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The use of There

Understanding the topic:
👉Introductory শব্দের অর্থ সূচনাকারী / সূচনামূলক। Sentence শুরু করার জন্য There ব্যবহূত হয় বলে একে এ Introductory There বলে। এর অপর নাম Preparatory There।

👉সাধারণত কোনাে স্থানে কোনাে কিছু থাকা অর্থে Introductory There ব্যবহৃত হয়। Introductory  There এর নিজস্ব কোনাে অর্থ নেই। যখন কোনাে Subject পাওয়া যায় না তখন এটা শুধু বাক্য সূচনা করতে ব্যবহৃত হয়।

👉There এর পরে Subject টি Singular হলে To be verb (is /was) এবং Subject টি Plural হলে To be verb (are/were) বসে।

👉There- এর পরে to be a verb, modal verb কিংবা strong বা weak verb ব্যবহৃত হতে পারে।

There  with the singular subject:
1. There is a boy in the classroom.
2. There was a big fish in the pond.

There with the plural subject

1. There are two high schools in our village.
2. There were five books in the bag.

There without be verbs

সাধারণত like, live, exist, remain, come, arise, appear, enter, follow, seem, happen etc Verb- এর সাথে There ব্যবহৃত হয়। For example,

1. There lived an honest man in a country
2.There happened a terrible accident.
3. There exists no good understanding between them.

There with modal auxiliary

1. There must be a good way of solving the problem.
2. There can be no fault in his behaviour.
3. There should be a proper guideline in the bank.
4. There must have been some boys in the classroom.

There with something, anything, nothing, nobody.

1. There is something wrong.
2. There is nobody in the classroom.

There with a verb to have (have/has/had)

1. There has been good relation between the two brothers.
2. There have been so many difficulties.

There in tag question

1. There are many stars in the sky, aren't there?
2. There is a garden in front of our house, isn't there?

Example of There

1. There are several options for lunch today.
2. There is a chance of rain this afternoon.
3. There were many people at the concert last night.
4. There was a power outage in the neighborhood last night.
5. There have been many changes to the city since I last visited.
6. There is a lot of work to do, but I am confident we can finish it on time.
7. There seems to be a problem with the printer.
8. There is a beautiful park near my house.
9. There will be a big party to celebrate the company's anniversary.
10. There were several cars parked in front of the building.
11. There is a good chance that we'll get the job done on time.
12. There is an interesting museum nearby that I would like to visit.
13. There will be a lot of people at the parade this weekend.
14. There was a huge crowd at the concert last night.
15. There have been many advancements in technology over the past decade.
16. There is a lot of food at the buffet, so everyone should be able to find something they like.
17. There were many delays at the airport yesterday, so a lot of people missed their flights.
18. There will be a special presentation tomorrow about the new project.
19. There is a large park near my house that I love to visit.
20. There were many beautiful flowers in the garden.
21. There is a great view from the top of the hill.
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