A Moonlit Night Paragraph

A Moonlit Night Paragraph 250 words

A moonlit night is a night when the full moon shines with the full beam in a clear and bright sky. On a moonlit night, the surrounding atmosphere is flooded with a moonbeam.

A moonlit night is charming and attractive. It presents a fantastic sight. A moonlit night dazzles our eyes and soothes our hearts. The moon looks like a silvery disc on a moonlit night.

The whole world seems to be bathed with the moon's silvery light. The canals, rivers, streams, and brooks sparkle with the moon's light. People of all ages are beside with joy on a moonlit night. The boys become busy playing if they have work to do.

On a moonlit night, people cannot go to sleep early but enjoy the beautiful sight of nature. The children come out of doors to listen to the stories narrated by their grandmother. The older adults pass their time gossiping. After a day's hard work, people like to give their time in making merriment and amuse themselves on a moonlit night.

Even the lower and domestic animals do not want to stay in their sheds. The insects fly here and there to enjoy the beautiful sight presented by the moonlit night.
A Moonlit Night Paragraph

A Moonlit Night Paragraph 200 Words

A moonlit night is a thing of beauty and joy. It presents a very charming and fascinating aspect of nature. On such a night, the moon looks like a disc of silver. A host of twinkling stars surround the moon and make the sky a fairyland.

The full moon reflects a soft silvery brightness over the lap of nature and changes the color of the landscape. The fields and mountains, trees and buildings are invested with a new kind of beauty. Such a dreamy atmosphere appeals to the mind of the poets as well as the thinkers. The moon also awakens a feeling of love and tenderness in our hearts. A calm and serene environment encompasses the natural world.

As the night goes deep, the serenity and beauty of the night become more enjoyable. The full bloomed moon casts powerful magic on all objects of nature and people. She has furnished a theme for the poets and artists enriching literature of all ages. I enjoy such a night very much. Walking on the riverside on a moonlit night is a pleasant and endurable experience.

A Moonlit Night Paragraph 150 Words

A moonlit night is different than any other night. A moonlit night is when the moon shines with whole light and gives a fresh and refreshing light. A moonlit night provides us with a milky white new light and awakens a lot of thoughts in our minds. After sunset, as the moon starts to creep in the middle sky, it makes the earth bright and gay.

A moonlit night is pleasant to all. Especially the poets are charmed at its beauty, and they feel encouraged to write poems sitting in the moon's silvery light. People go wandering in the fields. Some go for boating. Children make use of the night for their multipurpose activities. They play with their team on the field. They look for flowers and fruits in the moonlight as we are fond of recreational activities on a moonlit night. 

We do everything according to our abilities and inclination that night; more importantly, we forget our animosity with others on a moonlit night. In the tender light of a moonlit night, we feel fresh and cheerful.

A Moonlit Night Paragraph for class 6, 7, 8

A moonlit night presents a charming aspect. The moon looks like a disc of gold. From the background of the azure, she looks simply enchanting. Sometimes she plays hide and seek behind the silken fleece of clouds. The hosts of twinkling stars surrounding her make the sky a fairy land. Rivers, canals and tanks contain the splendid piece of the sky with the moon and the stars in their open bosoms. The trees and plants, crops and creepers all appear bright and glistening. Such a beauty thrills the people and other creatures on earth with an ecstasy of joy. Children make merry playing games like blind man's buff. Old people come out and sit together in groups to gossip and tell stories. The poets are moved with pulsation of delight and compose poems. Some birds come out of their nests and hover around. Even some beasts leave their folds and run hither and thither. A moonlit night is, in fact, a night of exquisite beauty and joy.
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