City Life and Rural Life paragraph

There are some advantages and disadvantages both in city life and rural life. In city there are more opportunities for people to make progress in their lives.

Children living in the cities can get quality education because there are better schools there than in the villages. When a person in a city falls ill, he finds good hospitals easily around him for getting treatment.

There are large shopping complexes, banks, offices, cinemas, hostels, clubs, hospitals etc in and around the cities. There are regular electricity, highway, communication, telecommunication, and many other facilities in the cities.

Thus, there are many charms in city life. However, there are negative sides too. In city life people cannot enjoy a healthy environment. Air is polluted with dust, smoke, garbage and carbon - dioxide gases. Again, there is high rate of crime in the cities. Snatching, killing, theft etc are daily affairs in a city.

On the other hand, people's life in the villages is more happier. People in rural areas live in a pollution - free environment. Also, rural life is almost free from crime and violence. People live in peace and amity there. They are not as artificial and selfish as the city people.

However, inspite of some disadvantages many people today prefer city life to country life.

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