Cause and Effect of Paragraph

This type of paragraph begins with a statement of the effect first, and then goes on to give the causes that contribute to that effect.

Causes and Effects of Road Accident

Road accident is a common phenomenon in Bangladesh. It occurs for some specific reasons. Reckless driving contributes to most of the accidents.

The drivers maneuver their motorised vehicles at breakneck speed. Sometimes they lose their control over steering that leads to accidents. Violation of traffic rules also account for road accidents.

Inadequate traffic rules and inefficient traffic policemen are sometimes responsible for road accidents. Narrow roads create hindrances to the smooth movement of vehicles that cause accidents. Overloaded transports are also the cause of accidents. Mechanical failures, including faulty brakes and bald tyres also contribute to fatal accidents.

A road accident is considered as a curse. It causes enormous losses including major and minor injuries, psychological trauma, disability and even death to the victims. It also causes material losses including waste of money for treatment of the victims and repairing the vehicles. Undoubtedly, the effects of road accident leave a haunting memory on the individuals and their family.

In the long run, a road accident affects the country's national economy. So, the government must enforce a strict law for transportation sector and take stern steps to check accidents that claim thousands of lives per year.

Indiscriminate Cutting of Trees

Deforestation or indiscriminate cutting of trees has become a global problem in recent times. Deforestation refers to the destruction of forests at random. It is just the reverse process of tree plantation. The most common causes of deforestation are cutting down trees and burning rainforests. World's population is increasing constantly. This increasing population requires more amount of land for habitations and cultivation purposes. They also need timber, wood, fuel, and furniture. 

So, people cut down trees in order to meet these requirements. Sometimes, forests are occupied in the name of development. Moreover, a number of dishonest people cut down trees in our forest for money. 

Indiscriminate Cutting of Trees have many adverse effects on our life and environment. The removal of trees causes the birds and other animals, living on them, to leave the place. It also causes serious damage to the soil, as trees give protection to soil as well.

Because of Indiscriminate Cutting of Trees, the amount of carbon dioxide is increasing worldwide. Consequently, the world is getting warmer. Most importantly, Indiscriminate Cutting of Trees are mostly responsible for climate change, which results in rising of temperature, erratic rainfall, floods, cyclones, drought, melting of polar ice-caps etc.

It hampers our agricultural production as well. In order to save our existence, deforestation must be tracked. For this, common people should be made aware of the causes and consequences of deforestation.

Alternative use of trees should be found out. Government should introduce strict laws in order to protect our forests. By preventing deforestation, we can ensure a better environment for us.

Moral Degradation of the Young Generation 

Young generation is the future of a country. The country looks forward to getting them ready for its workforce. But when they fail to serve the country, they fail to work for their family, too. It happens when their morality degrades.

Moral degradation is not a new term to human civilization. But it has now reached its peak. With the advancement of modern science and technology, young generation have become quite dependent on technology. Technology is not a bad option, rather it has sped up and eased the way of people's life. But young generation has taken the negative sides of these technologies.

They now frequently visit some websites which spread and publish obscene videos and pornography. These are very bad for their mental health and also for building up their moral character. In this age, they should be build up their future, but they keep themselves busy in watching unhealthy programmes on satellite TV channels. They are wasting their times in 'doing and seeing' bad things. But they are too young to realize the consequences of what they are doing now.

So their parents and teachers should come forward to prevent them from continuing those bad practices.

Brain Drain

The term ‘Brain drain’ is a current concept in our country. It refers to the migration of highly qualified professionals to foreign countries. There are some obvious reasons for the brain drain. The first and foremost reason is the lack of scope for higher education.

As many brilliant students do not get good opportunities to utilize their talents in our country, they are compelled to seek better opportunities overseas. As a result, they ultimately migrate to some foreign countries in order to receive better education.

Usually, some highly ambitious students who are highly meritorious or have sufficient financial support migrate for higher education. After the completion of their higher education, they seek a good job and if they can manage one, they get settled there. They never think of returning home. This brain drain has a very negative impact on the socio-economic development of our country.

Because of this, our country is deprived o f the better services from many of her brilliant and talented people. In order to stop this brain drain, the authority should establish world-class universities to facilitate higher education. Apart from this, the government must take proper initiatives to offer better opportunity.

The Causes and Effects of Teenage Depression 

In recent days, depression has become a common phenomenon that ails the youngsters, i.e. the teenagers all over the world. Depression is not feeling sad every now and then, rather is a psychological state which demands medical attention.

Apart from some genetic issues, lack of attention, affection and respect for their individual identities may drive them into the dark world of melancholy. Eventually, the highly sensitive young minds become violent, or lethargic. It is likely that they will become involved in criminal activities and drug addiction. 

Also, a constant feeling of being neglected and not being appreciated by the people around may lead to suicidal tendency. However, proper care and attention from the family and friends will surely help the teenagers avoid the pitfalls of depression.

Recent Price Hike

Bangladesh is a small country with several problems. Among the recent problems, price hike is Widely discussed, Price hike means the rise of price of daily necessaries. The price of essential commodities is increasing by leaps and bounds. Today, price hike is a common phenomenon in.our economy. It has spread is evil clutch all over the country. Prices of daily essentials are increasing alarmingly.

People of fixed and limited income are suffering a lot. All are getting worried about this problem. There are many causes behind price hike. The first and foremost cause is over population. Man-made crisis of commodities is another cause. Dishonest businessmen do it for higher profits. Business syndicate, smuggling and corruption are also key causes of price hike. It also depends on international market.

Besides, anarchy and unawareness are responsible for it. The effects of price hike are many. Most of the people of Bangladesh are living below poverty line. So, their condition is becoming miserable. Many of them have to remain famished almost every day. The poor children are leaving school in despair. For price hike, the poor are becoming poorer. The problem of price hike is hindering the overall development of our country. We have to take some immediate steps to bring down prices of valuable commodities.

At first, we have to control our population. Food production must be increased as much as possible. Also, dishonest businessmen must be punished. To keep price under control, we need political stability as well. The government should store food to cope with any natural disaster.

The government should also sell essential commodities for the poor at a low rate. Smuggling and black marketing are to be eradicated at any cost. Moreover, adequate supply of essential commodities has to be ensured. Above all, conscious people should work together to control price hike.
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