Paragraph on Pollution

Pollution means making something dirty or impure. We come across different pollutions of our country such as arsenic pollution, water pollution, air pollution, sound pollution, etc. Arsenic is poison.

Almost 80% of the total population of our country are living under the constant threat of arsenic pollution. When in water the presence of this poison is much higher than the acceptable quantity, it is called arsenic pollution.

Men are throwing waste into water. The farmers all over the world are using pesticide and chemicals which are mixing with water directly and thus water is polluted. All over the country men are destroying forests and cutting trees.

As a result, carbon dioxide is increasing. Besides, industries and motor vehicles emit huge columns of smoke in the air. Resultantly air is polluted. Sound pollution is another hindrance to a calm and serene life. Motor vehicles, loud speakers etc. cause sound pollution.

So in order to prevent all sorts of pollution we need to create awareness among people as well as to enforce laws strictly.
Paragraph on Pollution

Paragraph on Sound Pollution

Like many other pollutions, sound pollution is endangering our living and our environment. Sound is a kind of energy which man has applied into various fields of everyday life with success. But in the process, the chances of sound pollution have also taken a great leap.

Quietness is natural and highly necessary for a peaceful living. Nowadays quietness of life has been supplanted by loud sounds. There are many sources of sound pollutions. Horns and whistles of different vehicles plying on the roads are polluting the environment a lot.

Besides, the drivers often press the horns unnecessarily even near the schools and hospitals, which causes serious problems to the students and patients.

Moreover, our young generation has a peculiar fascination towards listening music at high volume. Various shops and hotels at the roadsides also tune their audio system loudly to attract customers. Mikes and loud speakers are also used on many occasions without considering any limitation.

Shouting slogans on the roads as well as in the campus tells upon the peaceful atmosphere. The sounds of mills, factories and power looms also contribute to sound pollution. So if we wish to control sound pollution, we need to develop awareness among the people and also enforce the law strictly.

Paragraph on Water Pollution

In our country water pollution is a major health hazard. Water is an important element of environment. Man cannot live without it. Pure water is essential for health. Water is polluted in various ways. Chemical fertilizers and insecticides are used in the fields by the farmers.

Rain and floods wash away some of these chemicals and mix them with the water of rivers, canals and ponds. Besides these, mills and factories throw their waste into rivers and canals and pollute the water. Boats, steamers, launches throw oil, food and human waste into the water of rivers and canals.

Oil tankers often clean out their tanks at sea, and power houses release hot water into river which kills fish and plants. A lot of latrines are built on the banks of rivers and canals. A number of 'kutcha' drains run into rivers and canals. 

These drains carry human waste and filth and let them fall into the water. Polluted water causes incurable diseases to men. So, we should take proper steps to prevent water pollution.

Paragraph on Air Pollution

No living being can live without air. But it is polluted now. One of the greatest problems all over the world is air pollution. It is constantly being polluted by smoke from mills, factories and from carbon-mono-oxide gases emitted by motor vehicles. Big cities have thousands of cars, buses and trucks plying all day long.

These vehicles burn diesel and petrol which produce a lot of smoke and pollute air. Specially, in the cities and big industrial areas serious air-pollution takes place.

Over population is another cause of air pollution in our country. Railway engines and power houses burn coal and oil which produce smoke and air is polluted.

Polluted air causes nowadays incurable diseases to men. Nature has lost its balance as trees are not enough now. So, it is high time to take proper steps to plant trees everywhere and to control the haphazard growth of industries.

To make air fresh, the destruction of trees must be prevented. In fact, all possible steps should  be taken by all concerned to stop air pollution.

Paragraph on Environment Pollution

The world we live in is full of things- both natural and man-made. Both natural and man-made things constitute our environment. Any abnormal change in chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the environment is called pollution.

Environment pollution is a direct consequence of industrial advancement. Our environment is getting polluted in various ways. In big industrial areas the air is getting polluted by the exhausts of automobiles, furnaces, industrial soot etc. 

Again, there are other factors like decomposition of garbage and other refuse which fill the environment with dirt and filth. The rivers, canals and lakes near the industrial areas get highly contaminated by industrial wastes which are being thrown into them. It causes a lot of harm to mankind.

It causes bronchial injuries, burning sensation in eyes and also damages lungs. Besides, it creates health hazards to a greater extent. So some effective and positive measures should be taken to prevent environment pollution. A national consensus is necessary to apprise people of the impending danger. We as well as the govt. should take a hand to create a better environment for living on earth.

Paragraph on River Pollution

River pollution has become a matter of great concern all over the globe in recent times. Rivers are of great use to us. But it is a matter of regret that our rivers are on the verge of extinction. The greedy land grabbers build up buildings along the bank of rivers which create hindrances in the normal flow of water.

However the water of river is polluted in many ways. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in the fields are washed away by rain and flood water to the water of river. Mills and factories use many poisonous chemicals. They throw their used and unsold products into the river water and pollute it.

All steamers, launches and engine boats pollute water by throwing oil, food waste and human waste into the rivers. The sewerage lines let into the river also pollute water by carrying wastes into the river water especially in the urban areas. 

At present, nuclear tests and dumping of nuclear wastes are causing serious river water pollution. We must realise the value of river and this is our duty to keep it fit for our living.

Paragraph on Arsenic Pollution

Arsenic is a poisonous chemical. It remains in the drinking water as a mineral component. Human body needs arsenic to certain amount but when it exceeds the limit it is called arsenic pollution.

Arsenic pollution is a vital problem in different countries of the world including Bangladesh. The toxic element called arsenic is found in underground water. People of the affected area suffer from skin disease. The victim's palm, leg and back become sore. Long term suffering can cause skin cancer. The affected person feels weak all the time.

Unfortunately, in some areas of Bangladesh the measure of arsenic in the underground level of water is very high. Specially the northern part of Bangladesh like Rangpur, Nilphamari, Kurigram, Sirajganj, Pabna are under the threat. Diseases caused by arsenic have some treatment but they are very expensive.

So, we need to take some preventive measures. The tubewells in the affected areas should be examined by the DPHE. They should mark the tube-wells which are affected with red sign and those which are safe with green sign. The government should take other steps to ensure pure drinking water for the people of arsenic affected zones.
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