangladeshis diaspora all over the world. For example, about 300000 Bangladeshis living in UK. The first generation seem to uphold their Identity as Bangladeshis whereas the second and third generation seem to uphold their Muslim Identity.

From another study it is found that about 600,000 Bangladeshis are living in Italy. Many Bangladeshis has been settled their in various sector including politics. But the life of diaspora after migrating to another place is not always up to the mark. Sometimes, they are deprived of enjoying fundamental rights and sometime they can enjoy fundamental rights more than they could enjoy in their former place.

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