Completing sentence all board question exercise for SSC

Completing sentence Dhaka Board 2007 to 2023

Completing sentence all board question exercise for SSC

1. Complete the following sentences. [Dhaka Board-2007]
(a) It is a long time since we met each other.
(b) All that glitters is not gold. 
(c) Wait here until he comes.
(d) Though he is poor, he is honest. 
(e) If I were rich, I would help the needy people.

2. Complete the following sentences. [Dhaka Board-2008]
(a) Ten years have passed since we met each other.
(b) The load is so heavy that he cannot carry it.
(c) Scarcely had I reached the station when the train left.
(d) Unless you work hard, you cannot prosper in life. 
(e) If I knew his phone number, I would call him.

3. Complete the following sentences. [Dhaka Board-2009]
(a) No sooner had he reached the school than the bell rung.
(b) What happens when we go to bed. 
(c) Unless you work hard, you will fail in the examination. 
(d) Mother told me that honesty is the best policy.
(e) Read diligently lest you should pass the exam.

4. Complete the following sentences. [Dhaka Board-2010]
(a) You cannot find others to love you unless you love them.
(b) It is a love that has no limitation.
(c) Love is divine which is expected.
(d) Your friends cannot help loving you if you love them.
(e) If you are not loved, it is good evidence that you are not a good person

5. Complete the following sentences. [Dhaka Board-2011]
(a) We should say ‘no’ to corruption because it destroys everything.
(b) Corrupt persons are not only dishonest but also greedy.
(c) Now, it is high time we left corrupted people.
(d) We should work together if we want to keep the country free from corruption.
(e) But we are so self-centred that we do not want to change our habit.
6. Complete the following sentences. [Dhaka Board-2012]
(a) United we stand, divided we fall.
(b) Rupa talks as if she knew everything.
(c) Since the body and mind go together, we cannot do anything without them.
(d) Zinia is so tired that he cannot study.
(e) As I had forgotten her, I went away.

7. Complete the following sentences. [Dhaka Board-2015]
a) Many people cut trees indiscriminately but do not plant any tree.
b) Trees cause rainfall which is essential for our environment.
c) If we cut trees at random, the country will soon lose ecological balance.
d) Trees supply oxygen which we breathe in.
e) Since tress helps us in many ways, we should plant more trees.

8. Complete the following sentences. [Dhaka Board-2016]
(a) Smoking is a habit which harmful to our health.
(b) Many people go on smoking though they know its bad impact.
(c) If we smoke, we will suffer a lot.
(d) People can't give up smoking easily because they become accustomed to it.
(e) So, attempts must be taken by us to stop smoking.

9. Complete the following sentences[Dhaka Board 2017]
(a) There goes a proverb that time and tide wait for none.
(b) Though lost wealth can be regained by hard work, lost time can never be regained.
(c) Time is so valuable that time once lost is lost forever.
(d) Those who waste time cannot shine in life. 
(e) As make proper use of time, you must be successful.

10. Complete the following sentences. [Dhaka Board 2019]
(a) Where there is a will there is a way.
(b) If a man does not work hard, he will not succeed in life.
(c) As the people of Bangladesh are hard-working, they are becoming self-dependent day by day.
(d) Once Bangladesh had poor GDP. but now she has made a remarkable development in her GDP.
(e) So, it is our bounden duty to maintain this development trend.

11Complete the following sentences. [Dhaka Board-2020]
(a) No sooner had we reached the school than the bell rang.
(b) Unless you study attentively you will fail in the exam.
(c) Scarcely had the party begun when the party stopped.
(d) If I had known his mobile number, I would have called his number.
(e) Work hard provided that you can succeed in life.

12Complete the following sentences. [Dhaka Board-2023]
(a) "Industry is the key to success," is a wise saying.
(b) If we want to build up our career, we have to be industrious.
(c) If we work hard, we can reach our expected destination.
(d) A hardworking student is sure of his success.
(e) It is high time we tried to be industrious.

Completing sentence Rajshahi Board 2009 to 2020

1. Complete the following sentences. [Rajshahi Board-2009]
(a) The poor man is too hungry to talk.
(b) I came here with a view to meeting my friend.
(c) The weather was so cold that we could not go outside.
(d) Hasib behaves as if he knew everything.
(e) The higher we fly, the harder we feel.

