Easy ways to improve your English writing skills

How will write a much better article, essay, story etc I will tell you. Instead of giving a topic on the board and asking learners to write on it, teachers can help them to develop a number of important skills which play significant notes in improving writing.

For producing a bit of writing they must be educated Syntax, Grammar, word selection, purpose, an organization of mechanics of sentence structure. The teacher ought to conjointly embrace the states like drafting, structuring, reviewing, focusing, and generating ideas and evaluation.

Moreover, vocabulary, structure, spelling, organization, linking expression, punctuation, paragraphing, style of language, presentation and Coherence are unit a number of the overall skills in their writing. This can be developed through a number of different types of writing tasks or activities. Such as

1. Writing a response to a poem, film and story
2. Narrating various incidents
3. Writing personal stores
4. Describing people and places
5. Answering a letter
6. Writing summaries or paraphrases
7. writing poems or stories
8. Diary writing
9. Parallel writing
10. Ordering etc.

In order to perform the above activities, the teachers can divide the writing classes into pre, while and post phases.
Easy ways to improve your English writing skills

How to improve on English writing skills

Let us find out what teachers can do in these stages-

The pre-writing stage: In this stage, teachers can help to generate ideas. We can activate our learner's previous information with pre-writing activities like group action that's, manufacturing words, phrases, ideas, outlines, as quickly as attainable, even as they are available concerning. Usually, five to ten minutes can be given at this stage.

The while-writing stage: At this stage, teachers can assist the learners to extend their ideas. After developing topics and ideas the learners can write their first draft either in pairs or in groups.

The post-writing stage: when the draft has been done, the lecturers have often created comments particularly on concepts and organizations than synchronic linguistics and writing system. After they have written the final draft, they should read for mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.

Now I had like to end my article by giving some suggestions. As a teacher, we should not ignore the writing is a skill or teach just for the sake of teaching. We all know the limitation of our school and college. We lack much training teachers, we have a large classroom, lack of linguistic support, short duration of classes only 40 and 45 minutes, lack of Technical Support etc.

So it is somewhat difficult for them to follow the above-mentioned processes in these classes. But at the university level, we have a similar class size and longer duration of 90 minutes of each class. So we can give more time to our learners. We should treat them the appropriateness in writing. With a weaker student, we need to be extra careful and provided guided writing activities.

We should after those interesting topics and writing assignments to be completed in pairs or in a group in order to reduce pressure on the individual learners. And finally, we should not be very critical of your initial work and should support the learner by making an encouraging comment. That the language teacher finds out the way to make their writing classes effectively.

I hope they're in the process of strategic mention in my article may be of great help to the trainer and the trainees as well. Unlike the traditional pattern within view to making learner a to compete in the present world.
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