SSC changing sentence board question with answer 2023

1. Change the sentences according to directions. [Dhaka Board -2023]
(a) The moon is the only sub-planet of the earth. (Interrogative)
(b) It is very charming to look at. (Exclamatory)
(c) Everybody is charmed with its beauty. (Active)
(d) Who doesn’t like the moon? (Affirmative)
(e) The moon is the most beautiful thing. (Positive)
(f) Only the moon shines at night. (Negative)
(g) Poets have composed many poems about the beauty of it. (Passive)
(h) What an exciting scene the full moon presents! (Assertive)
(i) The moon is not as big as the earth. (Comparative)
(j) We should go out at night to enjoy a moonlit night. (Imperative)

2. Change the sentences according to the directions. [Rajshahi Board -2023]
(a) Newspaper is one of the most useful sources of knowledge. (Positive)
(b) It carries both local and international news. (Negative)
(c) It reflects the whole world like a mirror. (Interrogative)
(d) We cannot help reading newspaper daily. (Affirmative)
(e) It contains daily news. (Passive)
(f) We are helped in many ways by it. (Active)
(g) By reading newspaper, we can enrich our knowledge. (Negative)
(h) It is called the people’s parliament. (Active)
(i) Nothing is so important as it. (Comparative)
(j) We should read newspaper to know the outside world more. (Imperative)
SSC changing sentence board question with answer 2023

3. Change the sentences according to the directions. [Jashore Board -2023]
(a) I am sure that man is the maker of his own fortune. (Negative)
(b) A man has to make a proper use of his time to shine in life. (Imperative)
(c) Who doesn't know it? (Passive voice)
(d) The lazy suffer miserably in the long run. (Exclamatory)
(e) To kill time is as harmful as to commit suicide. (Comparative)
(f) Our life is only a sum total of hours, days and years. (Negative)
(g) Youth is the most valuable season of life. (Positive)
(h) In youth, our mind can be shaped easily. (Active voice)
(i) We should utilize our time properly in youth. (Imperative)
(j) It is called the seedtime of life. (Active voice)

4. Change the sentences according to the directions given in the bracket: [Cumilla Board-2023]
(a) We are grateful to the freedom fighters. (Negative)
(b) Their contribution is greater than any other thing. (Superlative)
(c) You should never disrespect or forget our martyrs. (Imperative)
(d) The national memorial has been built with a view to paying tribute to their memories. (Active)
(e) A freedom fighter is the greatest son of the soil. (Comparative)
(f) We got our independence for their sacrifice. (Passive)
(g) They fought very bravely to snatch the red sun of independence. (Exclamatory)
h) Their courage was more powerful than any other weapons. (Positive)
(i) Their contribution will never be forgotten. (Active)
(j) The government has taken some steps to improve their condition. (Passive)

5. Change the sentences according to the directions given in the bracket: [Chattogram Board-2023]
(a) Copying in the exams is one of the greatest social crimes. (Positive)
(b) It is a very serious crime. (Exclamatory)
(c) A student copying in the exam only deceives himself. (Negative)
(d) Copying in the exam cannot bring any benefit. (Passive)
(e) What a shameful practice it is! (Assertive)
(f) By resisting this malady, we can strengthen our education. (Passive)
(g) We all should come forward to stop it and save our students. (Imperative)
(h) Our examination system should be moderated. (Active)
(i) Nothing is as hateful as copying in the exam. (Comparative)
(j) The government is sincere in removing this crime. (Negative) 

6. Change the sentences according to the directions given in the bracket: [Sylhet Board-2023]
(a) The student is known to me. (Active)
(b) She gave me an interesting book. (Passive)
(c) Jashore is older than Magura. (Positive)
(d) Truthfulness is the best quality of a person. (Comparative)
(e) No other city in Bangladesh is as popular as Dhaka. (Superlative)
(f) My friend is always punctual. (Negative)
(g) He is a great fool. (Exclamatory)
(h) How bright the student is! (Assertive)
(i) We should obey our teachers. (Imperative)
(j) Take care of your health. (Passive)

7. Change the sentences according to the directions given in the bracket: [Barishal Board-2023]
(a) Jackfruit is one of the largest fruits of Bangladesh. (Use Positive degree)
(b) The fruits is very juicy. (Make an Exclamatory sentence) 
(c) It tastes very sweet. (Use Passive voice)
(d) It contains high calories. (Make a Negative sentence)
(e) Everyone knows it as our national fruit. (Interrogative)
(f) In summer, this fruit is very available. (Negative)
(g) It is mainly found in the month of Jaishtha. (Use Active voice)
(h) It is not as costly as the mango. (Use Comparative degree)
(i) We should eat the fruit to ensure nutrition. (Make an Imperative sentence)
(j) How beautiful jackfruits look in the trees! (Make Assertive).

8. Change the sentences according to the directions given in the bracket: [Dinajpur Board-2023]
(a) Honesty can open a door of peace before a person. (Make it negative)
(b) He accepted the invitation. (Make it passive)
(c) Reading books is nobler than any other habit. (Make it superlative)
(d) Loving country is a very essential virtue. (Make it exclamatory)
(e) We don't measure our life by months or years. (Make it active)
(f) Industry is the most important thing for success. (Make it comparative)
(g) How attentive she was to her study! (Make it assertive)
(h) Terrorism is one of the most corrosive problems of the modern world. (Make it positive)
(i) We should do good deeds as our responsibility. (Make it imperative)
(j) Everybody is fond of glittering things. (Make it negative)

9. Change the sentences according to the directions given in the bracket. [Mymensingh Board -2023]
(a) Simplicity is a great virtue. (Exclamatory)
(b) Everybody appreciates this quality. (Negative)
(c) It is one of the best qualities. (Positive)
(d) One should practise this virtue. (Passive)
(e) Very few men are as happy as a simple man. (Comparative)
(f) By practising simplicity, one can earn people’s favour. (Negative)
(g) A simple man leads a very carefree life. (Exclamatory)
(h) No other person among us is as happy as a simple man. (Superlative)
(i) Everybody should like simplicity. (Imperative)
(j) So, a simple life should be led by all. (Active)

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