Article Exercise for JSC

1. Fill in the gaps in the following text with appropriate articles (a, an or the), put a cross (×) where no article is needed. [Dhaka Board 2019]
Once we went (a)... hunting in (b)...deep jungle. Many (c) beast was moving to and fro. Suddenly we noticed (d)...ewe. It was looking at us. (e) --- ewe hand (f)... unique beauty. We could not kill (g)....ewe as it would be (h)... unkind deed. In fact, we are not rude by (i)... nature. We returned (j).... home happily for not killing any creature.

Answer: (a) a : (b) a/the; (c) a: (d) a; (e) The; (f) a; (g) the; (h) an: (i) x: (j) x.

2. [Mymensingh Board 2019)
English is (a) – international language. It is spoken all over (b)-- world. Today English is must in order to get (c) – good job. Today who speak and write (d)-- are in great demand. So, it helps (e)--- man to get (f)-- honourable job. It is (g)--- official or semi-official language in many countries. (h)--- official must have good command of English. Ours is an age of (i)--- globalization. In order to keep pace with time, a Bangladeshi has to know (j)--- English.

Answer: a) An (b) the; (c) a; (d) a; (e) a; (f) an: (g) an; (h) an; (i) x; (j) x.

3. [Rajshahi Board 2019]
(a) - ant is an industrious insect. Bees are also (b)--- industrious. If we observe (c)-- life of a successful man, we find that he is also (d)-- industrious. (e)-- industrious are always crowned with (f)-- success. On the other hand, (g)--- idle fail in life. So, industry is (h)--- must to prosper in life. We should bear in mind that industry is (i)-- key to success and laziness leads us to (j)-- misfortune. 

Answer: a) An/The; (b) x; (c) the; (d) x; (e) The; (f) x: (g) the; (h) a; (i) the; (j) X.

4. [Dinajpur Board  2019)
Early rising is (a)-- good for all. It is (b)--- very good habit for (c) --- people who want to shine in (d)---life. (e) --- early riser gets much time for (f)--- day's work. (g)-- student who rises early, gets huge time for (h) his/her study. Such (i)--- never lags behind. So. we should form (j)-- habit of rising early in the morning.
Answer: (a) x: (b) a; (c) the; (d) x; (e) An; (f) the; (g) The; (h) ×; (i) a: (j) the..

5. [Jashore Board 2019)
Idleness brings sufferings. (a)--- idle man and (b)-- active man cannot be equal. We know (c)--- story of (d)---ant and (e)--- grasshopper. (f)--- ant was industrious. On (g)--- other hand, the grasshopper was a lazy (h)--- person. The ant knew that (i)--- industrious shine. On the contrary, (j)--- lazy one suffers in life.

Answer: (a) An; (b) an; (c) the; (d) an; (e) a; (f) The; (g) the; (h) x; (i) the; (j) a. 

6. [Cumilla Board 2019]
Each and every student wants to make (a)-- good result in (b) - examination. But it is not (c)--- easy task. (d)--- student has to do something which can lead him to (e)---success. From (f)--- very beginning, he must be (g)---  very serious. He should read (h)---  texts again and again. He must not make (i)--- notes from (j)--- common source.   

Answer: (a) a; (b) the; (c) an; (d) A; (e) x; (f) the; (g) x; (h) the: (i) x; (j) a. 

7. [Chattogram Board 2019]
At present Bangladesh faces (a)---number of(b)--- problems. Of all these problems (c)--- population problem is (d)--- most acute one. Population is undoubtedly (e)--- great asset of (f)--- country. But when (g)--- country fails to feed and provide them with (h)--- suitable jobs, they become(i) burden. Similar is (j)--- case with Bangladesh.
Answer: (a) a; (b) x; (c) the/x; (d) the; (e) a; (f) a; (g) the; (h) x; (i) a: (j) the. 

8. [Sylhet Board 2019]
(a)--- 16th of December is (b)--- red-letter day in the history of Bangladesh. On this day, achieved victory at (c) cost of (d)--- bloody battle. Bangladesh came into being as (e)--- independent country. It occupied a place in the world (f)--- map. Every year, we observe (g)--- supreme sacrifices of our heroic sons. The day is (i)--- public holiday. The day begins with gunshots. The national flag is hoisted on (j) important houses.

Answer: (a) The; (b) a; (c) the; (d) a; (e) an; (f) x; (g) the; (h) the; (i) a; (j) the. 

9. [Barishal Board 2019]
Teaching is (a)--- noble profession, Mr. Salam is (b)--- expert teacher. He is (c)--- MA in English. He serves in (d)--- famous institution. He is very (e)--- punctual and tries to lead (g)--- honest life. He loves (h)--- students like his own (h)--- children, In fact. he is (i)--- most favourite teacher to (j)--- students. 
Answer: (a) a; (b) an; (c) an; (d) a; (e) x; (f) an; (g) the; (h) x; (i) the; (j) the/x.

Articles board questions exercises

10[Dhaka Board 2018]
(a)--- aim of every student is to do better in (b)--- examination. But it is not (c)--- easy task. Regular study is (d)--- must. It is (e)--- unique quality of good student. He should not cram (f)--- answers without knowing the meaning. He should have a good command of (g)--- English too. Besides, a student should form the habit of speaking (h)--- truth. He should make (i)--- best use of time. But the students who are (j)--- idle will suffer in the long run.

Answer: (a) The; (b) the; (c) an; (d) a; (e) a; (f) the; (g) x; (h) the: (i) the: (j) x. 

