Summary of Virgil's Aeneid

Latin American epic poem ‘The Aeneid’. It was written by Virgil. This epic poem was written between 29 and 19 BC. In this epic poem, basically, describe the story of the brave courage of the genius warrior Aeneas. The Romans are called his ancestors. There are 9,896 lines in this epic poem. There are 12 chapters in the “The Aeneid” epic poem.

Of this epic poem, the first six chapters describe the long voyage to Italy from Troy. And in the next six chapters, he has been described as his infinite courage. The heroes winning the war against the Latinas.

The epic poem begins with the journey of Aeneas and his comrades in the Mediterranean. Their residence was in Troy City. But they were displaced by the Greek invasion. So they travelled to Italy. Aeneas was to find the city of Rome and establish their new settlement there. But Carthage took refuge in the Mediterranean when they faced a severe storm. Carthage founder and Queen Dido welcomed Aeneas and his companions.

Aeneas describes the sad story of Dido. Aeneas says that they left their ancestors and going to Rome to Italy to get a better life. Dido Knowing about Aeneas struggle and past history, Dido fell in love with him. Aeneas also told about his past. Dido is a Finnish princess. Dido's killed her brother for power, After fleeing to Carthage, Emperor Dido developed his empire.

Aeneas responds in love with Dido. But once he had to get out of the bondage of the Dido, he had to come out of the bondage of the Dido, looking for a new settlement. Because he is committed to his ancestors and his colleagues, to build their new kingdom. But Dido cannot accept the exit of Dido. She committed suicide by hanging on an Aeneas sword. Aeneas on the way to Italy once again faced obstacles in the sea Sicily, Aeneas and his comrades. They are moving towards the coast of Italy, near the Latium coast.

After reaching Italy, King Latius accepted them. According to the prophecy, the king thinks that it is Aeneas for the foreigner to marry the princess, Lavinia. But Latius's wife, Queen Amata, wants to marry her daughter Lavigna with Turnus. And that's why Queen Amata and Turnus started to trick the evacuation of Aeneas's colleagues. Turnus announces war against Aeneas. In this war, there are a number of Aeneas warriors died. On the advice of river god Tiberias, ask for help from neighbouring indigenous people. In the meantime, the attack again trigones.

To stop this war, they decided to fight the leader of the two estates Aeneas and Turnus. Who will win, he has stayed in Italy, the defender will go away.
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