Primary School Teacher previous question

1. Counsel means?
A. Trade
B. Cabinet
C. Meeting
D. Advice✓

2. Ambiguous means?
A. Large
B. increase
C. Unclear✓
D. Eager

3. Which one is plural?
A. someone
B. Each
C. Anyone
D. None of these✓

4. Looks before you leap
A. লাফ দেওয়ার আগে তাকাও
B. ভাবিয়া করিও কাজ✓
C. আগে ভাবিয়া পরে লাফ দাও
D. দেখে নাও পরে লাফ দাও

5. choose the correct spelling word?
A. volantary
B. voluntary✓
C. voluntery
D. volantory

6. All of the people at the conference are —
A. Mathematic teachers
B. Mathematics teacher✓
C. Mathematics teacher
D. Mathematic’s teacher

7. Choose the correct sentence
A. Every of the three boys got a  prize
B. All of the three boys got a prize
C. A few of the three boys got a prize
D. Each of the three boys got a prize✓

8. কোন মানুষ একা বাস করতে পারে না সঠিক ইংরেজি কি?
A. No one can live alone
B. None can live alone
C. Nobody can live alone
D. No man can live alone✓

9. I cannot—— to pay  such high prices.
A. try
B. afford✓
C. able
D. but

10. The lady prides herself — her beauty
A. about
B. upon✓
C. in
D. of

11. কর্তৃপক্ষ তাকে তিরস্কার করল, সঠিক ইংরেজি কি?
A.  The authority gave reins to him
B. The authority took him to task✓
C. The authority criticised him
D. The authority took him to book

12. The ambassador called---- the president.
A. at 
B. In 
C. on✓
D. None of them

13. Dog days means?
A. Hot weather✓
B. A period of misfortune
C. A time when dogs roam the street
D. A period of being care free

14. At least one of the students---- full marks every time.
A. Are getting
B. gets✓
C. have got
D. get

15. The synonym of sanguine is?
A. Careful
B. Scared
C. Sparkle
D. hopeful✓

16. What is the adjective of the word heart?
A. Heart
B. Heartful
C. Heartening
D. Hearty
Answer: C & D
Primary School Teacher previous question
17. The synonym of “stringent” is
A. Rigorous✓
B. Shrill
C. Dry
D. Strained

18. Frequency is -
A. Adverb
B. Verb
C. Adjective
D. Noun✓

19. The correct spelling is
A. beaurocrat
B. Burocrat
C. Bureaucrat✓
D. Buroucrat

A. present: past
B. successor: predecessor✓
C. First: second
D. Contemporary: historic

21. Phosphates need —- to most farm lands in Bangladesh.
A. Need to be adding
B. Need to be added✓
C. Need added
D. Need to add

22. As the sun –I decided to go out.
A. Was shining✓
B. Have shone
C. Shine
D. Shines

23.Amenable শব্দের সাথে সঠিক preposition টি কি হবে?
A. with
B. to✓
C. after
D. for

24. What is the antonym of the word “unwitting”
A. Stupid
B. intentional✓
C. unintentional
D. clever
25. The Feminine of “Ram” is
A. Ewe✓
B. Hind
C. Mare
D. Sow

26.  Mr. Atique – rather not invest that money in the stock market.
A. must
B. has to
C. Could
D. would✓

27. The plural of “Fez” is-
A. Fez
B. Fezees
C. Feezes
D. Fezes✓

28. A person Who writes and edits dictionaries is called a
A. Lithographer
B. Topographer
C. Lexicographer✓
D. Laryngographer

29. Which one is the correct spelling?
A. iresistible
B. iresistable
C. irresistible✓
D. irresistable

30. Which one is the correct spelling?
A. Supercede
B. Spuerseede
C. Superceed
D. Supersede✓

31. Which of the following sentences is correct?
A. He was hunge for murder
B. He was hanged for murder✓
C. He was hunged for murder
D. He had been  hung for murder

