Tag questions exercise all board 2023

1. [Dhaka Board -2023]
(a) Modesty is a great virtue, isn't it?
(b)The modest always respect their superiors, don't they?
(c) Everybody likes a modest person, don't they?
(d) A modest student hardly fails to reach his goal, does he?
(e) Let's try to be modest in our way of life, shall we?

2. [Rajshahi Board -2023]
(a) War is a curse of human civilization, isn't it?
(b) Everybody suffers from it, don't they?
(c) Massive destruction is found everywhere, isn't it?
(d) None can escape from the bombings of the enemy, can they?
(e) Women and children are the worst sufferers, aren't they?

3. [Cumilla Board -2023]
(a) At present, everybody likes cricket, don't they?
(b) Students hardly miss watching this game, do they?
(c) Nothing is more enjoyable to them than cricket, is it?
(d) How exciting the game is! isn't it!
(e) Let's play this game, shall we?

4. [Jashore Board -2023]
(a) The habit of reading is good, isn't it?
(b) But we hardly find it in us, do we?
(c) Everybody loves a studious student, don't they?
(d) We ought to give him books, oughtn't we?
(e) Books give us knowledge, don't they?

5. [Sylhet Board-2023]
(a) Fishes can swim, can't they?
(b) Help the helpless, will you?
(c) 'She' is a pronoun, isn't it?
(d) He put the bag here, didn't he?
(e) They seldom come to me, do they?

6. [Barishal Board -2023]
(a) SSC Examination is the first public examination in our country, isn't it?
(b) Every student takes the examination seriously, don't they?
(c) Its result allows one to enter the next level, doesn't it?
(d) So, it is not less important in one's life, is it?
(e) A student needs to take a good preparation for it, doesn't he/she?
Tag questions exercise all board 2023
7. [Chattogram Board-2023]

(a) Nobody trusts a liar, do they?
(b) A liar has to lead a miserable life, doesn't he/she?/ hasn't he/she?
(c) Speaking the truth is a good exercise, isn't it?
(d) Everybody should have the habit of speaking the truth, shouldn't they?
(e) Many are often found telling a lie out of fun. aren't they?

8. [Dinajpur Board -2023]
(a) What he said was true, wasn't it?
(b) Don't forget me, will you?
(c) How exciting the game is, isn't it?
(d) Let's try to make him understand the importance of literacy, shall we?
(e) You, he and I did the work, didn't we?

9. [Mymensingh Board -2023]
(a) The unfed should be fed, shouldn't they?
(b) He let me do the work, didn't he?
(c) The Titanic sank on its first voyage, didn't she?
(d) There is no school in our village, is there?
(e) The father rose in him, didn't it?
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