Duties of a Student Composition

Man has three duties, duty towards God, duty towards parents and duty towards mankind. So students have certain duties to the society in which they live in. Students in our country can give free service in different spheres of our national life.

Most of the people of our country are illiterate. Students can open night schools and teach illiterate people. They can remove illiteracy from our country. During the vacation, they can go to villages and teach the village people. Students' service is necessary for the field of our national health.

Female students can teach the uneducated women how to keep their houses neat and clean, how to bring up a child and look after their health. The village people and the people living in the slums suffer from many diseases. They have no knowledge about health and the environment. Students can teach them about the basic rules of health and the environment.

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Her prosperity .depends on agriculture. But the farmers of our country are illiterate. They have no knowledge about the scientific method of cultivation. In this case, students can teach illiterate farmers. Bangladesh is an overpopulated country. Most of the village people of our country are illiterate. They are also superstitious, They have no knowledge about it. They are unwilling to accept family planning.

In this regard, students can render good social service. They can explain to the illiterate village people the need for adopting family planning. During floods and cyclones and famine, students stand by the affected people. Students beg money from the rich, raise funds, save the affected people, feed the hungry, nurse the sick and clothe the naked.
Duties of a Student Composition

Duties of a student

Introduction: Students are the greatest force of a nation. They are the future leaders of a country. They can build or destroy a nation. Hence, they play a vital role in society as well as in a country.

Primary duty: The primary duty of students is to acquire knowledge. They should also try heart and soul to make themselves worthy citizens. For this, they should use most of their time properly. They should pay attention to study to be well educated.

Service to illiterate people: Students can play a role to remove illiteracy from society. Students can work on this during their holidays. They can go to villages and make people aware of the importance of education. They can teach them in night schools.

Service to common people: Students can help the common. people in different ways. They can help the farmers by telling them off, the need for scientific methods of cultivation. They can also help the ignorant people by telling them of the importance of hygiene etc.

Service in national health: Students can do a lot for national health. In this case, female students' role is very important. They can teach illiterate women folk how to bring up their children and take care of their health. Besides, all the students, in general, can teach ordinary people how to keep the environment clean.

Service in time of natural calamity: Students can help people in distress during calamities. They can collect funds for homeless and penniless people and take part in relief operations. Through the Red Cross Society, they can take part in humanitarian work at home and abroad. 

Conclusion: The students have much to do for society. Through social service, they can enrich their minds. They can uphold the image of the nation through their social service. But they must be careful of their main job, that is, study.

During epidemics, medical students and other students may serve the sick with proper food, cloth, medicine and other necessary things. Students are the servants of society. They are the makers of society. They are the soldiers of social family planning peace. They should serve society without any selfish motive.
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