Fill in the blanks with suitable words exercises

Most important fill in the blank with suitable words.

1. Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Dinajpur Board-2014; Rajshahi Board-2012, 2008, Barishal Board-2008, Jashore Board-2003, 2010; Chattogram Board-2009; Sylhet Board-2012]
Man pollutes water, another vital (a)--- of the environment by  (b)--- waste into it. Farmers (c)--- chemical fertilizers and insecticides in their fields. Some of these chemicals, washed away by rain and flood, (d)--- mixed with water in rivers, canals and ponds. Water is also (e)--- by mills and factories when they throw their (f)--- chemicals and waste products into rivers and canals. Water vehicles also pollute rivers by dumping oil, food waste and human (g)--- into them. Unsanitary latrines (h)--- on the river and canal banks are also (i)--- for further pollution. In this way, various (j)--- of waste and filth contaminate water.

Answer: a) element; b) throwing; c) use; d) are/get; e) polluted; f) poisonous; g) waste; h) standing; i) responsible; j) kinds

2. Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Rajshahi Board-2017; Cumilla Board-2008, 2015, Sylhet Board-2005]
Sincerity is the best way of achieving success. One can go a long way if one does anything with sincerity. People who are sincere in their work are (a)--- of making anything successful. The great men are also sincere because they (b)--- that sincerity is the (c)--- to success. Those who are not (d)--- can never (e)--- a long way in the world. The poor people are not always sincere, because they do not know the (f)--- of sincerity. If they knew it, they would (g)--- good use of it. Sincerity (h)--- not only to do work properly but also with dutifulness, honesty, modesty and good behaviour. The people of our country are not still (i)--- of the (j)--- of sincerity.

Answer: a) sure/confident b) know c) key d) sincere e) go f) importance/value/significance g) made h) sincerely i) become j) surely

3. Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Dinajpur Board-2017; Rajshahi Board-2013; Dhaka Board-2011; Barishal Board-2009; Cumilla Board-2017]
Sports are a popular form of entertainment. Many international sporting events are (a)--- from time to time. Most of these events are (b)--- by multinational manufacturing (c)--- and business firms. They pay for the sports events in (d) — for the right to (e)--- their products during those events. These events are (f)--- worldwide by satellite and people all over the world watch them (g)---. As a (h)---, the sponsors’ products (i)--- maximum media coverage. Thus sports help the (j)--- of trade and commerce.

Answer: a) organized; b) sponsored; c) companies; d) exchange; e) advertise; f) telecast; g) live; h) result; i) coverage; j) expansion

4. Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Dhaka Board-2004; Barishal Board-2017]
Many events of (a)--- importance took place during the last century. Significant advances were made in the (b)--- of science and technology. Many European colonies (c)--- independence. The movement for democracy become (d)--- in many parts of the world. Two world wars (e)--- out in this century. It also witnessed the misuse of atomic energy. Two cities of Japan were completely (f)--- as a result of the dropping of atom bombs. The Vietnam war and the Gulf war killed (g)--- of innocent people. However, the emergence of Bangladesh as an (h)--- nation was a momentous event. After a bloody (i)--- of nine months, Bangladesh was born. Now we hold our heads (j)--- in the comity of nations.

Answer: a) happened; b) occurred; c) for; d) momentous; e) occurred; f) also; g) emergence; h) was; i) bloody; j) raise.

5. Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Rajshahi Board-2016;Dhaka Board-2007]
Television has become a (a)--- source of entertainment of the present world. A wide (b)--- of programmes is (c)--- on numerous channels. Almost every family has a television (d)--- today. Television (e)--- are not only entertaining, they can be highly (f)--- too. For example, television is now (g)--- used for distance learning. The courses (h)--- by the open university are shown on BTV. Several channels like the Discovery Channels and the National Geographic Chanel telecast highly informative and (i)--- programmes. However, watching TV (j)--- is not permissible.

Answer: a) common/ main /prime/ popular / vital /wonderful; b) range/number; c) telecast/ televise /shown; d) set; e) programmes; f) educative /informative/instructive; g) being / widely / popularly / broadly /extensively /also/greatly; h) run/conducted; i) educative /useful /entertaining /interesting; j) is

6. Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Cumilla Board-2013, Sylhet Board-2006]
Air and water are two important (a)--- of the environment. These elements are (b)--- for life on earth.  They are often (c)--- in many ways. Air is polluted by (d)--- If we want to live a (f)--- life, and water by different kinds of (e) — and filth. We should (g)--- the pollution of the environment. Total prevention may be (h)--- but we can certainly (i)---  pollution by raising (j)--- among the people.

Answer: a) element b) essential / important /necessary/vital c) polluted d) smoke e) waste/dirt f) healthy g) stop/reduce/control/check h) impossible/ difficult i) reduce/decrease/ minimize /control/check j) awareness /consciousness

Fill in blank with suitable words board questions for HSC

7. Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Cumilla Board-2012, Dinajpur Board-2012, Chattogram Board-2006]
If we (a)--- forests and cut (b)--- trees, the effects might eventually (c)--- us all. If forests (d)--- into deserts, what will (e)--- carbon dioxide? Then the weather pattern (f)--- change and the world will become (g)---. This is called the greenhouse effect. As a (h)--- of this effect the polar ice caps will (i)--- and this will cause the flood of (j)--- areas of the globe.
Answer: a) destroy; b) down; c) endanger / harm /affect; d) turn; e) absorb/reduce; f) will; g) warmer/hotter; h) result; i) melt; j) coastal/low-lying/huge

8. Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Chattogram Board-2012, Cumilla Board-2006]
Learning a language is (a)--- riding a cycle. The most (b)--- thing (c)--- any language is communication. You learn to (d)--- effectively by using a language, by doing things with it and by experiencing it. You (e)--- learn English in the same (f)--- as one learns to ride a cycle. Do not (g)--- if people laugh at you (h)--- you make (i)---. You can certainly learn (j)--- mistakes.

Answer: a) like; b) important; c) of/about; d) communicate; e) can/may/should; f) way; g) hesitate; h) when/while; i) mistakes; j) through

9. Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Rajshahi Board-2010, Cumilla Board-2009]
Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. It is a (a)--- city. It is a city (b)--- traffic jam. A fly (c)--- is built at Mohakhali with a view to (d)--- the traffic jam. To solve this problem, traffic rules (e) — be enforced. Besides these drivers, passers-by and (f)--- should honour and abide (g)--- all rules (h)--- making the city habitable. Otherwise our life (i)--- remain (j)--- stake.

Answer: a) populous/big/large; b) of; c) over; d) decreasing.easing; e) must/should; f) all/others; g) by; h) for; i) will; j) at

10. Fill in the blank with appropriate in each gap: [Comilla Board-2010, Rajshahi Board-2007, Dhaka Board-2005]
Modern life (a)--- much on transport. We can very well (b)--- how important transport is when it is (c)--- by natural calamities or during socio-political crises. In fact, transport has made it (d)--- for us to reach places previously (e)---. It has (f)--- helped the flourish of trade and commerce and to (g)--- new knowledge and ideas. (h) — transport has (i)--- friendship and understanding among nations and people (j) --- the globe.

Answer: a) depends; b) know/ understand/ realise/perceive; c) disrupted; d) possible/easier; e) impossible /difficult; f) also; g) gain/gather/ acquire/earn/attain; h) besides/moreover; i) developed/promoted; j) around/across
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