Bill Gates most favourite books

Many people think that rich people do not get time to read books. But this idea is absolutely wrong, it's proof the world's richest man Bill Gates. Microsoft's co-founder and former chief executive of the world renowned technology company. He reads a lot of books himself also he encourages others to read books.

He often shares his favourite book list with others via his blog,

Bill Gates 5 Favourite books List

Most favourite Bill Gates books
1. Seveneves by Neal Stephenson

Neal Stephenson's science fiction book Seveneves Bill Gates said, “I have not read any science fiction books in the last decade. I started reading this book after hearing a friend of mine. Thank you to my friend, request to read this book. From the first sentence, the novel begins to plummet, when the moon explodes. People can understand that in the next two years, everything in the world will be submerged by a terrible flood. So everyone is going to be one of the worlds to protect the world. They started to made spacecraft. They think how to more people go to the spacecraft. You may lose patience to read because the writer elaborate describe spacecraft. But the writer Stephenson, who lives in Seattle, his research properly before writing. I like the detailed discussions of technical topics. By reading ‘Seveneves’ book again, my tendency to reading my science fiction came back.”

2. How Not to Be Wrong by Jordan Ellenberg

About this book, Bill Gates said Ellenberg is a mathematician and author. In this book, he describes how mathematical knowledge influences our lives. Each section starts with a very simple subject, such as Electoral Politics or Massachusetts's Lottery. Later, Ellenberg explained how it involved mathematics with the subject. In some cases, the issues have become quite complicated. But the author wrote in writing that the reader must eventually read. That's why we are always making a mathematics difference in life.

3. The Vital Question by Nick Lane

Bill Gates said this book by Nick Lane, "Nick is one of the real thinkers. That will force you to think like him. Many people should know about this person's work. He is trying to fix a scientifically wrong one thing. And this power is taking him from all creatures. He wants to say, how our life begins and how it slowly becomes complicated. To understand that, we have to understand how energy works. This is not just a theoretical issue. Mitochondria can fight against cancer and malnutrition. Even if Nick's view is proved wrong later, I think that Nick's research will contribute significantly to the role of energy in understanding the sources of humanity. '

4. The Power to Competit by Riyochi Mikitani and Hiroshi Mititani

Bill Gates said, 30 years ago I first travelled to Japan to work in Microsoft. Then I felt a bit sad about Japan. Today Japan is certainly very strong, who will keep an eye on the global economy, they will not disagree. In the 1980s, how Japanese companies were stocked by neighbouring South Korea and China. And how they have returned to the rhythm again, find details of those things in this book. And in the conversation between Japanese economist Riyochi and his son Hiroshi, these issues have come up. Ricochet died in 2013. And his son Reichy Hiroshi Internet organization Rakuten founder. Although I do not agree with all the words of Hiroshima, I think some of her ideas are great.  The Power to Competition is a great opportunity to look forward to a country that is attractive in the near future.

5. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari 

That's the last book in the list of Gates this year. This book was read by both Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates. Bill Gates said, "Both me and Melinda have read this book. And at the dinner table, we both discussed it. Writer Harari has done a trick to record the history of the whole human community in just 400 pages. Apart from this, he has written about our today's mankind and artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and other technologies that will change our way of life in the future.

But I have some disagreement with some of his statements. Especially he claimed that before the start of cultivation, the life of the people was better. I have some of my own statements about this. Those who are interested in mankind must read this book
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