32. The countable form of Laughter?
A. Laugh✓
B. A laugh
C. The laugh
D. All of the above

33. “He said that he had done the work”. The direct speech is-
A. He said, I will do the work
B.  He said, the work will be done by me.
C.  He said, I do the work.
D.  He said, he did the work.✓

34. Change the voice. Who is creating this mess?
A. Who has been created this mess?
B. By whom has this mess been created?
C. By whom this mess is being created?
D. By whom is this mess being created?✓

35.The book Treasure Island is by-
A. Robert Louis Stevenson✓
B. James Joyce
C. Arthur Miller
D. Homer

36. Choose the English translation of- তুমি কি কখনো কক্সবাজার গিয়েছ?
A. Have you gone to coxes Bazar?
B. Have you ever gone Coxes Bazar?
C. Have you ever been to Coxes Bazar?✓
D. Did you ever go to Coxes Bazar?

37. Every driver must be held — his own actions
A. responsible to
B. Blamed for
C. Liable to
D. responsible for✓

38. Which one is plural-
A. Oasis
B. Terminus
C. Vertex
D. Bureaux✓

39. I have a boat made of wood. The underlined phrase is
A. An adverbial  phrase
B. Perfect participle phrase
C. Present participle Phrase
D. Past participle phrase✓

40. “Pass away” means:
A. disappear
B.  die✓
C.  erase
D.  to cross

41. The Synonym of “Crime” is
A. Mistake
B. Thief
C. Offence✓
D. Trial

42. What is the noun of “Accept”?
A. Acceptably
B. Acceptance✓
C. Accepted
D. Acceptable

43. English …. across the world.
A. has spoken
B. speaks
C. is speaking
D. is spoken✓

44. Deciduous trees are trees those
A. have fleshy leaves
B. are extremely big
C. have delicious leaves
D. lose the leaves annually✓

45. The antonym of ‘Insipid is-
A. cold
B. dull
C. exciting✓
D. sanguine

46. I hardly go out after dusk. সঠিক বাংলা অনুবাদ-
A.  আমি সন্ধ্যার পরে মোটেও বাইরে যাই না
B. আমি সন্ধ্যার পরে কদাচিৎ বাইরে যাই✓
C. আমি সন্ধ্যার পরেই বাইরে যাই
D. আমি সন্ধ্যার পরে প্রায়ই বাইরে যাই।

47. Which one of the Following words is not plural?
A. Men
B. Feet
C. Lice
D. News✓

48. The meaning of the word “obese” is:
A. tardy
B. obnoxious
C. Very fat✓
D. ugly

49. Which one is correct?
A. One of my friends is a lawyer.✓
B. One of my friend are a lawyer.
C. One of my friends are a lawyer.
D. One of my friend is a lawyer.

50. Of the four books, the red one is the …
A. more cheaper
B. cheapest✓
C. cheap
D. cheaper

51. Choose the word with correct spelling:
A. recieve
B. receve
C. receive✓
D. recieve

52. The opposite word of “Delete” is
A. injure
B. Delay
C. Insert✓
D. Trap

53. She was blessed … a son.
A. by
B. for
C. in
D. with✓

54. The feminine form of the word “Author” is:
A. Authorss
B. Authoress✓
C. Authores
D. Authors

55. Which sentence is correct?
A. He do not know how to swim.
B. He does not know to swim.
C. He does not know how to swim.✓
D. none of these

56. Singular form of ‘data is?
A. dat
B. datas
C. none
D. datum✓

57. Rajshahi is …. sugar growing areas in Bangladesh.
A. one of the larger
B. one of largest
C. one of the largest✓
D. largest

58. The passive form of “I know him”
A. He known to me
B. He was known to me.
C. He is known to me✓
D. I was known to him.

59. There is --- milk in the glass.
A. a big amount
B. much
C. small
D. a little✓

60. Which one is Reflexive pronoun?
A. each
B. myself✓
C. who
D. he

61. Choose the correct sentence:
A. We were discussing about the whole matter.
B. We were discussing the matter.✓
C. We were discussing totally about the matter.
D. We were discussing about the matter.

