Important gap filling for competitive exams

1. Arif is always admired for his great political---.
A. appreciation✓
B. viability
C. distinction
D. acumen

2. Arif did not properly utilize the time as he went on--- on one point alone.
A. diluting
B. deliberating✓
C. devoting
D. deleting

3. There were--- views on the issue of winding up the company.
A. independent✓
B. adverse
C. divergent
D. modest

4. Would you mind--- a cup of tea with me?
A. to have
B. having✓
C. to drink
D. drink

5. I absolutely refuse to put --- with that sort of conduct.
A. off
B. on
C. up✓
D. out

6. The government must--- all resources of energy.
A. collect
B. gather
C. muster
D. harness✓

7. The victim applied for and was --- legal aid by Government.
A. offered
B. granted✓
C. allowed
D. awarded

8. This book is a useful--- to our library.
A. arrival
B. discovery
C. asset
D. addition✓

9. We had a --- of cold weather in November.
A. Phase
B. Length
C. Spell✓
D. Time

10. A cure for all diseases is known as ---.
A. Antidote
B. Purgative
C. Panacea✓
D. Placebo

11. In English grammar --- deals with formation for sentence.
A. Morphology
B. Etymology
C. Syntax✓
D. Semantics

12. The poor are not always happy. “The poor” is --- Noun.
A. Plural Common✓
B. Plural Proper
C. Collective
D. Material

13. In the world “hyper sensitive” the prefix “hyper” means.
A. Supreme
B. Extreme✓
C. Below
D. Opposite

14. We need two hundred dollars --- this to pay for everything.
A. As well
B. Also
C. Beside
D. Besides✓

15. I could not sleep --- very tried.
A. although I was✓
B. in spite of
C. because I am
D. have a pain

16. The boy takes after his mother. Here “takes after” means---.
A. resemblance✓
B. go behind
C. resign from an important position
D. climb down the stairs

17. The boy was run --- by a car.
A. Down✓
B. Over
C. Into
D. Upon

18. We round --- the meal with sweets.
A. off✓
B. out
C. up
D. down

19. We done --- the good work.
A. keep at
B. keep on
C. keep up✓
D. keep out

20. He poured the tea --- the mug.
A. on
B. to
C. in
D. into✓
Explain: pour something into something. For example, the government has poured into the education system.

21. He fought --- to defeat the enemy.
A. set out
B. to and fro
C. tooth and nail✓
D. to the quick

22. But for your help we --- in trouble.
A. have been
B. had been
C. were being
D. wound have been✓

23. I don't mind --- if you are tired.
A. to drive
B. drive
C. driving✓
D. to be driving

24. I'll come to meet you at the station in my car --- you do not have to walk to my house.
A. because
B. so that✓
C. that
D. order

25. The police --- for the robber for long but they have failed to find him so far.
A. have looked
B. have been looking✓
C. has looked
D. has been looking

26. He will be arriving quite late, so by the time he comes, the play --- ?
A. would have begun
B. will begun
C. will have begun✓
D. would begin

27. He bought a three --- suit.
A. hundred-Dollars
B. hundreds-Dollar
C. hundred-Dollar✓
D. hundreds-Dollars

28. I meet him after a long time, but he gave me the cold shoulder. Here “cold shoulder” means:
A. scolded me
B. insulted me
C. abused me
D. ignored me✓

29. He could be easily arrested because the police were tipped off in advance. Here “tipped off” means---.
A. Topped over
B. Rewarded
C. Threatened
D. Given advance information✓

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