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National Integrity Strategy is a comprehensive set of goals, strategies and action plans aimed at increasing the level of independence to perform, accountability, efficiency, transparency and effectiveness of state and non-state insititutions in a sustained manner over a period of time. The ‘National Integrity Strategy’ of Bangladesh is an important issue in our development. The ‘National Intergrity Strategy’ is expected to be a policy document to prevent corruption.

The overall purpose of a ‘National Integrity Strategy’ is to provide a system of governance that creates trust among citizens. The ‘National Integrity Strategy’ recognizes that the state's legal institutions require watchdogs within the general population to keep it accountable. For this reason, the stratege targets a broad audience and takes in to account political, social and cultural factors. The stakeholder groups involved not only include government and administrative institutions but also other components of society including family, civil society and community organizations.

The ‘National Integrity Strategy’ is an instrument to enhance integrity and eliminate corruption within institutions. Improved honesty and morality in people, policies and procedures are seen as a vehicle to address and rectify the crisis of integrity that the institutions are presently in. 

Upon its implementation, the ‘National Integrity Strategy’ will establish that only people with integrity will become people's representatives and they will exercise their collective will to instill integrity back into society. The Government of Bangladesh believes that the issue of integrity should not stop at he top level of institutions. Rather, each institution is expected to find mechanisms to implement institution specific strategies at different tiers.
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