2. Complete the following sentences. [Rajshahi Board-2010]
(a) Walk fast lest you should miss the train.
(b) Our students are so meritorious that they will do well in the examination. 
(c) Scarcely had the teacher gone out of the room when the students stood up.
(d) If I knew his mobile number I would call him.
(e) It is time we gave up a bad habit.

3. Complete the following sentences. [Rajshahi Board-2011]
(a) AIDS is a fatal disease which has no cure.
(b) It is such a disease that can be transmitted in different ways.
(c) The first AIDS patient was a man who led a miserable life.
(d) The doctors suggest that everyone be aware of this disease.
(e) There is no further remedy that can cure a patient.

4Complete the following sentences. [Rajshahi Board-2012]
(a) The weather is so cold that we cannot go outside.
(b) He was strong enough to defend the enemy.
(c) He came here with a view to meeting his friend.
(d) Hasib behaves as if,  he knew everything.
(e) You had better go home.

5. Complete the following sentences. [Rajshahi Board-2015]
a) If you do not waste your time, you will succeed in life.
b) This is the boy who is a Studious.
c) I wish I were a child.
d) United we stand, divided we fall.
e) The boy is so weak in mathematics that he can't pass the examination.

6. Complete the following sentences. [Rajshahi Board-2016; Sylhet Board-2019]
(a) Acid rain is harmful because it pollutes the environment.
(b) The wind was so strong that it blew some huts way.
(c) Had he been a little careful, he would not have made a mistake.
(d) They were frightened when they were angry.
(e) Take your umbrella lest you should get wet in the rain.

7. Complete the following sentences. [Rajshahi Board-2017;Cumilla Board-2019]
(a) Books are our best friends because they are always ready to help us.
(b) A man who reads books regularly is able to know many things.
(c) By reading books we can learn knowledge.
(d) We can lean moral values ​​by reading books.
(e) We should inspire the students to read books.

8Complete the following sentences. [Rajshahi Board 2019]
(a) We should keep in mind that health is wealth.
(b) If we are not healthy we cannot be happy in life./we cannot enjoy this beautiful world.
(c) We must eat a balanced diet so that we can be healthy.
(d) We should wear socks and shoes when we go out.
(e) Nobody likes a man who is dirty.

9. Complete the following sentences. [Rajshahi Board-2020]
(a) But for your timely intervention, he would have been ruined.
(b) Many days passed since we had met last.
(c) A child who is little is afraid of fire.
(d) Work hard provided that you can succeed in life.
(e) Blessing is not valued till they are gone.

11. Complete the following sentences. [Rajshahi Board-2023]
(a) "Health is wealth," is a very well-known saying.
(b) Everybody should realize this truth to lead a healthy and happy life.
(c) If we follow the rules of health, we can maintain a healthy life.
(d) One can keep oneself safe by following the rules of hygiene.
(e) Immune system can be developed by taking a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Completing sentence Cumilla Board 2009 to 2020

1. Complete the following sentences. [Cumilla Board-2009]
(a) Water is so vital of all natural resources that we are greatly dependent on it.
(b) It is water which keeps us alive.
(c) Our agriculture which depends on water, cannot produce anything without it.
(d) Though Bangladesh is blessed with rivers we do not get required water during the dry season.
(e) If the rainfall is timely, we will get the good production of crops.

2. Complete the following sentences. [Cumilla Board-2010]
(a) He has a lot of money but no happiness.
(b) My father gave me taka 500 so that I could buy a shirt.
(c) She has been suffering from fever for seven days.
(d) Though it rained yesterday the weather was not cool.
(e) The train had left the station before I reached there.

3. Complete the following sentences. [Cumilla Board-2011]
(a) No sooner had he reached the station than the train left.
(b) She ran fast lest she should reach the station.
(c) He could not avail himself of the opportunity.
(d) I prevented him from going there.
(e) All should do something to develop the country.

4. Complete the following sentences. [Cumilla Board-2012]
(a) As the poor man was hungry, he could not walk anymore.
(b) The weather was so cold that we could not go outside
(c) Hasib behaves as if,  he knew everything./ he were mad.
(d) It is high time we changed our bad habit.
(e) A patriot is respected because he works in his country.

