My First Day at College Paragraph

All the days of our life are not equally important and memorable. Only a few of these days occupied a corner in our heart. My first day at college is such a day. I shall never forget this day. From my school, days I heard a lot about college life from my college-going elder brothers and sisters. I formed a very romantic impression of college life. So, I was eagerly waiting for that happy and romantic college life. At last, the cherished day came. It was the 26th of October 2006. My joys knew no bounds. I put on my new dress and started for, Govt. Nagarpur College. College at 9 AM, I was charmed to see the attractive and beautiful college building. I understood that the college life opened before me a new vision of life and I must 2o forward.

The whole college campus was crowded by lots of young pupils both male and female. They were all unknown to me. I felt very lonely. I was moving here and there. I was in a fix where to go. At last, I met one of my school friends. I was relieved. We exchanged greetings. We went to the notice board of the College and wrote down class routine. There were many newcomers. They were also taking the routine. 1 found that the classes are not held in a particular room. I will have to change my class room from the routine I also learn it that there were intervals.

When the bell for the first period rang, we entered room number 101. I found many students sitting. After a while, a well dressed, a handsome gentleman entered the class. He was a professor of English. All the students stood up to show him respect. He called over the rolls. He spoke to us very softly in simple and clear English. I liked his speech very much. His speech was meaningful. I listened to him with undivided attention. Classes on Bengali and other subjects were held. All the teachers were highly qualified. They were very polite and friendly. The professor of Bengali delivered his speech in a polite way. He cut some jokes and made us laugh. Now I can realize that a college teacher is different from a school teacher.

During off period, I went to the college common room. I was glad to see the college common room. It was well furnished. There were Newspapers, Magazines and Journals. There were also carrom, table tennis sets and chess boards etc. I found some students playing and some reading newspapers, magazines and journals. The college Assembly Hall was very attractive. It was well decorated and spacious. Meetings, debates and other social functions of the college are held here. I visited the science laboratories. It also gave me much joy and pleasure.

There were many unknown and great things in the world. I found the science students were busy with their practical classes and experiments. I went to the college botanical garden. Biology Laboratory with frogs, rats, plants and flowers delighted me much. Another attraction for me on my first day at college was the college library I found thousands of books arranged in shelves and almirahs. I had never seen so many books before. My heart danced with joy.

I was also charmed to see the beautiful college mosque. There was a big pond before the mosque The college temple for the Hindus that stands beside the river the Jamuna presents a great scene. The college gymnasium is also worth mentioning. After the end of the class hours, I went to the playground. I took part in football with some of my new friends. My first day at college is the most memorable day. My college life opened before me a world of responsibilities. It was a day of discovery of my ownself indeed.
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