Manners Around the World paragraph

Write a paragraph on ‘Manners Around the World’ on the basis of the answers to the following questions in about 200 words.

(a) What do manners mean?
(b) Why do we need to know about manners around the world?
(c) How are manners of different countries?
(d) How are manners in China, South Africa and Middle East countries?
(e) What is the importance of getting acquainted with these distinctive cultures?


Manners mean behaviour that are considered polite and acceptable in a particular society or culture. Manners vary from culture to culture, society to society or country to country.

In the globalized world, we need to go and live in different countries of the world for different purposes. We need to go there for employment, business and commerce, touring, etc.

So, it is important for us to know about cultural differences or the manners of different countries well so as to avoid awkward and disgraceful situations there. Now, let us see how manners are different from one country to another.

In China, for example, when you are invited it is right to sit where you are instructed to sit. While taking food with chopsticks, try to be graceful and polite. Invited guests are noticed to avoid making much noise at the time of eating or drinking soup.

In case of presenting and receiving gifts, you should use both hands. It is a norm to politely refuse a gift before accepting it. So, don't get discouraged at initial refusal. Shake hands softly as a tight handshake can mean an indication of hostility.

In South Africa, in case of dining, arrival on time, wearing casual dress, offering help to the host(ess) with the preparation of the meal and cleaning up after the meal are common. The guest is served first. South African people usually do not use left hand in eating.

Middle East countries have also their distinctive culture in these respects. Here, people use right hand in eating and they do not put their left hand on the table. They use spoon, forks, knives if necessary.

They exchange gifts as token of love, gratitude and respect. They greet others by uttering salaam alaykum which is replied by uttering waalaykum as salaam.

Thus, it is clear that manners in eating, giving gifts, greeting others vary from country to country. And it is important for us to get acquainted with these to make our life there smooth and happy.
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