5. Complete the following sentences. [Cumilla Board-2015]
a) I would help him if he told me.
b) The answer that he wrote.
c) Finishing the work, I went to bed.
d) I saw my mother cooking food in the kitchen.
e) To walk in the morning is good for your health.

6. Complete the following sentences. [Cumilla Board-2016]
a) We come to know about the happenings of home and abroad if we read the newspaper regularly.
b) People read newspaper lest they should miss the current affairs.
c) Many students do not read the newspaper regularly as they don't know the importance of it.
d) I become happy when I get a daily newspaper.
e) Many people earn their living by selling the newspaper.

7. Complete the following sentences. [Cumilla Board-2017]
(a) This is Bangladesh which is my motherland. 
(b) The people of Bangladesh are friendly though they are needy.
(c) When anyone falls in danger, others immediately come to help him.
(d) We love and help one another as if we were friends.
(e) We work seriously in order that Bangladesh might prosper.

8. Complete the following sentences. [Cumilla Board-2019;Rajshahi Board-2017]
(a) Books are our best friends because we always find them in our weal and woe.
(b) A man who reads books regularly, can enrich himself with knowledge.
(c) By reading books we can learn many things necessary for us.
(d) We can learn moral values if we read books.
(e) We should inspire the students so that they can cultivate the habit of reading books.

9. Complete the following sentences. [Cumilla Board-2020]
(a) Unless you study attentively you will fail in the exam.
(b) It is a long time since we met last.
(c) If I had seen you, I would have given the information.
(d) 1971 is the year when Bangladesh gained independent.
(e) Danger comes where danger is feared.

11. Complete the following sentences. [Cumilla Board-2023]
(a) It is price hike which is considered a prime concern for the common people.
(b) People of low income do not know how to cope with the reinless price spiral.
(c) The businessmen involved in hoarding and black marketing are responsible for price hike.
(d) Of course, there are some other issues that are responsible for price hike like the Russian-Ukrain war.
(e) Controlling price hike is really very difficult.

Completing sentence Jashore Board 2009 to 2020

1. Complete the following sentences. [Jashore Board-2009]
(a) My father is a teacher who is a learned man.
(b) Unless he gets up early in the morning, he will miss the first bus.
(c) It is high time we changed our bad habit.
(d) Though it’s raining, people are moving.
(e) A patriot is respected because he thinks for the country.

2. Complete the following sentences. [Jashore Board-2010]
(a) A graveyard is a place where the dead are buried.
(b) I am not sure whether he will come or not.
(c) The old man is walking carefully lest he should fall down.
(d) Do you mind if I talk to you?
(e) Unless you work hard you will fail in life.

3. Complete the following sentences. [Jashore Board-2012]
(a) A college is a seat of learning, so everyone should keep the place free from politics.
(b) It should be a peaceful place where every student can study well.
(c) But nowadays the peaceful atmosphere is absent from the college because of politics.
(d) The students who take part in politics do not do well in the examination.
(e) The sooner it can be controlled, the better it will be.

4. Complete the following sentences.[Jashore Board -2015]
a) No sooner had I reached home than the rain started.
b) He was so lazy that he could do nothing in his life.
c) It is health which is wealth.
d) He succeeded though he was lazy.
e) As our elders love us, we also should love them.

5. Complete the following sentences.[Jashore Board -2016]
(a) An educational institution is a seat of learning so students can gain knowledge.
(b) It should be a peaceful place where students can acquire knowledge.
(c) But nowadays peaceful atmosphere is absent from educational institutions because of political violence and terrorism.
(d) The students who are involved in violence can never acquire knowledge.
(e) The sooner it can be controlled, the better the result will be.

6. Complete the following sentences.[Jashore Board-2017]
(a) Five years have passed since we met last.
(b) Hardly had the assembly began when I reached college.
(c) Hurry up lest you should miss the plane.
(d) Danger often comes when it is feared.
(e) The lady speaks as if she knew everything.

