My Hobby Composition

Introduction: Hobby means one's favourite occupation, but not one's main business. A man does not depend on it for his living but it is not less important than his main business. It is an interesting way to enjoy our leisure period.

Kinds of hobby: There are many kinds of hobbies like gardening, drawing pictures, painting, kite flying, stamp collecting, fishing etc. Whatever be the hobby, it offers us pleasure and fun.

My hobby: I am a student. I also have a hobby. It is gardening. My garden is in front of my reading room. I have planted many kinds of flower plants in it. I work there with a spade during my leisure. I make the soil loose, weed out the grass and plant new flower plants. Sometimes I water them. There is a strong fence around my garden so that the naughty boys and animals can do no harm to my flower plants.

Why I like gardening: I like gardening because it is very useful for health and the mind. It is a sort of physical exercise. It strengthens my health and refreshes my mind. Every day I get great pleasures when I see the blooming flowers in the garden. I am charmed at their beauty when they are tossed by the gentle breeze. I also get pleasure when the sweet scent of flowers come into my room. Besides this, 1 grow some vegetables in my garden. This saves a lot of expenses for my family.

Conclusion: For a cheerful and happy life every man should have a hobby. But we should be careful that our main job is not hampered an account of it.
My favourite Hobby Composition

Your Hobby Composition

Introduction: The modern age, as has already been said, is beset with innumerable problems. In such an age as this, we do not have unalloyed joy and satisfaction. If we make ourselves mere slaves of a routine, we shall find life very much boring, monotonous, dull and cheerless. But we can avoid the dread monotony of life and get a lot of fun out of it if we spend our leisure in some pleasant activities. 

Hobbies of various kinds and natures: There are many kinds of hobbies. Many take the form of collecting. Some collect foreign stamps or coins. Others make collections of wildflowers and ferns, and press and mount their specimens. Others again collect sea shells, or fossils or different kinds of rocks or crystals. Such hobbies do not cost much and are within the reach of all. But others, such as collecting pictures, rare old books, curios and antiquities, are only for the rich.

My hobby: Angling is my favourite hobby. It may not please all; but I get a world of joy when I hook a big fish after sitting for hours together with the fishing rod, hook and bait. Bangladesh is a riverine country and the fishes are numerous in kinds. We have a large tank beside our house, and it is full of different kinds of fishes. As I am a shy man, I always avoid mixing with others. Hence, whenever I get a holiday, I make necessary arrangements for fishing. Angling disciplines the mind. If an angler fails to demonstrate much patience and remains unmindful, surely fortune will not smile on him. bounds, undoubtedly. if he remains ever- vigilant, his joy will know no bounds, undoubtedly.

Conclusion: Angling helps me in many ways. Patience, concentration, discipline, attention are the qualities that I develop from this hobby. Again, angling has kept me aloof from the association of disagreeable persons. I never indulge in mud- slinging or speaking ill of others. On the other hand, I fully enjoy and utilize my leisure by way of catching fish.

My favourite hobby composition

Hobby means one's favourite occupation but not one's main business. It may not bring him money but it gives him joy and pleasure. A man must have a hobby for a sound mind and sound health.

A man can not enjoy his leisure without a hobby. So it is necessary to enjoy lime. I am a student. I have a hobby.  My favourite hobby is gardening. It gives me much pleasure. I have a garden in front of my reading room. Whenever I get time, I work in it. I lose the soil with the spade and weed out the grass. I water the plants regularly. I have put a fence around my garden so that cattle or naughty children can not do any harm to my garden.

In the morning my heart leaps up with joy to see my garden full of various flowers. They spread a sweet smell. The garden also looks very. charming. It has improved my body and mind. Before making this garden I was a boy of ill health. I did not feel hungry. I lost my taste for food. Day by day I became weak. I started the garden to have sound health and my health, in fact, improved. Every day I work in the garden at least for two hours.

As a result of it, my blood runs well. The beauty and sweet smell of different flowers make me jolly. On holidays I work more in my garden. When my friends come to our home, I take them into my garden and show them various flowers. They become very glad to see my garden and thank me. I also grow various kinds of vegetables in one corner of my garden. My mother becomes very happy to have the vegetables. She prepares delicious dishes and serves our family. This also gives me much pleasure.

Thus my hobby is a great source of joy and pleasure. It relieves me from my routine bound work. It helps me forget sorrows and sufferings. It makes my body strong and my mind jolly.
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