Idioms and phrases MCQ

1. The phrase ‘Tide over’ means:
A. overcome✓
B. passover
C. cross over
D. carry over

2. I shall come back ‘in to time’ The underlined phrase means--
A. very soon✓
B. short of time
C. finishing the time
D. before the time

3. My wife's "pin money" has saved me from any creditor. The underline phrase means--
A. rest money
B. saved money
C. sundry expenses✓
D. sundry debtors

N.B: Pin money (noun) পত্নীকে প্রদত্ত হাতখরচের টাকা;

4. The phrase 'Momentum Theory' is related to-----
A. Politics
C. Sports✓
D. Music

5. The phrase 'pass the buck' means-
A. to suffer
B. to succeed
C. to complete a task
D. to pass the blame to someone else✓

6. You should try to "make good" your loss. The underlined phrase means---
A. be better
B. to make one's good
C. take into confidence
D. compensation✓

7. The phrase 'At a stretch' means:
A. irregularly
B. without break✓
C. decaying
D. long way

8. 'On the eve of' phrase টির অর্থ হচ্ছে-
A. Just after
B. Just before✓
C. Beautiful
D. Dark evening

9. 'Loaves and fishes' -- phrase টির অর্থ হল-
A. Personal gains✓
B. Personal loss
C. Bread with fishes
D. None

10. Find Idioms/phrases of "out and out".
A. Slightly
B. simply
C. totally✓
D. merely
Idioms and phrases
11. The idiom "Bring to book" এর অর্থ---
A. Book written by famous writer
B. Rebuke✓
C. Valueless person
D. None of the above

12. What do you mean by the phrase 'Sit on the fence'?
A. watch over the fence
B. sit idly
C. remain neutral in a dispute✓
D. sit on a height

13. The phrase 'To embrace a habit' means_____
A. to reject it
B. to eliminate it
C. to eagerly engage in it✓
D. be curious about it

14. What is the meaning of the phrase "At home with"?
A. Family relation
B. At ease✓
C. Neighbour
D. Free at

15. 'Throw cold water on' এর অর্থ হচ্ছে ---
A. Damp the spirits✓
B. Throwing cold water
C. Ice water
D. None

16. 'Dark horse' এর অর্থ হচ্ছে ---
A. Dark coloured horse
A person about whose past nothing is known✓
C. Arabian horse
D. Large horse

17. 'Tooth and nail' এর অর্থ হচ্ছে ---
A. Beautiful
B. Precise
C. Incompletely
D. Completely✓

18. Which one is the correct phrase to fill in the gap of ---- "The teacher beat the student"---
A. one by one
B. black and white
C. black and blue✓
D. one after another

N.B: Black and blue - বেদম প্রহার।

19. What is the correct meaning of the phrase "At daggers drawn" ?
A. In a state of violent enmity✓
B. Without any delay
C. Crack brain
D. Very poor

20. The idiom 'In black and white' এর অর্থ ----
A. False
B Verbally
C. In writing✓
D. Temporary

21. The idiom 'At home' এর অর্থ ----
A. Familiar with✓
B. Home made of bricks
C. Try to make a home
D. One who has lost home

22. To meet trouble half-way phrase --টির অর্থ কি?
A. To get nervous
B. To be puzzled✓
C. To gear up
D. To be disappointed

23. The word ‘Cartography’ relates to -
A. The process of making maps✓
B. The study of drawing cartoons
C. The science of carving
D. The study of curts

24. The word 'wink' means-
A. to close one eye briefly✓
B. to close two eyes briefly
C. to bob the head up and down
D. to shake the head from side to side.
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