How to Write Email

What is an email?

E-mail is an electronic mail or electronic communication system by means of which message, data and information can be sent to others or to offices and organizations at home and abroad within a few seconds.

Or, Email is an electronic mail or electronic communication system through which messages and information can be sent to any person, office, court and institution in a short period of time in the country and abroad.

Kinds of E-mail: There are two main types of e-mail. For example-

1. Formal e-mail: Office - Court, education and business e-mail are formal e-mail.

2. Informal e-mail: e-mail that are sent to friends, relatives and acquaintances informal e-mail.

Features of e-mail:

1. An E-mail is usually short.

2. An E-mail greetings should be formal informal based on contexts.

3. There is no need to write date in e-mail.

4. Sending an e-mail requires e-mail ID of sender and recipient.

5. An E-mail does not require full address or signature.

How e-mail is sent

Two sets of computers or smart phones connected to Tenwork (Google, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.) are required for sending e-mail, one is required for sender and the other is required for receiver. Separate e-mail ID is also required for sender and receiver.

How to read e-mail address (John at (agree at log das farm dot com) (The Underline Captain at dot bd)

Also the symbols used on the internet are:
 £, &,?, * #, €, ¥, / (forward slash), \ (back slash),: (colon) <(less - than),> (greater- than) etc.

To remember to send an e-mail

1. An E-mail ID needs to be written carefully.

2. The subject of e-mail needs to be short.

3. Formal e-mail language should be formal and informal e-mail language should be informal.

4. Formal e-mail does not use contracted forms (it's haven't etc.).  But contracted form is used for informal e-mail.

5. The purpose of writing e-mail needs to be mentioned properly.

6. Formal e-mail should be salutation formal (Dear Sir, Dear Madam, Dear Mr. Sarker etc.) and informal e-mail should be salutation informal (Hello Dear Rashid, Hello everyone etc.).

7. Formal e-mail needs to be closing (finished) formal (yours sincerely, Yours obediently etc.) and informal e-mail closing informal (Your son, Your friend, Regards, Yours ever etc.)

8. Other files may be attached where applicable.

How to write email format

1. Suppose, you are going to participate in a debate competition. Your topic is “Creative question pattern makes students dependent more on guides than on textbooks”. Your elder brother who is a student of Dhaka University is a renowned debater. Now, write an e-mail to him seeking his advice in this regard.

Date: Wednesday, May 9, 2019 at 03:20 PM
Subject: About necessary information on debate competition.

My dear Brother,
My love to you. I hope you are hale and hearty. However, you will be glad to know that I am going to participate in a debate competition. The topic of my debate is "Creative question pattern makes students dependent more on guides than on textbooks." On this topic I am making preparation well. I have collected a lot of information on this topic. In this regard, I need some advice and necessary information from you as early as possible.
No more today. 
Affectionately yours,
A. Razzak 

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