Online classes and traditional classes paragraph

Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting online classes and traditional classes in erspective of Bangladesh. Use 100-150 words.

Education system through the process of evolution has reached a greater sophisticated state now. compliance with the developed countries of the world, our country is also advancing in respect education system.

Actually, to go with the world, we have no other alternative but to take ecourse to online system in education. Through online system students can learn easily, and to ne point. A successful education can be ensured through this process. In this process, students ave to be equipped with the basic knowledge of computer, laptop. Internet, etc.

In the classroom, mline equipments must be provided. Online system includes a great number of types of media hat provide the learners and teachers with text, radio, images, animation and streaming video. It lso provides them with knowledge of technology applications. Through the online system, learners can get all their necessary information. This information makes the students' learning perfect.

Online system hastens the education system. In a word, in the present context online system is the best one. But in the context of our country, online system has not been introduced in all educational institutions. Most of the institutions are still running with the traditional education system.

In the traditional person, to person education system, learners are not assisted with computers, Internet. The students cannot enjoy the facilities of text, radio, images, animation, streaming video provided by the online equipments. 

Consequently, students' learning becomes difficult, imperfect and unpleasant. In this process, even the teachers cannot get adequate information which they can impart to the students.

So, to make education easy and successful, we must adopt online system. And in this respect, government must take proper steps to realize it.
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