7. Complete the following sentences. [Jashore Board-2019]
(a) The mango is a fruit which is available in summer.
(b) It is so delicious that almost everyone likes to eat it.
(c) Rajshahi is the place where the best kinds of mangoes grow in plenty.
(d) If you visit Rajshahi, Bogura and Dinajpur, you can eat various types of delicious mangoes.
(e) People of this area produce a huge amount of mangoes and earn a lot of money by selling them.

8. Complete the following sentences.[Jashore Board-2020; Cumilla Board 2017]
(a) This is Bangladesh where I was born.
(b) The people of Bangladesh are friendly though they live in the midst of poverty.
(c) When anyone falls in danger, others come to help him.
(d) We love and help one another as if we were the member of a family.
(e) We work seriously lest we should lag behind.

10. Complete the following sentences.[Jashore Board-2023]
(a) If we invest in girls' education, the country can be benefitted greatly in return.
(b) Investment in girls' education is not a waste.
(c) Women who are educated and skilled have higher income potential than those who are uneducated and unskilled.
(d) Also, educated mothers are very careful in educating their children.
(e) Therefore, we should try our best to educate our women folk.

Completing sentence Sylhet Board 2009 to 2020

1. Complete the following sentences. [Sylhet Board-2009]
(a) It is true that most of the parents in our country are not interested enough to send their female children to school.
(b) Parents think that spending money on the children’s education is unwise especially when they are female children.
(c) They think female children need no education because they will be married off.
(d) To lessen discrimination in children’s educational status the government gives subsidies for female children so that they could be educated.
(e) It is a good sign that nowadays women are coming out of their homes.

2. Complete the following sentences. [Sylhet Board-2010]
(a) It is easy to say but difficult to do.
(b) Five years passed since I  had met you.
(c) A graveyard is a place where the dead are buried.
(d) She insisted that she must do the job.
(e) Unless you work hard, you will fail in life.

3. Complete the following sentences. [Sylhet Board-2011]
(a) Walk fast lest you should miss the train.
(b) It is high time we changed our bad habits.
(c) Modern husbands are conscious of their duties.
(d) For good health we need to walk regularly.
(e) If I help him in danger ­I will also get help in my problem.

4. Complete the following sentences. [Sylhet Board-2012]
(a) I wish I were a child again.
(b) He works hard so that he can earn his livelihood.
(c) There is hardly any person who believes a liar.
(d) Man is born free but everywhere he is in a chain.
(e) It is our sacred duty to love our country.

5. Complete the following sentences. [Sylhet Board-2016 & 2015]
a) Yesterday I could not get up from bed in time because I was ill.
b) As soon as I got up from bed, it was 10 am.
c) Since I could not avail the bus, I started to walk.
d) On the way to school, I walked fast lest I should miss the class.
e) If I reached late I would miss a task.

6. Complete the following sentences. [Sylhet Board-2017]
(a) Cricket is a game which attracts all classes of people.
(b) Boys and girls of our country are very much fond of cricket.
(c) Though cricket is a costly game,  it's liked by all.
(d) Bangladesh is a test-playing country, but its standard is not good.
(e) It is essential to upgrade the standard.

7. Complete the following sentences. [Sylhet Board 2019; Rajshahi Board 2016]
(a) Acid rain is harmful because it contains pollutants.
(b) The wind was so strong that it frequently blew off my hat.
(c) Had he been a little careful he could have avoided the accident.
(d) They were frightened when the earthquake had struck.
(e) Take your umbrella lest you should get wet.

8. Complete the following sentences. [Sylhet Board 2020]
(a) There are many stars in the sky we can not count it.
(b) Rukab will swim after his daily work.
(c) A graveyard is the place where the remains of dead people are buried or otherwise interred. 
(d) What is looted cannot be blotted.
(e) The answer that he can not change his luck./he must submit to the inevitable.

Completing sentence Barishal Board 2009 to 2020

1. Complete the following sentences. [Barishal Board-2009]
(a) Yesterday Mita had an accident while she was crossing the road.
(b) No sooner had we heard the news than we rushed to the place.
(c) We took her to a hospital which was near the road.
(d) We took her to a hospital which was a public hospital.
(e) As it was a public hospital, there was a huge rush.
(e) But our patient was so serious that we shifted the patient to a private clinic.

