Blindness novel summary

The novel ‘Blindness’ by the Portuguese writer Jose Saramago The original Portuguese name of the novel is ‘Ensaio Sobre A Cegueira’. The novel is written on many stories in the world. But the style of story writing or storytelling creates a strange curiosity among readers. Readers take it to another world. Creates a new perspective. The authors unveiled a new form of violence in this book. Simultaneously, the novel is rhythmic, thoughtful, entertaining, brutal, and poetic. José Saramago won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1998. Fernando Mirialos created a movie of the same name in 2008, based on the novel 'Blindness'. Marc Rubella and Julianne Moore played a major role.

Blindness novel short Summary

A strange disease spreading suddenly in an unnamed city. And this sickness gradually becomes blind to everyone. Without any predisposition or pain, this disease would have been affected by the people of one city to another city. A man may be sitting in the car on the city street. Suddenly he will not see anything around him.

Like the City of Saramago, the name of the novel did not give any name. Gradually a sick environment is created in the city. As well as being physically blind, people start to become mentally blind. There is nothing left to say about social values. The stranger starts torture to the weak people.

And the reader will read this story about a middle-aged woman. Who has been introduced to this story as ‘Doctor's Wife’. Another character of the novel, Doctor. The doctor and his wife started to treat blind people. And there is a sense of belongingness among the people in the healing centre. They all tried to get rid of this unknown disease, blindness. The doctors and his wife were trying their best to recover them.

But the lack of food and disorder in the centre of the healing occurs. Which is difficult to handle. When the disease started spreading further, the supply of food was stopped by the army. They even stop giving primary medicines. The revolt started at the healing centre. The situation has been getting worse day by day, the law and order situation in the city and the healing centre continues to be severe. All service providers of the government continue to be closed. School, colleges and universities are also closed. The city is going to sink in the dark.
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