11. [Rajshahi Board 2018]
Money cannot buy (a)--- happiness. Money is (b)--- must for our life. But it is not (c)--- necessary to bring our happiness. Happiness is absolutely (d)--- psychological thing. It is (e)--- name of (f) feeling. It means the contentment of mind. He who is (g)--- satisfied with what he gets and content with his life is really (h)--- happy man. On the other hand, (i)--- unhappy man finds no contentment with his things. Happiness is (j)--- blessing of the Almighty.

Answer: (a) x; (b) a; (c) x; (d) a; (e) the; (f) a: (g) x; (h) a; (i) an; (j) a.

12. [Dinajpur Board 2018)
Bangladesh is (a)--- world's most densely populated country. Our development efforts are frustrated because of (b)--- enormous size of population. (c)--- population explosion is (d)--- constant threat to our environment and (e)--- society. Population is growing at such (f)--- high rate that (g)--- environment may soon fail to supply (h) people with their minimum necessities. It is indeed (i)--- alarming situation. Something should be done to change (j)--- situation.

Answer: (a) the; (b) the; (c) x (d) a; (e) x; (f) a; (g) the; (h) x; (i) an; (j) the. 

13. [Jashore Board 2018]
Bangladesh is a land of rivers. It got freedom in 1971 through (a)--- Liberation War. It is located in (b)-- capital of Bangladesh. Dhaka is also known as (d)--- city of mosques. Our main food is (e)--- rice and fish. It is (f)--- country of beauty. It is, in fact (g)--- large village. (h)--- people of Bangladesh are very hospitable. There are many beautiful things here that attract (i)--- travellers and tourists. The people of Bangladesh like to lead(j)--- simple life.

Answer: (a) a; (b) x; (c) the; (d) the; (e) x; (f) a; (g) a; (h) The; (i) the: (j) a. 

14. [Cumilla Board 2018]
James Norman Hall was (a)--- American writer. He wrote (b)--- story about (c)--- wonderful piece of business that took place between him and a farmer. While living in (d)--- Tahiti, he was short of (e) money and rented (f)--- one-room house about 22 kilometres from (g)--- town. He was doing (h)--- interesting writing there. To save money, he wanted to make (i)--- vegetable garden, in front of his house. But (j)--- land was full of ants and land-crabs. They foiled all his attempts.

Answer: (a) an; (b) a; (c) a; (d) x; (e) x; (f) a: (g) the; (h) an; (i) a; (j) the. 

15. [Chattogram Board 2018]
There once lived (a)--- poor farmer. He was (b)--- honest and hard working. He never wastes (c)--- hour time while working. He had (d)--- few pieces of land, but he had to maintain (e)--- large family. One day he found (f)--- umbrella with a bag. In (g)--- bag, he found a letter. He showed it to (h)--- one eyed learned man. The man told him that it was (i)--- important letter of (j)--- university

Answer: (a) a; (b) x; (c) an; (d) a; (e) a; (f) an; (g) the; (h) a; (i) an; (j) a. 

16. [Sylhet Board 2018]
People do not eat (a)--- same food all over the world. (b)--- eating habits of the people of a country depend largely on its geographical position, climate and soil. That is to say (c)--- kinds of food they eat, they get easily. For instance, people in (d)--- tropical countries eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. (e)--- chief food of the people of Hawaii and Polynesia in(f)---  Pacific are tero roots, bread,(g)--- fruits and sea-food. They also eat (h)--- lot of limes. The Indians of Central America eat mostly fruits and (i)--- vegetables. (j)--- Eskimos live on meat.

Answer: (a) the; (b) The; (c) the; (d) the; (e) The; (f) the: (g) x; (h) a; (i) x; (j) The. 

17. [Barishal Board 2018]
Bangladesh is our motherland. It has thousands of villages where eighty per cent of our people live. So, it is clear that (a)--- welfare of the country depends upon (b)--- development of these villages. There was (c)--- time when the villagers were happy and self-supporting. They were (d)--- simple, healthy, peace-loving, religious and hospitable. With the beginning of (e)--- British rule, the villages saw (f)---downfall. (g)--- few cities sprang up after (h)--- western fashion. Then (i)---  educated and well-to-do people left the villages to enjoy (j)--- modern facilities in those cities. 

Answer: (a) the; (b) the; (c) a; (d) x; (e) the; (f) x; (g) A: (h) the; (i) ×; (j) the.

18. English is a)--- international language. We feel b)--- necessity of learning English at every step. This is c)--- only language of international overseas, business, communication, cooperation and (d)--- coexistence. It is essential to receive (e)--- foreign degree or higher education. All (f)--- good jobs English knowing persons. So every educated man should know how to (g)--- communicate in English. To learn and (h)--- develop skill of English specially for (i)--- students is very important. No (j)--- student should be ignorant of it.

Answer: a) an; b) the; c) the; d) x; e) a; f) the; g)x; h) the; i) the; j) x

19. a)--- teacher is often compared with b) --- architect. He is called the architect of nation. He is c)--- light of learning and makes d)--- illiterate people worthy literate citizens of the country. But it is (e)--- matter of great regret that (f)--- teachers are not held in due respect in our society. They lead (g)--- humble life in (h)--- midst of (i)--- want. Still they keep the light of (j)--- education burning in order to remove the darkness of literacy and superstitions from the society.

Answer: a) A; b) an; c) the; d) the; e) a; f) the; g) a; h) the; i) x; j) x
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