2. Complete the following sentences. [Barishal Board-2010]
(a) He could not attend the meeting because he was ill.
(b) We went to his residence as soon as we received the phone.
(c) He was so ill that he could not talk.
(d) We immediately decided to shift him to a hospital where he could get treatment.
(e) No sooner had we reached the hospital than he died.

3. Complete the following sentences. [Barishal Board-2011]
(a) We work hard so that, we could earn well.
(b) There is nobody who does not know the value of time.
(c) As he is devoted to studies, he will do a better result in the examination.
(d) He left the place after, I had reached there.
(e) As soon as the police came, the criminals went away.

4Complete the following sentences. [Barishal Board-2012]
(a) He hurried to the station lest he should miss the train.
(b) People are advised to take oral saline since it will keep the body fit
(c) Where there is a will, there is a way.
(d) The weather was so unbearable that we could not go outside.
(e) When the final hour of departure came, we became depressed.

5. Complete the following sentences. [Barishal Board-2015]
a) We must work hard in order that we can succeed.
b) A man who is lazy cannot shine in life.
c) It is hard work that makes a man successful.
d) The idle cannot reach their target because of their idleness.
e) You will not succeed unless you work hard.

6Complete the following sentences. [Barishal Board-2016]
a) Five years have passed since we met last.
b) It is a matter of sorrow that you didn't answer my last letter.
c) I tried to write to you but could not manage time.
d) In fact, we all are always busy with our work.
e) We hope that we will meet soon.

7Complete the following sentences. [Barishal Board-2017]
(a) Slum dwellers are so poor that they cannot make both ends.
(b) As they live there in inhuman conditions, they often suffer from various diseases.
(c) Come forward to help them lest they should die from starvation.
(d) Although they do hard work from dawn to dusk, they cannot manage two meals.
(e) Only then they will be able to live a sound life

8. Complete the following sentences. [Barishal Board 2019]
(a) There is a proverb that health is wealth.
(b) Who does not know this wise saying?
(c) Unless you have good health, you will not become happy/you cannot concentrate on your study.
(d) You may have a lot of wealth but it is valueless without health.
(e) It is high time, we started taking care of our health.

9. Complete the following sentences. [Barishal Board-2020]
(a) I am looking for Raihan. If I had seen him, I would have given the information.
(b) Shila seemed upset. She talked as if she had been mad.
(c) Yesterday we were at our office. Scarcely had we finished our duty when the boss called us.
(d) We are not free from danger. Danger often comes where Danger is feared.
(e) Restless life is risky. We have to take rest so that we can get energy

Completing sentence Chattogram Board 2009 to 2020

1. Complete the following sentences.[Chattogram Board-2009]
(a) Acid rain is harmful because it burns everything.
(b) The wind was so strong that we could not stand there.
(c) Had he been a little careful the accident would not have happened.
(d) They were frightened when they were crossing the road.
(e) Take your umbrella lest you should fall in the rain.

2. Complete the following sentences.[Chattogram Board-2010]
(a) They went to college after they had finished their breakfast.
(b) This poem is too difficult for me to understand.
(c) No sooner had she seen me than he left away.
(d) He speaks as if he knew everything.
(e) It is high time we changed our bad habits.

3. Complete the following sentences.[Chattogram Board-2011]
(a) Arif studies attentively so that he can do well in the examination.
(b) Hardly had the leader finished his speech when the people stood up.
(c) I walked fast lest I should miss the class.
(d) A fish market is the place where people go for buying fish.
(e) It is disappointing to note that the price of necessary things is going up.

4. Complete the following sentences.[Chattogram Board-2012]
(a) We want that we will see good days.
(b) Man dies but his works/deeds live.
(c) People work with a view to earning money.
(d) I wish I were a child again.
(e) A patriot is a person whom we respect.

5. Complete the following sentences. [Chattogram Board-2015; Dinajpur Board-2020]
a) As the flower is a symbol of love, beauty and purity, it is used on different occasions.
b) There is hardly any person who dislikes flowers.
c) We can turn our enemies into friends if we treat them with flowers.
d) It is said that those who do not love flowers are cruel.
e) Many people cultivate flowers because flower cultivation is profitable.

