Inchoative Verbs

What is inchoative verb?

An inchoative verb, also known as an inceptive verb, is a type of verb that indicates the beginning or onset of a process or a change in the state of something. In other words, it expresses the beginning of an action or the onset of a state.

Examples of inchoative verbs in English include "begin," "commence," "start," "initiate," "launch," "embark," "set out," "enter upon," and "undertake."

Here are some examples of inchoative verbs used in sentences:

  • She began to learn French last year.
  • The project commenced on Monday.
  • The race started at 8 am sharp.
  • He initiated a new policy for the company.
  • The ship embarked on its maiden voyage.
  • They set out to explore the wilderness.
  • The artist entered upon a new phase in his career.
  • She undertook a rigorous training program to prepare for the marathon.

Inchoative verbs can be contrasted with causative verbs, which express the causing of an action or state, and stative verbs, which express a state or condition that is ongoing rather than beginning or ending.

Inchoative verb list 

Here are some examples of inchoative verbs in English:

  1. Begin
  2. Commence
  3. Start
  4. Initiate
  5. Launch
  6. Embark
  7. Set out
  8. Enter upon
  9. Undertake
  10. Dawn
  11. Emerge
  12. Form
  13. Arise
  14. Develop
  15. Evolve
  16. Grow
  17. Materialize
  18. Manifest
  19. Occur
  20. Spring up
  21. Take shape
  22. Turn into

It's important to note that not all of these verbs are exclusively inchoative; some of them can also have other meanings depending on the context.
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