A Bus Stand paragraph

Commonly a bus stand is a place where buses stop and start from. It is a sort of temporary shelter for the passengers. Generally, it stands at the outskirts of a town or a city. It carries a great value for the passengers of long drive. 

Passengers have to wait for some time to catch a bus. So they come and wait for buses in a stand in a waiting room. In some bus stands there are many counters for tickets; people stand in a queue for buying tickets. Sometimes, there is an exchange of hot words if anybody breaks the line. Sometimes, there is a book stall or arrangement for light refreshment there. 

Hawkers with snacks, betel-leaves and cigarettes make a little business in a bus stand. Sometimes, seasonal fruits are sold in a bus stand. People have to wait for a long time to avail themselves of a bus as there are not enough buses to carry the passengers.

Most of the buses cannot come to the station in time because of traffic jam. It is sometimes seen that buses are overcrowded and the environment inside the buses is suffocating. 

There rises a hue and cry. Pushing and shoving occur among the passengers. It looks like a mini battle field. However, nowadays, there are some bus stands where some rules and regulations are, maintained.

For a secured and comfortable journey, the service facilities of each bus stand should be improved.

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