A Traffic Jam I Experienced

Traffic jam is such a situation in which vehicles cannot move or can move very slowly and there occurs a long line of vehicles. In no way it is desired as it creates trouble. It wastes our valuable time cause harm to our work.

In our country it is very common and almost everyone has the experience of being caught in traffic jam. I am student. Almost every day, I face this problem but last week I became a victim of a terrible traffic jam. The duration of that traffic jam was about two hours.

I have never seen such a lengthy jam in my life. Falling victim to it, I was a fish like without water. I was corning by rickshaw. In front of my rickshaw, there was a bus which was emitting black smoke.

The smoke flowed towards me as the direction of wind. I tried to lessen the act of smoke upon me putting my handkerchief on my nose but could not struggle for long. The constant horns of vehicles around me almost turned me to be a deaf.

As it was summer, the heat of the sun added to trouble me. The roof of the rickshaw was not well enough to protect me form the scorching sun. In this situation, I felt giddy, I was about to vomit two times.

The unbearable traffic jam left me in a dilemma. I could not be able to take decision whether I should leave rickshaw and go to house on foot or not. In such a situation , time was passing very difficultly. At one time, I found the vehicles moving.

After thirty minutes I reached my home doing two hours late. My family members were very anxious. Already they made phone call to my school. However, getting me they felt relaxed. On that day I could realize to my bone what terrible and unbearable traffic jam is!
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