62. Which one is Collective Noun?
A. Library✓
B. Month
C. Boy
D. Books

63. The Captain ordered the soldiers to march on . বাক্যটির Direct speech.
A. The Captain asked, ‘Soldiers, march on.’
B. The Captain said, to the soldiers, ‘please march on.’
C. The Captain said, ‘Soldiers, I ask you to march on.’
D. The Captain said to the soldiers, ‘march on.’✓

64. He has done no wrong. The underlined words is a/an-
A. Pronoun
B. Adverb
C. Adjective
D. Noun✓

65. Which one is correct spelling?
A. Parsonnel
B. Persinel
C. Personnel✓
D. Personale

66. I wish you - the problem.
A. have solved
B. shall solve
C. Could solve✓
D. can solve

67. I spent- with the patient.
A. Some time✓
B. Some times
C. Sometimes
D. Sometime

68. What is the plural form of-
A. Its
B. They
C. These
D. Those
[Question not complete]

69. The word ‘Stagflation’ means-
A. Cultural dullness
B. Controlled prices
C. Economic slow down✓
D. A disintegrating government

70. We need to buy some new-
A. Furnishers
B. Furniture✓
C. Furnisher
D. Furnitures

71. Which of the following sentences is correct?
A. One of my brothers are a doctor.
B. One of my brothers is a doctor.✓
C. One my brothers is doctor.
D. One of my brother is a doctor.

72. Fifty kg - really a heavy weight to carry.
A. are
B. was
C. is✓
D. were

73. Constitution : Preamble
A. Prelude : Overture
B. Opera : Music
C. Legislation : Assembly
D. Book : Preface✓

74. ‘Obese’ means:
A. Obnoxious
B. Very fat✓
C. Ugly
D. Tardy

75. Synonym for ‘Mouth watering’?
A. Delicious✓
B. Hot
C. Wet
D. Sour

76. Which sentence is correct?
A. Mr. Jamal is not on the committee.✓
B. Mr. Jamal is not in the committee.
C. Mr. Jamal is not in committee.
D. Mr. Jamal is not at the committee.

77. Which one is correct spelling?
A. Decentry
B. Dysentery✓
C. Disentery
D. Dysentry

78. The ministers arrived- a decision last night.
A. On
B. At✓
C. In
D. To

79. I have no pen to write-
A. In
B. Smooth
C. Well
D. With✓

80. What kind of noun is ‘Girl’?
A. Collective
B. Material
C. Proper
D. Common✓

81. Which is adjective?
A. special✓
B. laugh
C. crime
D. miser

82. “The baby is always smiling” এর বাংলা অনুবাদ হল—
A. শিশুটি সবসময় হাসছে
B. শিশুটি সবসময় হাসে
C. শিশুটির মুখ হাসিতে ভরা
D. শিশুটির মুখে হাসি লেগেই আছে✓

83. “Paradise Lost” Attempted to —
A. Explain why good and evil are necessary
B. Justify the ways of man to God
C. Justify the ways of God to man✓
D. Show that the Satan and God have equal power

84. “Duchess” is feminine of —-
A. Earl
B. Dramatist
C. Dutchman
D. Duke✓

85. Choose the correct sentence.
2. He lives here for five months
B. He is living here for five months
C. He has been living here for five months✓
D. He live here for five months

86. “Salt of life” stands for—
A. sorrows of life
B. saline water
C. sodium chloride
D. valuable things✓

87. Which word is not a noun?
A. Defame✓
B. Indemnity
C. Articulation
D. Simulation

88. Which one is correct : He said to me “May you be happy”
A. He told that I might be happy
B. He reported that I might be happy
C. He said that I might he happy
D. He wished that I might be happy✓

