Childhood Memories paragraph

Man is fond of turning back from the present to the past again and again. The present may be good but the past is golden. Nothing is more pleasant to him than memories of his childhood. 

The memories of my childhood haunts me like a passion. Whenever I am sick of the present, I try to get relief in the past days of my childhood. A man can not remember everything that happened in his childhood. But certain events are stored in the sub-conscious mind. They sometimes peep through minds eye.

I spent my childhood in my native village. When I was five, my father got me admitted into our village primary school where I spent four years. On the first day when I went to the school with my father the children were enjoying here and there in the compound. I was very much anxious whether the students and teachers would accept me cordially or not. But the warmth with which my classmates received me dispelled all my fears.

My heart began to beat fast when I was taken to the Headmaster but his smiling face and gentle words put me at ease. The teachers were very helpful. From the very childhood I was extrovert. So I could easily cope with all types of situation.

I have so many sweet memories in my early life. My playground was the bank of the mighty Padma. In all the seasons this river had great attraction for me. Whenever I was not at home, I could be found on its bank. I was very fond of stealing mangoes, liches, black berries and other fruits in the company of friends in summer. Sometimes we would forget to eat our midday meals.

Another interesting memory is the village bazar. The village bazar used to sit twice a weak near a river. I usually went there with some other children. But happy days did not last long.

My father got an appointment in a town school and moved there immediately with all the members of the family. The leaving of my native village is the bitterest experience of my life. 

Though I am now a young man, I still cherish the sweet memories of my happy childhood days spent in the charming environment of my village.

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