A Nightmarish Experience story

You are a pilot of an international aircraft. One afternoon you jumped from the aircraft using a parachute as To did not have any alternative. But unfortunately you got entangled in the branch of a large tree in the forest of Africa. There was none to rescue you and it became night. I was hanging from a very high branch of the tall tree. With much difficulty I disentangled  myself from the branch and somehow managed to sit on the thick branch of the tree. Luckily, I was not seriously hurt except some minor cuts and bruises on my body.

It was a dark African forest and as night fell, the forest turned pitch-black. Nothing was visible. I could only hear a cacophony of peculiar sounds made by birds and wild African animals. I decided not to climb down from the tree. It would be dangerous to walk on the ground at night. Because at night African forests become hunting grounds of various ferocious animals. So, I remained seated on the branch of the tree and waited for the sun to rise. I was extremely tired and hungry, but I could do nothing. Next day, as the sun was up, the forest gradually became visible. Unlike the previous might, the forest was extremely silent. The silence broke only by occasional twittering of birds.

I carefully climbed down from the tree. It was a very dense forest. I was so ailing that I could barely walk. So, I thought to find something to eat first. As I was desperately looking for food, I saw a hare in a bush. Without giving it any chance to escape, I jumped upon it and grabbed it. I sat under a tree and ate some of its flesh raw. It seemed as if I had regained my energy. I started to walk quickly in order to find a locality. I looked at my wrist watch. It was about noon. I had been walking for five hours but to no purpose. I was lost in a maze of ways in the forest. I rew extremely tired and sat under a tree. After a while, I heard some peculiar sounds close around me.

All on a sudden, I found myself surrounded by a group of wild African tribal (Saren) people. They were very fearsome looking and had spears and bows and arrows in their hands. They caught me, tied me with a rope and carried me on a pole to their den. I was taken to the headman of the tribal people. I tried my best to make him understand that I had survived a plane crash.

At long last, I could make him understand. After that the tribal people and their chief showed me great hospitality. They served me food and drinks. I spent the night with them. The next morning they took me to the village sheriff. The sherift made all arrangements to send me to our embassy in the city. I will never forget this nightmarish experience.
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