A Village Fair I Experienced paragraph

Village fair is a source of entertainment for the villagers. Suppose you have an experience of visiting a village fair in your village. Now, write a paragraph in 250 words on “A Village Fair You Experienced.”

A village fair is an annual gathering of the village people. Generally a village fair sits in an open space or under a big banyan tree or on the bank of a river. It is the center of joy and merriment of the villagers. Sometimes town people go to visit village fair out of curiosity.

Last month, I visited a village fair at my grandparents home in the village Mohasthan situated in the distric of Bogrua. It was held on the bank of the river ‘Korotoa’. The fair was held on the occasion of Cittra Sonkranti.

In summer vacation when my college was closed, I had a scope to visit the village fair. The fair was not far from the home of my grandparents. So, I walked to the fair accompanied by my cousins. People from all directions were going towards the fair ground.

We reached the fair at about 4 pm. Traders from far and near came there to sell their goods. They brought clothes of various kinds , ready made garments, fancy goods, dolls, utensils, sweets, spices and other things useful to the villagers.

The shopkeepers were sitting in rows. Jatra, circus, doll-dance, magic show were the chief attraction of the fair. I wandered about the whole fair with my cousins and friends till the sunset. I bought some hand made articles and potteries. In the evening when we started for home, we left behind a huge gathering making merriment, buying things and enjoying themselves.

The impact of the village fair on the people is really great. It contributes to the rural economy. People wait for the next fair. It is one of the major sources of the entertainment of the villagers. A village fair is a much looked for occasion for the village people. Indeed it was an interesting experience for me. I shall always remember my visit to the village fair.
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