Conditional sentence exercises

First Conditional sentence exercises

1. I will tell him the matter if things go out of hand.
2. If she comes, I will show her around my house.
3. If they play well, they will win the match.
4. If you work hard, you will succeed in life. 
5. If you give me the information, I will let you go. 
6. You will know more if read more.
7. He will be sick if he continues keeping late night.
8. You must hurry if you want to catch the train.
9. You will succeed if you work hard.
10. They will open the shop if the lockdown stops.
11. Have a banana if you are weak.
12. I will not come tomorrow if it rains.
13. If you do not study hard, you will fail.
14. If I stand first, my parents will become happy.
15. If you accompany me, I will go to the zoo.
16. If the teacher speaks very fast, many students will not follow him.
17. If you are not honest, people will not like you.
18. If the fog does not disappear, our journey may be delayed.
19. If the patient's condition worsens, the patient may die.
20. If you apply properly, you can get a visa.
21. If the weather improves, we may start our journey.
22. If he wants to have good health, he must follow the rules of health.
23. If it rains, I will stay in.
24. If light strikes a rough surface it will diffuse.
25. If she gets good grades, she will go to university.
26. If he gets good grades, he may go to university.
27. If she gets good grades, she can go to university.
28. If you obey God's command, you will get His mercy.
29. If a ruby is heated it will temporarily lose its colour.
30. You'll fail in the exam if you play truant from school.
31. My friend will forget to pick you up if you do not phone her.
32. If the roof fell, we all would die.
33. If she loses her identify card, she will be in trouble.
34. If the parliamentary body approves, the bill will be placed in the parliament.
35. If you make a delay, you will miss the train.

Second Conditional sentence exercise

Conditional sentence exercises
1. I would not take the job if the salary was not handsome.
2. If I saw him, I would ask his whereabouts.
3. If I had a lot of money, I would help the poor students.
4. If I had time, I would write the answer elaborately.
5. If I spoke good English, I would join a multinational company.
6. If I knew her number, I could ring her.
7. If I had a holiday, I would visit Pakistan.
8. If I attended your birthday party, I would/could enjoy a lot.
9. If you went to school yesterday, you did not miss your lesson.
10. If we were conscious, there would go pollution.
11. If I got Aladdin's lamp, I would remove poverty from the country.
12. If I knew your phone number, I would ring to you.
13. If you practised regularly, you could speak English well.
14. If it stopped raining, I could go out.
15. If I found a coin in the street, I would give it to the beggar.
16. If you did not come to my house, I would be very sad.
17. If you tried, you could easily do the work.
18. If I were a doctor, I would give free treatment to the poor.
19. If I were the mayor of Dhaka city, I would keep the city clean.
20. If it rained timely, the crops would grow well.
21. If Rajesh played, he would win the prize.
22. If you lived in America, you would speak English.
23. If you worked hard, you could shine in life.
24. If I had enough money, I could set up a hospital.
25. If tried, you could do it.
26. If I knew your house, I would go to see you.
27. If I won the lottery, I would retire.
28. If I had the time, I would learn Spanish.
29. If I won the lottery, I would travel around the world.
30. If I had the time, I would learn Italian.
31. If I had more time, I might learn English.
32. If I had more time, I should learn some more about It.
33. If I had more time, I could learn Hindi.
34. If I were you I would handle the situation more carefully.
35. If I were you, I would never do it.
36. If were a bird, I would fly.
37. If we practised speaking English, we could speak better.
38. Had I the wings of a bird, I could fly in the sky.
39. If I knew the answer, I would tell you.
40. If I lived near my office, I would be on time for work.
41. If I went to the cinema, I would watch an interesting film.
42. If I found a bag in the street, I would take it to the police.
43. If you bought one box at the regular price, you would receive another one at no extra cost.
44. If came in time, he could meet her.
45. If he worked more slowly, he would not make so many mistakes.
46. If you wanted, I would help you.
47. If I had a bicycle, I would ride it every.
48. If we had a boat, we would cross the river.
49. If he had the money, he would buy a car.
50. If my brother were there, he would know what to do.
51. If cigarettes were banned, life would become healthier.

