Ways to fighting corruption

According to Indian Sociologist Ramanath Sharma, In corruption, a person willfully neglects his specified duty in order to have an undue advantage.

A corrupt person takes illegal advantages by neglecting duty and misusing power. Bribery, misuse of power, nepotism, avarice for wealth and social condition are the root of corruption.

A corrupt person can do everything for his oneself. Social or state value is fruitless to him. Eradication of corruption is a crying need for the country's greater interest.

To make the country free from corruptions, citizens of all classes should be responsible, accountable, dutiful and considerate. Nepotism, favouritism, red-tapism etc. should be dealt with with an iron hand. Besides, some important measures that should be taken are as follows:

1. To ensure worthy, justified and consistent wages to meet the existing cost of living especially for the labour class.

2. To reform administrative channels with liabil ity and transparency by strengthening trained up police force and the rightful discharge of their duties.

3. To execute severe exemplary punishment to corrupt people and miscreants by enforcing impartial, inflexible laws and menacing penal codes.

4. To drive healthy, religious and pragmatic awareness into the minds of the people in general against corruption through all mass media.

At present, according to Transparency International of Bangladesh (TIB) report Bangladesh has been marked as the most corrupt I should be country in the world for the 5th time. We are involved in such activities that at times we are surprised to see that corruption is the law. Corruption begets corruption. prevented urgently in all spheres of our activities. 

Otherwise we shall fail to build up a sound and potent generation. We should look forward to ensuring corruption free society as well as corruption free country.

Now that an Independent Anti-Corruption Commission has been set up which is very up and doing in tackling the problem of corruption. It is expected that corruption will be brought under control within a short time.
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