89. Article is used based on—-
A. stress
B. spelling
C. sound
D. pronunciation✓

90. Fill in the blank : He had written the book before he ——
A. has retired
B. will be retired
C. retired✓
D. had retired

91. Correct passive form of — “I have to do it”—
A. It has to be done to me
B. It has to be done by me✓
C. It is to be done by me
D. Let it be done by me

92. Choose the correct spelled word.
A. Suname
B. Sunamee
C. Tsunami✓
D. Sunami

93. What is the antonym of hybrid?
A. simple✓
B. productive
C. purebred
D. raised

94. “Proclaim” means :
A. circulate
B. announce
C. pronounce
D. declare✓

95. “টাকায় টাকা আনে” – প্রবাদটির শুদ্ধ ইংরেজি কি?
A. Money brings money
B. Money beings money
C. Money begets money✓
D. Money makes money

96. Which one is in singular number?
A. Criteria
B. Data
C. Agenda
D. Index✓

97. The----board has deleted a number of scenes?
A. Censer
B. Censar
C. Censor✓
D. Censur

98. Choose the correct form (passive) of- Who will do the work”.
A. Who will be done the work?
B. Who will done the work?
C. By whom will the work be done?✓
D. Whom will the work be done?

99.তুমি কি কখনো কুয়াকাটা গিয়েছ? শুদ্ধ ইংরেজীতে অনুবাদকোনটি?
A. Have you ever gone to Kuakata?
B. Have you ever gone Kuakata?
C. Have you ever been to Kuakata?✓
D. Did you ever go to Kuakata?

100. কোনটি শুদ্ধ বানান?
A. bouquete
B. bouquet✓
C. bouquette
D. boquet

101. “He took me there.” The passive voice is----
A. I was taken there by him✓
B. I was to be taken there by him
C. I should be taken there by him
D. He was trying to take me there

102. To “raise ones brows” indicates that–
A. annoyance
B. disapproval
C. indifference
D. surprise✓

103. “Able” শব্দটির verb নিচের কোনটি?
A. Unable
B. Enable✓
C. Disable
D. Ability

104. Government has been entrusted----elected politicians.
A. with
B. for
C. to✓
D. at

105. Choose the correct passive voice : His behavior worried us.
A. We are worried with his behavior
B. We have been worried by his behavior
C. We were worried about his behavior✓
D. We were worried by his behavior

106. The verb “succumb” means
A. win 
B. conquer
C. achieve
D. submit✓

107. Lunar eclipse occurs on–
A. A moonless day
B. A new moon day
C. A full moon day✓
D. A half moon day

108. The appropriate meaning of the word “Diversity” is
A. Uniformity
B. Security
C. Unity
D. Variety✓

109. Who wrote the book “Paradise Regained”?
A. John Keats
B. William Blake
C. B. Shelley
D. John Milton✓

110. He requested that he might be allowed to come in. Which of the following is the correct direct speech?
A. He asked, “Let me allow to come in.”
B. He said, “Let me to come in.”✓
C. He said, “May I come in.”
D. He requested me, “Let him allowed to come in.”

111. কোন বানানটি শুদ্ধ?
A. Buracrat
B. Bureaucret
C. Bureaucrat✓
D. Buracrate

112. কোনটি Material Noun?
A. Wood✓
B. Mouth
C. Team
D. Knife

113. কোনটি Collective Noun?
A. June
B. Team✓
C. month
D. Envelope

114. ‘The man is climbing the cliff’ বাক্যটির Passive form হবে—-
A. The cliff is climbed by the man.
B. The cliff is being climbed by the man.✓
C. The cliff has been climbed by the man.
D. The cliff was being climbed by the man.

115. ‘He taught me to read Arabic’ বাক্যটির Passive form হবে—-
A. I was taught by him to read Arabic.✓
B. I have been taught by him to read Arabic.
C. I had been taught by him to read Arabic.
D. I was being taught by him to read Arabic.

