A Midsummer Night's Dream character list

Titania: Oberon's wife, she is Queen of the Fairies. Because of Titania's argument with Oberon, the entire human and natural world is in chaos. Oberon wants the Indian boy she is protecting, but Titania refuses to give him up because when his mother died in childbirth, she agreed to raise the boy. Following Oberon's application of the love juice to her eyes, Titania falls in love with Bottom, and Oberon takes the Indian boy from her. Once he has the boy, Oberon releases the spell, and he and Titania are reunited.

Puck, or Robin Goodfellow: Oberon's jester, Puck is responsible for mistakenly anointing Lysander with the love juice intended for Demetrius. Puck enjoys the comedy that ensues when Lysander and Demetrius are both in love with Helena but follows Oberon's orders to reunite the correct lovers. Puck has the final words of the play, emphasizing that the entire play was just a dream.

Nick Bottom A weaver, Bottom plays Pyramus. He is the most outgoing of the group of actors, wishing to play all of the characters in “Pyramus and Thisbe.” Puck transforms him into an ass, and Titania falls in love with him. When Puck returns Bottom to his normal self, Bottom can't speak about what happened to him but vows to have Peter Quince write about it in a ballad to be called “Bottom's Dream.”

Egeus: Hermia's tyrannical father. He capriciously declares that she must marry Demetrius or be put to death for disobedience; according to the law of Athens, daughters must obey their fathers or forfeit their lives. At the end of the play, he is shocked to learn that Lysander and Hermia tried to flee Athens and insists they should be punished. Theseus overrules him, making the lovers marry instead.

Philostrate: Theseus' Master of Revels, he arranges the selection of performances for Theseus' wedding. He tries to dissuade the wedding party from choosing “Pyramus and Thisbe” but is overruled by Theseus.

Peter Quince: A carpenter and the director of the group of actors who perform “Pyramus and Thisbe,” which he has written for the celebration following Theseus and Hippolyta's wedding.

Francis Flute: A bellows-mender, Flute plays the role of Thisbe. He is displeased to be given a woman's role because he wants to let his beard grow, but Quince assures him that he can play the part in a mask.

Tom Snout: Snout is a tinker and plays the role of Wall in “Pyramus and Thisbe.”

Snug: A joiner, he plays the lion in “Pyramus and Thisbe.”

Robin Starveling: A tailor, he represents Moonshine in “Pyramus and Thisbe.”

Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, Mustardseed Titania's fairies.
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