Interesting facts about Robert Frost

Robert Frost Profile

Name: Robert Frost

Full Name: Robert Lee Frost

Birth Date: March 26, 1874

Birth Place: San Francisco, California, United States

Died At Age: 88

Died Date: January 29, 1963

Died Place: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Cause of Death: Blood clot in the lungs

Place of burial: Old Bennington Cemetery, Bennington

Father's Name: William Prescott Frost, Jr.

Mother's Name: Isabelle Moodie

1. Isabelle Moodie (Sister)
2. Robert E. Lee (Brother)
3. Jeanie Frost (Sister)

Spouse: Elinor Miriam White (m. 1895-1938)

Number of Children: 6
1. Lesley Frost Ballantine
2. Elinor Bettina Frost
3. Carol Frost
4. Elliot Frost
5. Marjorie Frost
6. Irma Frost

Alma mater:
1. Dartmouth College (no degree)
2. Harvard University (1897–1899) (no degree)

Occupation: Poet, playwright

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Nationality: American

Robert Frost Awards:

1. Pulitzer Prize for Poetry (1943, 1937, 1931)
2. American Academy of Arts and Letters Gold Medal for Poetry (1939)
3. Robert Frost Medal (1941)
4. United States Poet Laureate (1958)
5. Congressional Gold Medal (1960)
6. Bollingen Prize (1963)

Robert Frost Major Works

Poetry collections

1. A Boy's Will. London: David Nutt (1913).
2. North of Boston. London: David Nutt (1914)
3. After Apple-Picking
4. The Death of the Hired Man
5. Mending Wall"
6. Mountain Interval
7. Birches
8. Out, Out
9. The Oven Bird
10. The Road Not Taken
11. Selected Poems.
12. The Runaway
13. Fire and Ice
14. Nothing Gold Can Stay
15. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
16. Several Short Poems
17. Acquainted with the Night
18. The Gold Hesperidee. Bibliophile Press.
19. From Snow to Snow
20. A Further Range.
21. A Witness Tree
22. The Gift Outright
23. A Question
24. The Silken Tent
25. Come In, and Other Poems
26. Steeple Bush
27. Hard Not To Be King
28. Aforesaid
29. You Come Too
30. In the Clearing

Robert Frost Plays

1. A Way Out: A One Act Play (1929)
2. The Cow's in the Corn: A One Act Irish Play in Rhyme (1929)
3. A Masque of Reason
4. A Masque of Mercy

Interesting Facts About Robert Frost

✓Robert Frost, an American poet. 

✓He was born in San Francisco, California on March 26, 1874.

✓His father name is William Prescott Frost Jr.

✓His father was a journalist and an ardent Democrat. 

✓When Robert Frost was about eleven years old his father died.

✓He completed his graduation from a high school in Lawrence, Massachusetts, in 1892. 

✓Frost entered Dartmouth college, where he remained only for a few months. 

✓The routine of the study was too much for him and he decided to earn his living.

✓Over the next ten years, he held a number of Jobs, working, among others in the textile mill and teaching Latin at his mother's school in Methuen, Massachusetts.

✓He had already begun to write a poem, a few of his verses had appeared in The Independent.

✓In 1895, Frost married a former schoolmate, Elinor Mariam White.
Interesting facts about Robert Frost
✓In 1897 two years after his marriage, Frost moved his family to Cambridge, Massachusetts, entering Harvard in final determination to achieve a degree.

✓But in 1899, he broke with the academic life at Harvard.

✓For the next three years, he followed the family tradition and taught school in New England.

✓He also made shoes, edited a weekly paper.

✓During the next eleven years, Robert Frost laboured to wrest a living from stubborn hills scent success.

✓After a few years teaching at Derry and Plymouth, New Hampshire, sold his farm and with his and four children, sailed for England in September 1912.

✓For the first time in his life, Robert Frost moved into a literary world. Robert Frost second book of poems came out in 1914.

✓It was an instant success for Frost and his emerging poetic Career.

✓The success of his book promoted Frost to return home and he settled on a New Hampshire. He brought New Hampshire firm that he after his return.

✓Here he settled a career of writing, teaching and lecturing along with farming.

✓In 1923 he won the first of his four Pulitzer prize.

✓This is one of his longest poems. But one of the wittiest and wise.

✓In 1930 he won him his second Pulitzer Prize.

✓A Further Range published in 1936, brought him his third Pulitzer Prize.

✓His later volumes of lyrics are A Witness Tree. 

✓In this book, he won fourth Pulitzer prize in 1942.

✓He lost his wife and four of his children in 1938. 

✓Two of his daughters suffered the mental breakdown.

✓His son Carol a frustrated poet and farmer committed suicide in 1940.

✓After his first wife died and he married a second wife her name is Theodore Morrison.

✓The only son of the Theodore Morrison was killed in car accident in 1955.

✓In 1961 he went on travel to England, Israel, and Greece.

✓In 1962 Robert Frost travelled in the Soviet Union as the member of a goodwill group.

✓He almost single-handedly created the poetry reading circuit delighting the public all over the country with engaging presentations on his work.

✓In fact, Robert Frost produced in himself one the greatest poets of all times.

✓Robert Frost died in Boston on January 29, 1963.
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