116. Anwar said, “What a fool I am !” বাক্যটির Indirect speech হবে—-
A. Anwar said that he is a great fool.
B. Anwar told that he has been a great fool.
C. Anwar exclaimed that he was a great fool.✓
D. Anwar told that he had been a great fool.

117. Who is the writer of Treasure Island?
A. Milton
B. Homer
C. Stevenson✓
D. Byron

118. Which of the following sentence is correct?
A. The rich is not always happy
B. The rich did not happy always
C. The rich are not always happy✓
D. The riches is not always happy

119. Change the narration : He said to me “Let us go home together.”
A. He urged me to go home with him.
B. He proposed to me to go home together.
C. He proposed to me that we should go home together.✓
D. He asked me to go home together.

120. Fill in the blank : He is quit —– in dealing with people.
A. impotent
B. unstable
C. imprudent
D. diplomatic✓

121. What is the masculine form of “Bee”?
A. Stage
B. Colt
C. Hart
D. Drone✓

122. A beggar must not be a chooser-এ বাক্যের যথার্থঅনুবাদ—
A. ভিক্ষার চাল মোটা আর সরু
B. ভিক্ষার চাল কাঁড়া আর আকাঁড়া✓
C. ভিক্ষার চাল মোটা
D. ভিক্ষার চাল সরু

123.”অপমানের চেয়ে মৃত্যু শ্রেয়” –কোনটি সঠিক অনুবাদ?
A. Death is Preferable than dishonour
B. Death is more better than dishonour
C. Death is preferable to dishonour✓
D. Death is more preferable to dishonour

124.কোনটি শুদ্ধ বানান?
A. Agreable
B. Agreeable✓
C. Agreeabel
D. Agreabel

125.The professor was given — to materials in the research laboratory.
A. Allusion
B. Access✓
C. Excess
D. Time

126. Choose the correct sentence.
A. Each of the three boys got a prize.✓
B. Every of the three boys got a prize.
C. all of the three boys got a prize.
D. A few of the three boys got a prize.

127. Government has been entrusted ____ elected politicians.
A. for
B. to✓
C. from
D. with

128. What is the indirect speech of the sentence - He said ' good morning ' mr. kamal.
A. He wished Mr. kamal good morning✓
B. He said Mr. kamal good morning
C. He told Mr. kamal good morning.
D. He had wished Mr. kamal good morning.

129. Find out the meaning of the word Forthcoming.
A. Disposing
B. Disapproving
C. Approaching✓
D. Incoming

130. Which of the following word is singular?
A. Bushes
B. Roofs
C. Boxes
D. physics✓

131. Which of the passive form of the sentence ' panic seized the writer'?
A. The writer was seized by panic.
B. The writer seized for panic.
C. The writer was seized with panic.✓
D. The writer was seized off panic.

132. Each question below consists of a related pair of words. Select the pair similar to that expressed in the original pair, EXCITE: CALM
A. stimulate cool down
B. upset perturb
C. agitate trouble
D. Restrain compose✓

133. Which one of the following has the correct spelling ?
A. Encyclopideia
B. Encyclopeydia
C. Encyclopadia
D. Encyclopaedia✓

134. 'Incredibly' means
A. unbelievely✓
B. undoubtedly
C. truly
D. slowly

135. change the narration: He said to me " let us go home together "
A. He proposed to me to go home together.
B. He proposed to me that we should go home together.✓
C. He asked me to go home together.
D. He urged me to go home with him.

136. He is ___ FRCS .
A. a
B. the
C. No article
D. an✓

137. "___ man is mortal" is a universal truth.
A. which
B. that✓
C. what
D. this

138. your conduct admits ___ no excuse.
A. into
B. by
C. of✓
D. to

139. The word ' respond' is
A. noun
B. adverb
C. adjective
D. verb✓

140. What kind of noun is 'discipline'?
A. abstract noun✓
B. collective noun
C. proper noun
D. common noun

141. Don't be so impatient;
 A. I come
 B. I have been coming
 C. I'm coming✓
 D. I coming

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