Lysistrata Analysis

It was not possible to determine the exact composition of the Greek comedy-drama ‘Lysistrata’. However, the stage of the drama began 411 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. Traditional literary works were dramatic and poetry. Some features of fiction were in the dormant state in the epic The legendary Greek playwright Aristophanes is the author of the Lysistrata play. At that time, the Greek states were engaged in the war within themselves. Athens and Sparta are war each other. In society, men were given ‘hero’ title - either in battle ‘died,’ or returning home after winning the war. The women were detained on four walls. The life of a husband or a child was lost in the waiting of the family would have ended There was a presence of women in the army, but not in the form of a wife or mother, being a sex slave.

Although apparently women were sitting idle, their life was not pleasant. Running the family was also war, in that sense they were also warriors. But there was no social-political or economic achievement for this. For example, we could not even honour the women's housework work we consider as labour. But the movement is getting stronger in terms of progress. Today, two and a half thousand years ago, a great woman named Lysistrata realized this. Lysistrata is the first to announce - war is concerned with women. Because, fighting is the man who understands - conflict, violence, war; But the real battle in the eyes of women is to keep the world alive and to continue the struggle. And that's the real war in the human race.

Lysistrata gathered the women of Greece, telling her war mates to return from the war to the husbands. For this, women will have to sacrifice something. Since they have already been sacrificing enough, so this will not seem to be anything extra. Then Lysistrata said, as long as the husbands leave the war zone, they will not be the sex her husband. That is called sex strikes, as an anti-war movement. The proponents of this movement. The woman, who is trying to use her body as a weapon in the peace treaty. She urged women from all the countries of Greece to be united with her great purpose.

How logical the plan was, how logical it was, was not the main issue of my discussion. Two topics of my discussion.


Remembering Lysistrata as the first feminist character in the world in literature.


In the 21st Century, Consider the women of this period from the perspective of that time women.

In this drama, we get to meet such women as determined by the determination of Lysistrata, just as the women of their opposite character are also present in our eyes. Many women would not be able to go to bed with their husbands. Many people take up the context of the rhetoric and stand against Lysistrata proposal. Along with this, Aristophanes has shown that by creating these two femininity, there are women who have the right political leadership as well as Lysistrata, women who have living voluntarily.

The perspective of Jesus Christ, which was hundreds of years ago, is still equally realistic. We still see women stand against women's independence.

Lysistrata is a traditional concept about women, has been presented to us as a historical model of women empowerment. Her leadership qualities, the ability to think freely, to go against the authoritarian society, in all aspects - she is unique.

In the drama, the nature of sex in the context of that time, we have not had any special change. Women are still ashamed of the question of sex. Lysistrata suggests that the presence of women is only with sexuality. That is, the alternative voice of women was not created yet.

In the 21st Century, women were able to identify the world with their power, not by their identity and sex. Although not quite possible, at least they are on the way. Men and women in society and society can also be women. It is necessary that only equal evaluation, equal opportunities and patronage.

I think it is undeniable that the classical play of this drama is related to the historical discourse of women in the patriarchal society.

Lysistrata introduced some examples of sex strikes introduced in the women's movement as a vaccine for a more relevant consideration.

Ancient Africa: Before the colonies of Africa, women in the Iguana community gathered together to form a meeting place. Like the Women Trade Union. The objective of this women's society was to judge the man's use of women, to judge the man accused of sexually abusing women. The men who fear most punishment are sex strikes. When women went to the mass movement, they left all the responsibilities of the family and took shelter in a mountain. Just take the milk shops together. It was also a work of this movement.

Colombia: Women in a remote village in Colombia, named in a similar movement in 2013 with great intentions. The only way to go from town to town is that if there is no frown of men, then women are called sex strikes, which are known as “Crossed Legs Movement.”

Kenya: In 2009, a group of women called countrywide sex strikes against Kenya's corrupt politicians.

Liberia: The country's women took part in non-violent movements, which were part of a sex strike, in Liberia, against the civil war that lasted for 14 years in Liberia.

Philippines: Women in the Philippines call for a few week-long sex strikes in 2011 to stop the long-standing dispute between two villages. Women in South Sudan and Togo also have sex strikes for peace.

Japan: A group of women calling for a boycott of Liberal Democratic Party candidate Yoichi Masuzo in the election of Tokyo's governor of Tokyo last year, a group of women said that women will not be involved in physical contact with men who will vote. The reason for the Japanese women's masochism is that they are male-dominated people.
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