Paragraph on Technical Education Vs General Education

Education is the backbone of a nation. Education enlightens a person. In this respect, both types of education play significant roles in the development of a nation.

General education usually makes a man highly educated. But this type of education sometimes fails to establish a man in his life, because general education does not always make a person specialised. As a result, a number of highly educated persons remain unemployed and finally, they become the burden of the country.

On the other hand, a man who has technical education, can somehow manage a job or may become self-reliant. Ours is the age of survival of the fittest. So, general education often cannot provide a man with any suitable job. Rather it produces highly educated clerks.

General education may fulfil the demand of education but it cannot fulfil one's basic needs. A country, like Bangladesh needs devoted workers, which only technical education may provide. Surprisingly, it is sometimes seen that 2
one, completing his MBBS course, serves in a bank or in any commercial institution. A moneyed man may be generally educated. He can contribute to the country and nation by his knowledge.

Conversely, technical education is job oriented. It ensures getting a job in the respective field, whereas general education increases of tension and frustration. Technical education should be compulsory to all. On the contrary, general education should be only for the selected persons.

Regarding our socio-economic condition, technical education is inevitable. Clerks and officials are needed, but some skilled workers are more important. We should bear in mind that there is no alternative to production and this production is possible on the part of the skilled persons.

A skilled worker is preferable to a highly educated unemployed person. Both types of education are welcome as long as education and knowledge are concerned. But they should be distinguished if the question of reality and. pragmatic value arises in a country like Bangladesh.
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