Paragraph on nuclear family

A nuclear family is that kind of family where single spouse live with their own children. In Bangladesh there are two types of family one is an extended family and another is a nuclear family. I live in a nuclear family.

Our family consists of four members including my father and mother, my sister and myself. The nuclear family is getting popularity nowadays because in such a family one can live according to one's own will.

The expenditure here is less than that of an extended family. In a nuclear family, one may have much facility. He can enjoy his own life. He has no bindings to anyone. The disadvantage of a nuclear family is that here he has to live alone. He has no companion to share his joys and sorrows. He feels lonely.
Paragraph on nuclear family
There is none here to console one in distress or depression. In our society nuclear family is increasing and I think it is a right way, that our society is following. Whatever disadvantage a nuclear family may have, this system is getting popular day by day. I like a nuclear family most. 

Firstly there are a few people in a nuclear family. Secondly one can have plenty of time to study. Thirdly one can concentrate on one's study. Fourthly one can have a room of one's own. Finally it is noise free.

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