6. Complete the following sentences.[Chattogram Board-2016]
(a) 1971 is the year when Bangladesh became independent.
(b) Though Bangladesh has limited natural resources, she cannot utilize them properly.
(c) He cannot pass because he is not attentive to study.
(d) Be truthful if you want to gain others' respect.
(e) His silence proves that he is a thief.

7. Complete the following sentences.[Chattogram Board-2017]
(a) He pretends as if he were a Salman Khan.
(b) It is high time we changed our bad habits.
(c) Walk slowly lest you should fall down.
(d) If you don't work hard, you can't succeed.
(e) Had I seen you before, I would have informed you.

8. Complete the following sentences.[Chattogram Board 2019]
(a) Walk fast lest you should miss the train.
(b) It is high time you changed your bad habits.
(c) The man was so weak that he could not walk.
(d) A stitch in time saves nine.
(e) As he was meritorious, he achieved a good result.

9. Complete the following sentences.[Chattogram Board-2020]
(a) He asked me whether I had ever seen to London.
(b) Had I the wings of a dove I would fly in the sky.
(c) He could help you provided that you will work hard.
(d) Hardly had the bell rung when the class started.
(e) We must look before we leap lest we should think carefully about the possible risks and effects.

11. Complete the following sentences.[Chattogram Board-2023]
(a) A cobbler was happy to lead a simple life.
(b) He had a neighbour who was very rich.
(c) The neighbour wanted to help him by giving him some money.
(d) Getting the huge amount of money, the cobbler lost happiness.
(e) But if he had not taken the money from his neighbour, he would have led a happy life.

Completing sentence Dinajpur Board 2009 to 2020

1. Complete the following sentences. [Dinajpur Board-2009]
(a) There goes a proverb that time and tide wait for none.
(b) Though lost wealth can be regained by hard work, lost time can never be got back.
(c) Time is so valuable that we should not waste it.
(d) Those who have become great in life have utilised their time.
(e) If we make the best use of the time we will shine in life.

2. Complete the following sentences. [Dinajpur Board-2010]
(a) As you sow, so you reap.
(b) Although Bangladesh is a populous country, it is full of natural beauty.
(c) He is my teacher who is a learned man.
(d) I wish I were a child again.
(e) He took up a part-time job so that he could earn his livelihood.

3. Complete the following sentences. [Dinajpur Board-2011]
(a) I don’t like people who are idle.
(b) Do you know where he lives?
(c) It was long since I had last seen him.
(d) You will not prosper unless you work hard.
(e) Had I been proposed to go I would have gone with them.

4. Complete the following sentences. [Dinajpur Board-2012]
(a) Since Bangladesh is a disaster prone country we should take necessary measures to save the country.
(b) Though Bangladesh is a small country, she is burdened with a huge population.
(c) Women who comprise half of our population are ignored in society.
(d) Moreover, our country is beset with lots of problems.
(e) We all should come forward with a view to solving the problems of our country.

5. Complete the following sentences. [Dinajpur Board-2015]
(a) United we stand, divided we fall.
(b) It is high time we changed our bad habits.
(c) Unless you are united, others may harm you.
(d) Who doesn't know this wise saying?
(e) The story of the old man and his sons teaches us unity is strength.

6. Complete the following sentences. [Dinajpur Board-2016]
(a) He asked me if I could recognize him.
(b) He will show me how it can be done.
(c) Hardly had he started for school when the rain started.
(d) He told me that honesty is the best policy.
(e)Where is well there is away.

7. Complete the following sentences. [Dinajpur Board-2017]
(a) It is said that youth is the golden period of life.
(b) In youth the mind is so soft that it can be shaped as we like.
c) If we lose morning hours of life, we will not prosper in life.
d) We will reap a good harvest if we make the best use of our youth.
e) On the other hand, if we remain lazy, we will suffer in the long run.

8. Complete the following sentences. [Dinajpur Board 2019]
(a) Leisure means the time when we are free from our routine work.
(b) As we live in a materialistic world, we have to work hard.
(c) But it should be kept in mind that leisure is also a part of our daily activities.
(d) If a man does not take a rest after work, he becomes weak and spiritless.
(e) So, we should take a rest so that we can keep fit.
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