Third Conditional sentence exercise

1. If he had not been poor, he would have gone abroad for higher studies.
2. If he had been well, he could have participated in the race.
3. If he had not fallen ill, he could have appeared in the exam.
4. I would have come if you had called me.
5. He would have gone to England if he had been in the national football team of Bangladesh.
6. My teacher would have been angry if I had not completed my homework.
7. I would have given you the book if you had asked for it.
8. The police would have arrested him, if he had committed the crime.
9. If you had asked me, I would have helped you.
10. If she had written the letter, I would have gladly replied.
11. If he had made haste, he would have completed the task.
12. The teacher would have punished him, if he had not passed in the class test.
13. The accident could have been avoided, if the driver had not driven recklessly.
14. There would not have been any problem, if I had handled the matter.
15. If he had overeaten, he would have fallen sick.
16. If you have finished the work, I shall have paid you.
17. If you had helped me, I would have helped you.
18. If you have written the letter, I shall post it.
19. If I had known, I would have helped.
20. If I had known, I could have helped.
21. If I had known, I might have helped.
22. If you had known, you should have helped.
23. Had I known you were waiting outside, I would have invited you to come in.
24. This could have worked if I had been more cautious
25. This could have worked if I had been more far-sighted.
26. What would have happened if the bridge had broken?
27. He would have been arrested if he had tried to leave the country.
28. John would never have taken the job if he had known what great demand it would make on his time.
29. If I had known you were coming I would have gone to the station.
30. If I had seen him, I would have given him the message.
31. If I had been in your position then I would have told the truth.
32. He would have come to see us if he had been able to.
33. Had I been a king, I would have helped the poor.
34. Had I been a child again, I would have enjoyed freedom.
35. Had I been there, I would have supported him.
36. If you had lost your job, what would you have done?
37. Had I been rich, I would have helped the poor.
38. Had I been in your position, I would have accepted.
39. If we have learnt anything from our mistakes, we will keep the new areas of water clean.
40. If she had studied science before, she would not have found the scientific terminology so difficult to understand.
41. If he had worked hard, he could have passed.
42. If he had invited me, I would have gone.
43. If he had come I would have seen him.
44. If I had not intervened at the right moment, Jim might have been arrested.

Zero conditional sentences exercises

1. Water boils if you heat it to 100 degree centigrade.
2. If ice melts, it becomes water.
3. The television comes on if you press the button.
4. If water freezes it becomes solid.

Mixed conditional sentences exercises with answers

1. What would you do if you win a lottery?
2. If you want to lose your weight, you had better eat less.
3. If you will/would help me, I shall be grateful to you.
4. If you want to come, I will wait for you.
5. If you would like to come, I will wait for you.

Try Yourself

First Conditional

👉If + present indefinite + subject + will/ can/ may/ shall/must + V1 + object/extension.
👉 Subject + will/can/may/shall/must + V1 + object/extension +if + present indefinite.

1. If you feel unwell —.
2. If you do not work hard —.
3. If you inform me earlier —.
4. If you neglect your study —.
5. If you are hungry —.
6. If you study hard —.
7. If you walk slowly —.
8. If you help me —.
9. If you do not waste your time —.
10. If you write me —.
11. If you invite me —.
12. If you study more —.
13. If her uncle arrives —.
14. Be truthful if —.
15. If you do not study regularly, —.
16. If you get up early, —.
17. If you run fast, —.
18. If we cut trees at random, —.
19. We should work together if —.
20. If any work is not done properly, —.
21. If we drink arsenic polluted water —.
22. If he does otherwise, —.
23. If he once falls behind, —.
24. If it rains, —.
25. If you do not waste your time —.
26. If we invest in education for girls —.
27. If the rainfall is timely —.
28. If he comes —.
29. If he gets more, —.
30. If her uncles arrives —.
31. If we are sincere enough, —.
32. If we read books, —.
33. If once he falls behind —.
34. If she were serious from the beginning —.
35. If we remain lazy —.
36. If we sow good seeds in youth —.
37. If one’s desire is honest —.
38. If you meditate, —.
39. If we are not careful —.
40. If we leave our work for tomorrow —.
41. If we are not industrious, —.
42. If we miss any opportunity, —.
43. If he wants to enjoy peace, —.
44. I shall go out if —.
45. You will not be punished if —.
46. You will not be trusted if —.
47. Read the book attentively if —.

Second Conditional
👉If + past indefinite + subject + should/ could/ would/ might+ V1 + other words.

👉 Subject + should/ would/ could/ might+ V1 + other words +if + past indefinite.

1. If I saw Mary —.
2. If I went there —.
3. If they wanted —.
4. If I found him —.
5. If I knew his phone number —.
6. If I were rich —.
7. If I were you —.
8. If I were a king —.
9. If you told me the news —.
10. If I were a king, —.
11. If you told me the news —.
12. If I were a rich man —.
13. If I were you —.
14. If we went there, —.
15. If you came —.
16. If I had a degree —.
17. If I had a car —.
18. If I went there, —.
19. Had I the wings of a bird, —.
20. Had I wing of a dove —.
21. If I knew his mobile number —.
22. If he respected others, —.
23. If he cultivated scientifically —.
24. If we wanted good health, —.
25. We could make our food balanced if —.
26. This problem could be solved if —.

Third Conditional
👉If + past perfect + subject + would/could/might + have + V3 + object/extension.
👉Sub + should/ would/ could/ might + have + V3 + ext. +if + past perfect.

1. I If he had asked me, —.
2. If I had the time, —.
3. If I had seen you before, —.
4. Had I seen him —.
5. Had I seen him once more, —.
6. Had I been a rich —.
7. If I had got student visa —.
8. If I had met him before —.
9. If I had seen him —.
10. If I had found you —.
11. Had he been here yesterday, —.
12. If you had finished the work —.
13. If I had met him before, —.
14. If people had been conscious, —.
15. If he had obtained a Golden GPA A+, —.
16. Had I been a rich man —.
17. Had I been there —.
18. Had I seen him —.
19. If he had done otherwise, —.
20. If he had once fallen behind, —.
21. If it had rained, —.
22. If you had not wasted your time —.
23. You would not have been trusted if —.
24. If the rainfall had been timely —.
25. If he had come —.
26. If he had got more, —.
27. If her uncle had arrived —.
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